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  1. Hello and welcome! Today I will be showing you all how to downgrade your Nintendo Switch Firmware on your exploitable Switch! Please see the video below for a visual instructional TUT, or see steps i have written out below the video! So to complete this tutorial you will need the following: - Switch Vulnerable to the tegra exploit - A way to enter RCM mode and launch hekate boot loader - You will need ChoiDujourNX which you can get here - https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/ - The desired firmware to downgrade to (you will need to locate this one on your own... Google is your best friend ) Step 1: Make sure you meet the above requirements. Step 2: Copy the ChoiDujourNX.nro into the following directory on your Switch SD card "/switch/ChoiDujourNX.nro" Step 3: Copy the firmware folder to the root of your usb. It should look something like this "/firmware 3.0.0" Step 4: Safely eject SD card, and insert into Switch. Step 5: Boot into hekate and then into your CFW. Step 6: Open the homebrew Menu, and launch ChoiDujourNX. Step 7: Open the folder with the firmware you copied to the SD card, in my case, it would be "firmware 3.0.0" Step 8: Press the select button down the bottom right. Step 9: wait for it to load, and select which version you want to use, i would suggest using (exfat) as it supports both fat32 and exfat, you can do as you wish! Step 10: After the checks are complete, you can proceed by pressing "Select firmware" again. Step 11: Wait for the firmware to be extracted and prepared, to the left you will see a menu, unless you are using a specific exploit where you do NOT want the switch to have auto RCM, or if your switch has been patched, i suggest keeping this selected at all times! This will prevent you from accidentally burning fuses and will just make your life easier when booting! Step 12: Confirm the target firmware is correct, and i would not select system initialize unless again, you need to for some special reason. Step 13: When it is all extracted, press "Start installation" and wait a few min for the process to complete. Step 14: When step 13 is complete, you can press "Reboot" and then followed by "Reboot now" to be rebooted back to the payload "hekate" Step 15: Boot into your cfw (i use SYSNAND, maybe you use EMUNAND? Just boot as you normally would) Step 16: Check firmware version in settings. Step 17: Profit? If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to drop me a line and i'll be more than happy to guide you a bit further! Peace and catch you next time!
  2. I couldn't find a tutorial section so i though this would be the best place to post! Please see the list of tutorials below for any help you may need with switch related queries. This list is subject to change and update as things go on For any questions, please post in the respected page by clicking on the link to the tutorial from here. If you have any requests, please post below! Tutorials: How to | Install SYS-Modules on your Nintendo Switch How to | Backup your Switch NAND How to | FTP to your Switch with CFW with FTPD How to | Downgrade Your Nintendo Switch Firmware More Coming soon....
  3. Hello Switch Hackers/Modders! I bring you another Helpful Tutorial Today!!! I have not seen this posted anywhere else and it has been frustrating the hell out of me as it took me a while to find this info myself, so hopefully this makes it nice and easy for everyone! SYS-Modules are used to keep things running in the background of your Nintendo switch in the spare ram, these are used to perform some special tasks and functions which give a better user experience, such as allowing you to use controllers from other consoles, or FTP to your switch without opening any homebrew, or disabling the annoying SuperNag! The possibility are only limited by the devs ability/imagination, and of course the little free ram which is available to use for this function XD So lets get stuck into it! There is a video linked below for a visual explanation, or a written tutorial below that for those who prefer to read or cannot watch the video! Written TUT: What you will need: - An exploitable Nintendo Switch running Atlas/Kosmos CFW - A computer or device which can access your switch's SD card, and which has a text editor - A good text editor (i HIGHLY recommend notepad++ as it works on many different platforms and it amazing... You can download it here - https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/) - The SYS-Module you want to install - A way to enter RCM Step 1: Make sure you meet the above requirements. Step 2: Power down your switch and remove the SD card Step 3: Place the SD card in the device you are using to complete this tutorial Step 4: You will need to copy the SYS-Module into the appropriate directory which is in either of the following (/atmosphere/titles/) and (/atmosphere/contents/) If the module is compiled, it will come in a folder with a string of numbers and letters, you must place the folder with the numbers/letters into the previously stated directories. Once copied, open the folder with the random numbers and leters (for both contents and titles) and make sure that that there is a folder in there and a file called "exefs.nsp" if the .nsp file is names something else, make sure you rename it to "exefs.nsp"! Step 5: Copy the name of the folder with the letters and numbers, keep this on your clip board we will need it shortly Step 6: Go back to the root of the SD card and navigate to the following directory - /switch/kosmostoolbox/ - In here, you will see a file "Config.json" you will need to edit this. If you are using Notepad++ just right click and open with Notepad++ Step 7: Copy the