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  1. Verry nice @GregoryRasputin! I was going to add some info to the ps2 section but was unable to sign up. Is there a hidden link i am missing? XD
  2. Congrats on the release @TheDarkprogramer! Can't wait to see what comes next
  3. Shame they're putting DRM on this. Would be great for it to be released to everyone. Let's see if it makes online subscriptions more encouraging for the end user now. good luck big N!
  4. Yeah i didn't think so might need to go to a proper shrink. XD
  5. Do you think this would help with my issue? XD
  6. I agree, i think it might help Dev's a lot. Plus having the ability would be nice incase you ever need it for something else. Time will tell hey You're right XD
  7. But in the end, this is only beneficial to people who already have a console on 5.07 firmware or lower.... Which takes me back to the point i was making as this will not be much for end users.... Dev's maybe, it will let them do a lot of things they currently cannot, well, most cannot, and will maybe allow for newer games to be patched for older firmware..... But it will not help new users trying to jump into the scene on their latest update PS4
  8. Fair enough. But is anyone working on a hardware downgrader?
  9. @BwE This controller has RGB XD You should also make one of your custom ones with RGB, the kids will love it XD
  10. Hmmm i see where you are coming from, but see what you said there "update to latest, dump psn stuff, activate and other stuff I want, downgrade" How is it possible to downgrade without a hardware solution if you do not have a kexsploit? And if we have a Kexploit, why downgrade if we can just jailbreak latest firmware? See what i mean. If we have hardware solution it would be different. I also see where you are coming from here, that's IF it ever becomes possible, but to my understanding, there will need to be a lot of work done in order to even patch your system to downgrade again. I can see where this might be useful for a dev to go to an older firmware to try break into different parts of the system, but i don't think it will be easy enough for end user, if even possible without a previous backup from when you were on an older firmware. As i stated above, i completely agree with this, it might be useful for unlocking the secrets of samu XD but a hardware solution is the only other reason a downgrade could be useful for end users, and i don't think this is currently possible. It may well be in the future, but for anything software related, a kexploit is needed end to end, so if one is present on a later firmware, why need to downgrade? I did not take into account hardware solutions as none are currently in existence (not publicly at least)
  11. Hi guys. Now before i get started, i know this post might cause some controversy, so before we start, please make sure you watch or read everything before replying. I can see a lot of people are getting excited over the ability to downgrade their ps4's in the future.... Well, i'm here to tell you why this isn't as great as it is being made out to be. Please feel free to view my YouTube video below if you would just like to listen rather than reading, otherwise you can continue to read below the video! Video: Written info: So, essentially there is speculation of being able to downgrade PS4's to older firmwares. From what i have seen, there are a few legitimate methods in the works, and of course, many fakes too. First and foremost, I must warn people to be careful of any fake downgrade methods which could damage your console or other hardware, because if you end up being one of the poor people who get sucked into it, you're going to have a bad day Secondly, I would to address the legitimate methods which are being speculated and hinted in the scene. Many of you may have heard or fail0verlows recent release of PS4 Aux Hax. If you have not, I suggest you read about them PS4 Aux Hax 1: Intro & Aeolia, PS4 Aux Hax 2: Syscon and PS4 Aux Hax 3: Dualshock4. If you do not understand all that is written in there, this is fine. Essentially, the information they have released will aid developers greatly once it is put into practice by our current scene devs. As you know, Fail0verflow does not usually release completely made hax for end users to use, but they hint to the devs, how they can achieve a very desirable outcome. So you're all asking, why does this matter? Well it matters because essentially, this is the foundations to jailbreak any firmware up to the time of writing this. The methods of downgrading which are currently being hinted, are using Fail0varflows work to a certain degree, and thus implementing the methods used to jailbreak the system. Great right? In other words, when downgrading is made possible for all end users, it will no longer be required as the level of access required is the same level of access required to jailbreak the system..... So the need to downgrade is made redundant. Why downgrade when you can just jailbreak the latest firmware right? Well there are many reasons why dev's may not want it to be possible to jailbreak the latest firmware. This includes the fact that if people are on latest firmware, they may try gain PSN access which will cause a lot of ethical issues, if anyone is actually able to get onto PSN. But this can easily be avoided by releasing jailbreak for firmware just before the latest, that way PSN access is still revoked. Needless to say, PS4 day's are nothing like the PS3 days. A lot has changed, and the requirement to downgrade to get CFW is no more. Depending on the direction the scene takes, there may be a release for downgrading, or there may be future releases of newer jailbreaks implementing the Dualshock4 method Fail0vertflow has talked about in their write-up. Time will tell. Just some food for thought guys. Hope i have explained a bit of the mistery behind the scene for some of the people who are curious. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. All opinions are welcome Thumbnail:
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