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  1. OldBrain

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you all guys, I wish you a better world!
  2. OldBrain

    .@notzecoxao Reveals Secret Method And Makes Babies Cry

    It was to be expected, children (and often adults too) always cry when they do not find the much desired gift under the Christmas tree
  3. He deserves a statue with this writing: The idiot!
  4. OldBrain

    NEWS | Why you don't need to downgrade your PS4

    Sure, downgrade is useless nowadays for end users, I just think that understanding how to do it would still be an interesting thing, with the hope that in the future you do some discoveryes on old firmwares that they are be useful for end users also.
  5. OldBrain

    NEWS | Why you don't need to downgrade your PS4

    At present it seems that the downgrade is useless but who knows? Maybe in the future it will be discovered that it could be useful for something since the bugs remain in the old fw versions and are patched in the newer ones.
  6. I love this kind of mods, I thought to do something like that too but probably I'm getting too lazy for now I still use tethering on android.
  7. @Thibobo I hope you want to forgive me, I did not realize that just patch the elf files without needing to change the header, so you are right
  8. I used your guide to dump the game using the payload you posted and I can assure you that the ELF files I got were not fake signed, I tried to create the pkg but orbis-pub-gen told me that the format of the elf files was not correct so I had to do it using make_fself.py.
  9. @chronoss perfect, even better
  10. Hi, good job but if I can give some suggestions, you forgot to specify that it is neccessary to sign Elf files, obtained with your guide to dump the game, as Fself before doing all the rest. After signing Elf files as Fselfs, all we need to do is to rename the game folder in CUSAxxxxx and open it with gengp4 program by vortex, click on "generate.GP4" and then "save.GP4" to get the image cleaned and ready, then just open the image .gp4 with orbis-pub-gen and build. I was going out of my mind trying to figure out which method to use but today I found the solution faster and easier.
  11. OldBrain

    What firmware is your PS4 running?

    1.75 here.
  12. OldBrain

    Happy birthday zecoxao!

    Happy birthday BRO
  13. OldBrain

    Aldo's Tools Link

    This is the note I found about where I took the file: NOTE: Your AV may report it as viruses or malware. This is due to the way PKG_ContentID.exe associates to several file extensions (including Directory), and the AV believes that it is trying to take control of Windows on a malicious way. It is best to disable your AV when you install it. Then add extractions for it's folder and all sub folders in your AV settings after installing it. I saved the file on my pc, then scanned it with eset nod32 and did not detect any viruses.
  14. OldBrain

    Aldo's Tools Link

    Nothing You may receive some alert from your browser or antivirus but do not worry, it's normal.
  15. OldBrain

    Aldo's Tools Link

    I took it from here yesterday https://www.sendspace.com/file/1oqp8y