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  1. zapptheman

    HOW TO | Create PS2 PKG Files for PS4 (PS2 Classics)

    Hahaha my luck to make a video and already have an update, guess i need to update my video XD. Thanks for the heads up and the feedback! Keep your eyes out for a new video
  2. Hi guys. Here is a new tutorial showing you how to use @TheDarkprogramer's fancy new tool to make your life much easier. He has done well with his documentation thus far so i will be quoting some of if below, please feel free to watch my tutorial, alternatively, if you would rather have a written step by step process, please scroll past the video for the written tut! Video: Written Tut: Step 1: Download the latest version of the tool from here. Step 2: Obtain Photoshopping software (recommended) or use paint if you have the patience. Step 3: Obtain an ISO or Rip one from one of your old PS2 games. (You can use Power ISO for this). Step 4: Find some background images for the PS4 homescreen and for the game icon. Step 5: Resize your Icon to 512 x 512 pixels. Step 6: Resize your background to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Step 7: Open the PS2 Classic GUI Tool and select your ISO file by clicking the box with the 3 dots next to the "PS2 ISO" Textbox. Step 8: Change your content ID to whatever you want (Must be in format TTTTNNNNN -- T = Text -- N = Number), would recommend making it the PS2 ID which is displayed above the Content ID Box to the right. Step 9: Make the Title whatever you want Step 10: Right click on the background and icon section to change them. Step 11: Click the "Create PS2 Classic" button Step 12: Profit? Step 13: You can now install your PKG file on your PS4 and it should run like a charm, just make sure to check the compatibility list to make sure your game does not have issues. NOTE: If you ever need to unpack your PKG file, the password is currently set to: ng8II8vax3iXZU7sfI3ugo8XlebJ731o I will update this if anything changes in future, @TheDarkprogramerwill likely change the passcode to 32 "0's" in the near future so stay tuned! Credits to: TheDarkProgramer Flatz cfwprophet zecoxao And everyone else involved in bits of this process along the way! Thank you to everyone out there sharing things for this community and making it what it is. image:
  3. zapptheman

    Happy Birthday TheDarkprogramer

    Happy belated birthday mate! hope you had a great day!!!!
  4. zapptheman

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    @TheDarkprogramer Video just went up, skip to the end if you want to see how it turns out. Lemme know if you need someone to help test for you in future
  5. zapptheman

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    Probably my ps4. Think it needs a reball :3
  6. zapptheman

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    @TheDarkprogramer Hey Mate. Great tool, tested and made a video on this tool will be uploading soon after editing the video, only thing is that it seems the game of choice for me has some rendering issues, screen tearing and audio issues. TBH, controller input also has some latency, now i don't know if this issue pertains only to my ps4, of if its because of the game i have chosen, but i have Jak and Daxter precursor legacy If anyone else has tried this game, would love some feedback. Thanks
  7. zapptheman

    [Update] PS2 Classics GUI v1.0.0.6

    Video tutorial below and written tut can be found here
  8. Hi Guys. Here i will be including in depth tutorials on how to create your own custom Themes for the PS4 and how to Package them up for installation. In the First installment i will be showing basics on editing image files such as icons, task bar icons and the background colors and images. I will also show you how to do this with limiting applications such as Paint if you do not have access to Photoshop or higher quality applications. This space will evolve as i go along, but i highly recommend watching the video as it details every thing you need to know to achieve a custom theme and it is quite hard to explain some things by writing whereas my video can show you and you can follow along. Regardless, here is my video below, i will be updating the written method over time as i have time to do so, but for now, enjoy the video! Links: ---➣ PS4 PKG Generator - https://www.file-upload.net/download-12917588/Fake_PKG_Generator.rar.html ---➣ Theme Editor - https://emptiness.space/download/2411/ ---➣ Sample Theme - http://www.mediafire.com/file/96exv4mbr3taivp/ps4+sample+custom+theme+%2B+se.rar Source Image:
  9. zapptheman

    multiMAN Coming To PS4

    So he's back aye, interested to see what he has in store for us
  10. zapptheman

    #PS3Xploit Teaser Trailer

    Nice one. Good to see all these names reunited again! Some very nice work that has come from your collaboration guys. The scene should be extremely grateful. No more will we have the millions of questions like - "Can i jailbreak my super slim PS4??" "if i use an E3 Flasher, can i downgrade my super slim?" "Release jailbreak for 4.XX plz" You guys are great. Thanks again
  11. zapptheman

    Qwertyuiop Releases PS4 4.07 - 4.55 Kexploit!

    I agree. Time will tell, lets enjoy 4.55
  12. MD5 Checksum thanks to @Joonie - 38F5E677A543EF93FB9A75096F983F89
  13. zapptheman

    Qwertyuiop Releases PS4 4.07 - 4.55 Kexploit!

    i legit just made a post about 4.06 - 4.55 and now we have 5.01 POC... Rekd This is only an entry point from what i can see right now. interested to see how this develops
  14. G'day guys. Bringing you some breaking news, if you haven't already heard.... qwerty has recently released his 4.55 Kexploit. This is absolutely great news as this works on firmwares up to and including 4.55. The good news and the bad news... Well the good news is that, as stated above, this will work up to and including 4.55, so this is some hope for all those people who are past 4.05, you have hope for the 4.55 jailbreak. The bad news? Well there are no current public implementations of this, and when i say that, i mean that no one has publicly released the exploit in a ready to go package, like the 4.05 jailbreak. BUT DO NOT FEAR, the information is present for developers to package this up just like the 4.05 jailbreak. We are only missing a few things. We have a Kexploit, but we do not yet have a Userland exploit for 4.55. You might be thinking that this is it right? we wont be able to use this Kexploit for a new jailbreak? Well you are wrong. Userland exploits are usually discovered much easier than the Kexploits. therefore, it should not be long before one is discovered, or publicly released by someone on the scene. Once the Userland exploit is released, it can be coupled with qwerty's Kexploit, and we have similar functionality of the 4.05 jailbreak, but on 4.55 firmware. It might take some time for this to be all put together, i am estimating mid to late march or a working release for end user. But we will see how fast these dev's work! Be patient guys because you don't want them to release chicken scratch code which is unstable and has the potential to damage or brick consoles due to not being complete. The time will come for a release, and when it does, it will be a good one that our dev's have spent lots of time working on to perfect for us!! On a side note, if you are on 4.086 or 4.07, well you might also be in luck!!! Considering we have Userland exploits which work on firmwares up to and including 4.07, this new kexploit can be compatible with those firmwares, so it may be possible that some talented devs will port it to work with 4.07. I personally do not think they will as most people will be looking to have the latest and greatest, this being 4.55, but the potential is there, and only time will tell FINALLY!!!! DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PS4 AFTER READING THIS. We highly recommend staying on the lowest firmware possible at all times, until the scene has 100% progressed to the new firmware. The current golden firmware being 4.05. If you have passed firmware 4.07, then it is up to you where you would like to stay, 4.55 is an expected next jailbreak, but who knows what has been in the works behind the scenes, hence why we recommend to stay on the LOWEST FIRMWARE POSSIBLE! Hope you guys enjoyed this write up, and get psyched for the future. At work? or at home doing homework and too busy to read this? Listen to my YouTube video below explaining all that is written here, rather then reading it Stay tuned for all the latest jailbreak news! Source: wololo.net Thumbnail:
  15. zapptheman

    PSNStuff BDU

    sounds interesting man. I think you should go ahead with the project. It will be a good challenge!