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  1. Great to see all this new activity so early into the consoles life!
  2. So.... i Heard you all wanted to use the new jailbreak? Look no further, because i will be showing you how to use the latest development on the PS4 scene. DISCLAIMER: this exploit has been released by Sleirsgoevy, while we are still waiting for the implementation by SpecterDev to be released, i can confirm, i have tried this newly released exploit, and it does in fact work. Keep in mind, some homebrew will not work, and needs to be ported, but this is great news for everyone! Now let's get started! As usual, i have attached a video below showing how to updat
  3. Hi again. It's been a while, hope you all didn't miss me too much Today i am coming at you with some relatively new news! Recently CTURT has released a new exploit for the PS2 called FreeDVDBoot. This allows you to load homebrew from an exploit in the PS2's DVD firmware. It is believed that this will work on any firmware PS2 DVD drive, although support is currently limited to 3 versions at the time of writing this. I believe the support will grow over time, but might not be as fast as scenes for newer consoles at this point in time! With this
  4. Hi all! Welcome to another tutorial, this is quite similar to a previous one i have made which is installing SYS-Modules on your switch. This one here will go a bit more in depth on installing the switchback module to disable SuperNag, the nag which asked you to always update your switch to play games or open the internet browser. So without further ado, lets hop straight in! Written TUT: What you will need: - An exploitable Nintendo Switch running Atlas/Kosmos CFW - A computer or device which can access y
  5. Hello and welcome! Today I will be showing you all how to downgrade your Nintendo Switch Firmware on your exploitable Switch! Please see the video below for a visual instructional TUT, or see steps i have written out below the video! So to complete this tutorial you will need the following: - Switch Vulnerable to the tegra exploit - A way to enter RCM mode and launch hekate boot loader - You will need ChoiDujourNX which you can get here - https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/ - The desired firmware to downgrade to (you
  6. I couldn't find a tutorial section so i though this would be the best place to post! Please see the list of tutorials below for any help you may need with switch related queries. This list is subject to change and update as things go on For any questions, please post in the respected page by clicking on the link to the tutorial from here. If you have any requests, please post below! Tutorials: How to | Install SYS-Modules on your Nintendo Switch How to | Backup your Switch NAND How to | FTP to your Switch with CFW with FTP
  7. Hello Switch Hackers/Modders! I bring you another Helpful Tutorial Today!!! I have not seen this posted anywhere else and it has been frustrating the hell out of me as it took me a while to find this info myself, so hopefully this makes it nice and easy for everyone! SYS-Modules are used to keep things running in the background of your Nintendo switch in the spare ram, these are used to perform some special tasks and functions which give a better user experience, such as allowing you to use controllers from other consoles, or FTP to your switch without open
  8. Hi all! Welcome to another new TUT! It is important to backup your Nintendo Switch Nand every now and again, or when installing risky home-brew or upgrading or downgrading firmware and such. The reason why is because a backup of your Nand is like taking a snapshot of your switch's state, so if you brick it in the future, or happen to cop supernag (i have a tutorial on getting rid of this on the way by the way!) you can easily restore an old backup and be on your way! There is no hardware required apart from an SD card which is more than 32GB, so i recom
  9. Hi guys! I'm going to keep this tutorial short and sweet. please see the quick video i have below, for a visual tutorial, and the write up below that if you are unable to watch videos where you are at the time of reading this. Written TUT: Ok so trust me when i say this is going to be a walk in the park. All you need is the following: Nintendo Switch with CFW An SD Card in your switch (you will have this if you are on CFW....) An FTP client - i use Filezilla - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
  10. Hello all, and welcome to another new tutorial! I Noticed the site has been up and down lately, and it seems we missed the big release of ps3xploit and HEN.... So here i am making a release post and tutorial on how to hack any PS3. I know we are late to the party, but i have made a video and written tutorial to guide you with the process and help those of you with "unhackable" PS3's, hack your PS3's So lets get stuck into it! As usual, there is a written tutorial under the video I have linked below. Written TUT: Wha
  11. Verry nice @GregoryRasputin! I was going to add some info to the ps2 section but was unable to sign up. Is there a hidden link i am missing? XD
  12. Congrats on the release @TheDarkprogramer! Can't wait to see what comes next
  13. Shame they're putting DRM on this. Would be great for it to be released to everyone. Let's see if it makes online subscriptions more encouraging for the end user now. good luck big N!
  14. Yeah i didn't think so might need to go to a proper shrink. XD
  15. I agree, i think it might help Dev's a lot. Plus having the ability would be nice incase you ever need it for something else. Time will tell hey You're right XD
  16. But in the end, this is only beneficial to people who already have a console on 5.07 firmware or lower.... Which takes me back to the point i was making as this will not be much for end users.... Dev's maybe, it will let them do a lot of things they currently cannot, well, most cannot, and will maybe allow for newer games to be patched for older firmware..... But it will not help new users trying to jump into the scene on their latest update PS4
  17. Fair enough. But is anyone working on a hardware downgrader?
  18. @BwE This controller has RGB XD You should also make one of your custom ones with RGB, the kids will love it XD
  19. Hmmm i see where you are coming from, but see what you said there "update to latest, dump psn stuff, activate and other stuff I want, downgrade" How is it possible to downgrade without a hardware solution if you do not have a kexsploit? And if we have a Kexploit, why downgrade if we can just jailbreak latest firmware? See what i mean. If we have hardware solution it would be different. I also see where you are coming from here, that's IF it ever becomes possible, but to my understanding, there will need to be a lot of work done in order to even patch your system to
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