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  1. Verry nice @GregoryRasputin! I was going to add some info to the ps2 section but was unable to sign up. Is there a hidden link i am missing? XD
  2. Congrats on the release @TheDarkprogramer! Can't wait to see what comes next
  3. Shame they're putting DRM on this. Would be great for it to be released to everyone. Let's see if it makes online subscriptions more encouraging for the end user now. good luck big N!
  4. Yeah i didn't think so might need to go to a proper shrink. XD
  5. Do you think this would help with my issue? XD
  6. I agree, i think it might help Dev's a lot. Plus having the ability would be nice incase you ever need it for something else. Time will tell hey You're right XD
  7. But in the end, this is only beneficial to people who already have a console on 5.07 firmware or lower.... Which takes me back to the point i was making as this will not be much for end users.... Dev's maybe, it will let them do a lot of things they currently cannot, well, most cannot, and will maybe allow for newer games to be patched for older firmware..... But it will not help new users trying to jump into the scene on their latest update PS4
  8. Fair enough. But is anyone working on a hardware downgrader?
  9. @BwE This controller has RGB XD You should also make one of your custom ones with RGB, the kids will love it XD
  10. Hmmm i see where you are coming from, but see what you said there "update to latest, dump psn stuff, activate and other stuff I want, downgrade" How is it possible to downgrade without a hardware solution if you do not have a kexsploit? And if we have a Kexploit, why downgrade if we can just jailbreak latest firmware? See what i mean. If we have hardware solution it would be different. I also see where you are coming from here, that's IF it ever becomes possible, but to my understanding, there will need to be a lot of work done in order to even patch your system to downgrade again. I can see where this might be useful for a dev to go to an older firmware to try break into different parts of the system, but i don't think it will be easy enough for end user, if even possible without a previous backup from when you were on an older firmware. As i stated above, i completely agree with this, it might be useful for unlocking the secrets of samu XD but a hardware solution is the only other reason a downgrade could be useful for end users, and i don't think this is currently possible. It may well be in the future, but for anything software related, a kexploit is needed end to end, so if one is present on a later firmware, why need to downgrade? I did not take into account hardware solutions as none are currently in existence (not publicly at least)
  11. Hi guys. Now before i get started, i know this post might cause some controversy, so before we start, please make sure you watch or read everything before replying. I can see a lot of people are getting excited over the ability to downgrade their ps4's in the future.... Well, i'm here to tell you why this isn't as great as it is being made out to be. Please feel free to view my YouTube video below if you would just like to listen rather than reading, otherwise you can continue to read below the video! Video: Written info: So, essentially there is speculation of being able to downgrade PS4's to older firmwares. From what i have seen, there are a few legitimate methods in the works, and of course, many fakes too. First and foremost, I must warn people to be careful of any fake downgrade methods which could damage your console or other hardware, because if you end up being one of the poor people who get sucked into it, you're going to have a bad day Secondly, I would to address the legitimate methods which are being speculated and hinted in the scene. Many of you may have heard or fail0verlows recent release of PS4 Aux Hax. If you have not, I suggest you read about them PS4 Aux Hax 1: Intro & Aeolia, PS4 Aux Hax 2: Syscon and PS4 Aux Hax 3: Dualshock4. If you do not understand all that is written in there, this is fine. Essentially, the information they have released will aid developers greatly once it is put into practice by our current scene devs. As you know, Fail0verflow does not usually release completely made hax for end users to use, but they hint to the devs, how they can achieve a very desirable outcome. So you're all asking, why does this matter? Well it matters because essentially, this is the foundations to jailbreak any firmware up to the time of writing this. The methods of downgrading which are currently being hinted, are using Fail0varflows work to a certain degree, and thus implementing the methods used to jailbreak the system. Great right? In other words, when downgrading is made possible for all end users, it will no longer be required as the level of access required is the same level of access required to jailbreak the system..... So the need to downgrade is made redundant. Why downgrade when you can just jailbreak the latest firmware right? Well there are many reasons why dev's may not want it to be possible to jailbreak the latest firmware. This includes the fact that if people are on latest firmware, they may try gain PSN access which will cause a lot of ethical issues, if anyone is actually able to get onto PSN. But this can easily be avoided by releasing jailbreak for firmware just before the latest, that way PSN access is still revoked. Needless to say, PS4 day's are nothing like the PS3 days. A lot has changed, and the requirement to downgrade to get CFW is no more. Depending on the direction the scene takes, there may be a release for downgrading, or there may be future releases of newer jailbreaks implementing the Dualshock4 method Fail0vertflow has talked about in their write-up. Time will tell. Just some food for thought guys. Hope i have explained a bit of the mistery behind the scene for some of the people who are curious. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. All opinions are welcome Thumbnail:
  12. Hmmmm sounds like a good Christmas present to me XD They look great mate! Gotta give credit where it's due XD Do you mold the buttons and stuff too?