last entry in the document, and paste it below to duplicate it. Then add a commer to the end of the previous entry to signify that there is another entry after that one. It will be something like the below extract From this To this Step 8: Change the details to match those of the module you are installing. For example: - "name" should be how you want it to appear in the toolbox. - "tid" is the title ID i had you copy earlier from the folder with letters and numbers which we placed in (/atmosphere/titles/) and (/atmosphere/contents/) - If you do not know if the module required reboot, set that to true to be safe! Step 9: Save the edited file and safely eject the SD and place it back into the switch. Step 10: Boot into RCM and then into the atlas/Kosmos CFW Step 11: Open the Homebrew Browser and then open "Kosmos Toolbox" Step 12: Open "Background services" and then you should see your module there. If you cannot see your module, you may need to repeat the process again. Step 13: Profit? Hope it all worked out for you. If you have any issues, please drop me a comment down below! Goodluck everyone!
  4. Hi all! Welcome to another new TUT! It is important to backup your Nintendo Switch Nand every now and again, or when installing risky home-brew or upgrading or downgrading firmware and such. The reason why is because a backup of your Nand is like taking a snapshot of your switch's state, so if you brick it in the future, or happen to cop supernag (i have a tutorial on getting rid of this on the way by the way!) you can easily restore an old backup and be on your way! There is no hardware required apart from an SD card which is more than 32GB, so i recommend a 64GB sd card! If you are interested in learning how to do this, there is a video below for visual explanation and written TUT below that! Written TUT: Requirements: - 64GB SD card or larger - Switch which can run the tegra exploit and running a CFW (atlas kosmos is recommended as it is made by the same people who make the hekate payload) - A way to push the hekate payload to your switch Step 1: You must ensure you meet the requirements above Step 2: Reboot your switch into the RCM mode Step 3: Push the Hekate Payload Step 4a: If you have kosmos/atlas installed, you can navigate to tools and then backup using the touch screen Step 4b: If you do not have kosmos/atlas installed you will have to use the volume and power buttons to navigate to tools and then backup Step 5: Backup eMMC Boot0 and Boot1 Step 6: Backup eMMC RAW GPP Step 7: When this is complete, you can turn off the switch and eject your SD card. Step 8: Plug the SD card into the PC and you will notice a "Backup" folder on the root Step 9: Place this somewhere safe on your PC Step 10: Profit? That's it folks! Hope you all have fun and safe modding Let me know if you have any questions and i will be more than happy to help!
  5. Hi guys! I'm going to keep this tutorial short and sweet. please see the quick video i have below, for a visual tutorial, and the write up below that if you are unable to watch videos where you are at the time of reading this. Written TUT: Ok so trust me when i say this is going to be a walk in the park. All you need is the following: Nintendo Switch with CFW An SD Card in your switch (you will have this if you are on CFW....) An FTP client - i use Filezilla - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client The FTPD NRO file - https://github.com/mtheall/ftpd If you have Hekate and the latest version Kosmos Atlas installed, you can use sysFTPD which i show how to do in the video, and i will explain below, its so easy Step 1: Download the required files above and install filezilla if you have not yet. Step 2: Turn off Nintendo Switch and remove SD Card to insert into PC once switch has powered down. Step 3: Copy the FTPD.nro file you downloaded from the site, onto your sd card in the "Switch: Directory. Step 4: Safely eject SD card and place it back into the switch. Step 5: Boot into your CFW. Step 6: Open your homebrew menu, most do this by clicking on the album icon and you may or may not need to hold R while doing this. Step 7: Open the FTPD file and you will see your switch's IP listed above, if you do not see an IP address, you may need to connect your switch to your WIFI. (if you are connecting to wifi, i recommend using the 90DNS DNS's to block connections to official Nintendo servers which can cause you dramas ) Step 7b: If you need more info regarding 90DNS follow this link - https://gitlab.com/a/90dns The following is an extract regarding how to set up 90DNS, just skip if you don't want to use it or already have it set up Step 8: Open filezilla on your PC/Mac or whatever you are using, and enter the switch IP as the host address, leave user and pass blank, port is 5000, click enter and you should see the contents of your SD card listed! Step 9: Profit? Alternate method below if you would rather use inbuilt function with kosmos/atlas Step 1: Power on Nintendo switch running Kosmos/Atlas CFW Step 2: Open homebrew launcher and then open Kosmos Toolbox Step 3: Press on "Background services" and then Enable "sys-FTPD" or "sys-ftpd-light" Step 4: if you know your switch's IP, you can connect by opening Filezilla and entering the IP into hostname, and port as 5000 Step 4b: if you need to find your switch's IP, you can do this in the internet settings in your switch, it will need to be connected to the WIFI, follow my instructions above for setting up 90DNS if you have not connected yours to the WIFI. Step 5: Profit? I hope you all enjoyed this quick write up and i hope this worked for everyone. Let me know if you need any help, and i will be more than happy to assist y'all further! Peace out and see you all next time!
