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  1. Forgive my delay but I'm too messed up lately, happy birthday man
  2. Ok, finally I was solved the problem
  3. @BwE Ok, thanks anyway, I have to solve this damn problem
  4. @BwE Hi, in waiting to know what you think of the dump I sent you I'm here to ask a little extra help, in the picture below I highlighted the three components that I removed from the track of the pin VCC, even if the track is still connected with other points of the motherboard, my problem is that I do not remember the direction in which the diode was mounted, so I thought to ask you if by chance, you had at hand a similar motherboard to check and then let me know, obviously without obligation, but I hope you or someone else can help me
  5. @BwE Ok, thanks for the explanation, I wanted to check the dump because I had downloaded the flash through FTP when I was on fw 1.75, (more than a year and a half ago) but verifying with your validator I understood that we do not get a valid dump through FTP from the hdd. Check your PMs
  6. @BwE Hi Bro , today I dumped the flash from my ps4 on 4.05, I thought that if you need it for your searches I can send it to you but if so, where can I send it to you? The console works perfectly because I used it very little but your validator gives me 2 warnings, if you were willing to take a look at the file, before solder back the flash I would like to know if the warnings are normal or if it was a mistake in reading, anyway I think I have not made mistakes in the wiring, but here are you the expert EDIT: These are the two warnings!
  7. When I was a teenager I was convinced that our generations had something special but thanks to facts like this, and to the many similar stories that my partner tells me, "she is a teacher of primary school", I understood that instead our generation is very buggy.
  8. @BwE Years ago I was a repairer myself, but unfortunately I never had a real activity, I'm a self-taught fan of electronics and computers tecnology and what I learned about the consoles has been on the forums since the year 1998, then I learned many things about the new generation consoles thanks to the sharing on psdevwiki and thanks to the suggestions of a guy who in the golden years was part of the PS3 scene and that now I think he is out of the loop, but I never pretended that the devs would forcefully release the results of their work, I hate all the drama that persists nowadays about it. However, I wanted to let you know that I use your validators since your firsts releases, so I take this opportunity to thank you.
  9. RESPECT!!! How much I miss the times when everything happened on the forums, and the haters were silenced or banned.
  10. Happy new year to you all guys, I wish you a better world!
  11. It was to be expected, children (and often adults too) always cry when they do not find the much desired gift under the Christmas tree
  12. Sure, downgrade is useless nowadays for end users, I just think that understanding how to do it would still be an interesting thing, with the hope that in the future you do some discoveryes on old firmwares that they are be useful for end users also.
  13. At present it seems that the downgrade is useless but who knows? Maybe in the future it will be discovered that it could be useful for something since the bugs remain in the old fw versions and are patched in the newer ones.
  14. I love this kind of mods, I thought to do something like that too but probably I'm getting too lazy for now I still use tethering on android.
  15. @Thibobo I hope you want to forgive me, I did not realize that just patch the elf files without needing to change the header, so you are right
  16. I used your guide to dump the game using the payload you posted and I can assure you that the ELF files I got were not fake signed, I tried to create the pkg but orbis-pub-gen told me that the format of the elf files was not correct so I had to do it using make_fself.py.
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