  13. I have plenty too XD i just use this to test homebrew anyways. Haven't busted out my launch console yet. But thanks for the offer!
  14. Many of you may or may not have heard that Sony has a new lineup of PS4 controllers which are coming out soon! Sony has recently announced that the new colors will be hitting shelves around September this year in the following colours: - Sunset Orange - Blue Camo - Berry Blue - Copper Varieties If you guys are interested in purchasing one of these new controllers, head over to PlayStation's official blog for some pricing, or directly to the site where you can Pre Order Some They will be priced at $64.99 USD which is a bargain for these new controllers. Have a look at the images below, and comment which one you would like to buy! I think i'd go with the blue camo, its a nice switchup from the normal camo, and blue's more my color
  15. On inspection it looks fine but i might have missed something. It could be the connector but when i last checked it did not seem like any pins were bent. Might need to buy a new one to test
  16. Yeah. This ps4 has lots of weird issues, previous owner tried to fix the BD drive which had the white thing that kept falling out inside, he completely cooked it man. He damaged the daughterboard (cut some traces which you can see in the images provided) and somehow, wireless does not work. The controller has to be in direct line of sight, less than 30 cm away from the ps4 or it will not connect, and of course the power and eject buttons now working lol. Lucky its just my 4.05 testbench. Terrible though. I don't know how he managed it
  17. But would the ribbon cable also affect the power button thats on the mainboard?
  18. Same issue with both power and eject button. If i touch the pad directly, it does not work 90% of the time. If i use the button, same thing, wont work 90% of the time. The other 10% is when the PS4 gets into a Mood and decided it wants to let the buttons work, and then they work for a bit and then stop again after a while. I can also confirm that the issue persists even when i swap logic boards to the new one
  19. Hi guys. Welcome to my first Raspberry Pi Tutorial. As usual, i have a video below showing how to achieve a simple installation and set up the OS to work how you want it to work. Below i will have some written instructions you can follow feel free to ask any questions you may have below. Video: Written Tutorial: What you will need: - Pi Kit - Wifi Dongle - Fan - Camera - Enclosure - Micro SD card (4GB or more) Optional Extras if you are adding the Alarm System: - Siren - 12V Power Supply - Relay - Wire - Jumper leads Downloads: - MotioneyeOS Image - Imaging tool for SD card - Putty (if you are adding extra buttons and features) WARNING! Before we continue, I am not responsible for anything you do which may damage any of your hardware, or cause you to loose any files/folders or data on your computer if you are not careful. Step 1 - You need to purchase the Pi and components to get this running. Step 2 - Download the appropriate downloads for the project\ Step 3 - Format your SD card to Fat 32 (insert into your PC and right click on it --> format --> Fat32 Step 4 - open Win32DiskImager and install it Step 5 - Open installed Win32DiskImager Step 6 - Click on the folder icon next to the drive letter and seek to the .img file you downloaded. Should be named something like "motioneyeos-raspberrypi3-dev20180712.img" Step 7 - Select the drive you want to install to (make sure this is your SD card otherwise you may wipe the wrong thing). Then click write, followed by Yes to continue. Step 8 - Once complete, safely eject the SD card and insert into your raspberry Pi. Step 9 - Connect your Pi to a USB keyboard, Ethernet, HDMI, and plug in the power cord to boot for the first time. If all worked well you should see a red light on your Pi, followed by a blinking green light. (if you don't see the green light blinking, check to see if there is any output on your screen, if not, you probably did not format the SD card correctly.) Step 10 - If the Pi booted successfully, you should see a terminal on screen. You should be able to login by typing 'Admin' as the username, and leave the Password blank, this should work. (if not, please let me know so i can try help you, you may be on a different version of the OS) Step 11 - If booted without any issues, you should now be able to access the lovely GUI webpage through your browser. You will need to find out the IP address of the PI, you can do this through your router, or with phone apps such as fing Step 12 - Once you know the IP address of your Pi, Enter it into your web browser of choice, and you should see the Lovely GUI pop up. Step 13 - Plug in your cameras via USB (i recommend using no more than 2 as the Pi may not be powerful enough to run them depending on the applications you are using them in) Step 14 - click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top left, then click the 'Add Camera Button' you can add the cameras here. Step 15 - Go through the settings and tweek them for your use. Step 16 - Set a Static IP so your Pi doesn't randomly change addresses on you Step 17 - That's it! if you are just setting up the simple version, you are done! Congrats!!! If you would like to know some more advanced things, stick around for more. Advanced: Step 18 - If you would like to receive email notifications whenever your camera senses motion, simply enable Motion Detection This can be enabled through