  6. Hello all, and welcome to another new tutorial! I Noticed the site has been up and down lately, and it seems we missed the big release of ps3xploit and HEN.... So here i am making a release post and tutorial on how to hack any PS3. I know we are late to the party, but i have made a video and written tutorial to guide you with the process and help those of you with "unhackable" PS3's, hack your PS3's So lets get stuck into it! As usual, there is a written tutorial under the video I have linked below. Written TUT: What you will need - USB formatted to FAT32. minimum 1gb Step 1: Download the HFW - http://www.ps3xploit.com/ Step 2: Download Multiman for HEN - https://store.brewology.com/multiman.php Step 3: Format USB to FAT32 Step 4: Make the folder tree on the USB as follows - /PS3/UPDATE/ and place the update file into the UPDATE directory, renaming it to PS3UPDAT.PUP Step 5: Install from XMB or recovery Step 5.5: If you have to install from recovery, you can enter recovery mode by turning off the ps3, and then turning it back on and holding the power button, you will hear it beep a few times and then shut off, then press and hold the button again, this time it will beep once or twice, and then it will beep twice really quickly. When you hear the fast beep, release the button. Step 6: Repeat step 5 Step 7: Go to system settings - display (whats new) - turn off Step 8: WARNING!!! PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST HAVE INSTALLED THE HFW FROM STEPS 1 TO 7 TO PROCEED, DO NOT GO AHEAD IF YOU DID NOT FOLLOW STEPS 1 TO 7 Step 9: Create a throw away PSN account to sign into and activate the PS3 Step 10: Go to browser, press triangle - tools - confirm browser close - off Step 11: Press Start - Type ps3xploit.com - Press Start Step 12: Press Select, add to Bookmarks Step 13: Press Triangle - tools - homepage - set ps3xploit as the homepage Step 14: then delete all history by going to tools - delete cookies search cache authentication info Step 15: open browser to test homepage Step 16: top left corner "PSEHEN" try hen installer alternate (IF FAILS, REBOOT AND TRY AGAIN) Step 17: open remote play, then exit - install hen Step 18: reboot step 19: launch HEN, if it fails, reboot and try again step 20: install multiman NOTE: IF YOU GET STUCK TRYING TO INSTALL HEN, LIKE THE ICON IS ON THE XMB BUT WONT OPEN, OR IT WONT INITIALISE AFTER SEVERAL ATTEMPTS, YOU SHOULD REINSTALL THE HFW AND TRY AGAIN Let me know if you have any question! Peace out!
  7. Verry nice @GregoryRasputin! I was going to add some info to the ps2 section but was unable to sign up. Is there a hidden link i am missing? XD
  8. Congrats on the release @TheDarkprogramer! Can't wait to see what comes next
  9. Shame they're putting DRM on this. Would be great for it to be released to everyone. Let's see if it makes online subscriptions more encouraging for the end user now. good luck big N!
  10. Yeah i didn't think so might need to go to a proper shrink. XD
  11. Do you think this would help with my issue? XD
  12. I agree, i think it might help Dev's a lot. Plus having the ability would be nice incase you ever need it for something else. Time will tell hey You're right XD
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