the Motion Detection Menu. Step 19 - It is recommended to set up an email account which belongs to your PI with Gmail, and make sure it has been enabled to accept insecure sessions. Step 20 - You will need to put in the following details for Motion Notifications Email Addresses: <write your email address which you want the notifications sent to> SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com SMTP Port: 587 SMTP Account: <Write the email address you created for your Pi to use> SMTP Password: <Write the password for the email address above here so the OS can access the account> From Address: <it is recommended you use the same address as the SMTP Account> Use TLD: "ON" Attached Pictures Time Span: <You will need to play with this time as it will be dependent on your internet speed, i would recommend putting it as low as you can before it starts sending emails without images. This is the time the device will wait for images to be uploaded before sending the email (i use 40) Step 21: Profit? That's all if you are satisfied with the current outcome. If you would like to know more such as how to connect an alarm/light, or anything to the system, and you want to make it remotely triggered, then keep reading Part 2: Video: Step 1 - Wire up the pi and alarm according to the wiring diagram i will attach below Step 2 - Once wired correctly, you will need to now configure the software on the pi. Make sure to boot your pi into motioneyeOS Step 3 - Download and install a tool to SSH into your pi (eg. Putty, or if you are using mac or linux then terminal will suffice) Step 4 - SSH into your pi with the following credentials (User = admin, Password = <Password you set in the web GUI for the admin>) You can do this through terminal by typing the following code SSH admin@<YourPi'sIPAddress> It will then ask you for the password. Step 5 - Once logged in, you will need to go to the correct directory and make some files to run. Enter the following commands to get to the correct DIR CD /data/etc Step 6 - You need to decide what icon you would like your button to have, you can choose from any of the following lock unlock light_on light_off alarm_on alarm_off up right down left zoom_in zoom_out preset1 to preset9 Step 7 - You will now need to create the text documents which will be executed on demand. So pick an icon and enter the following commands. I chose <alarm_on> (Make sure that you substitute "alarm_on" for the icon you want to use) nano alarm_on_1 Notice i include the "_1" at the end, this is because i have multiple cameras connected. If you only have one, then you only need to do "_1" at the end. Then type the following into the text editor. GPIO=18 test -e /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO || echo $GPIO > /sys/class/gpio/export echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO/direction echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO/value The code above will TURN ON whatever device you have connected, Or in other words, toggle it on. NOTE: IF YOU USE A DIFFERENT GPIO PIN, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THAT AT THE TOP LINE WHERE IT SAID "GPIO=18" CHANGE IT TO WHATEVER PIN YOU USED. Step 8 - You now need to save the file you just made. Do so by pressing [CTRL + X] and followed by [Y] Step 9 - You now need to create the toggle off switch. So similarly, we are creating a new text file with the following commands nano alarm_off_1: And enter the following text into the text editor GPIO=18 test -e /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO || echo $GPIO > /sys/class/gpio/export echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO/direction echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$GPIO/value Step 10 - save this by pressing [CTRL + X] and followed by [Y] Step 11 - Repeat steps 7 - 10 changing the number at the end of the file "_1" to "_2" or "_3" if you have multiple cameras and want the button to show up on all of them. Step 12 - Repeat steps 6 - 10 if you would like a different button to show up for a different toggle of your choosing, remembering to change the GPIO=18 to whatever pin you have used. Step 13 - Now we need to make them executable... Do this by typing the following command. CHMOD +x <alarm_off_1> CHMOD +x <alarm_on_1> Step 14 - reload the web interface for your pi and see if the buttons show up (if not, just do a software reboot from the pi) Step 15 - Test it if you dare! You should now be able to toggle it on and off! Step 16 - Profit? Hope you guys enjoyed. If i helped, please feel free to leave a like so i know you are interested in seeing more tutorials like this XD Let me know if there is anything you need help with or you think i could have improved on. Thumbnail:
  20. Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. Been a bit busy.. My work bench is currently a mess and i don't have room to take apart my PS4 XD But here is an image of the logic board i removed from the ps4 when i replaced it with a new one for some testing. The button on this works intermittently too. If you look carefully, you can also see where the previous owner cut the tracers on this logic board. Thanks for any help bud
  21. @BwE Hey mate, good to see you back! Kinda off topic, but would you by any chance know anything about why the power and eject buttons have stopped working on my ps4? they will randomly work for periods of time and then stop again. Might be a long shot but what the hell
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