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  1. Yeah... although I've been reading more about the events leading up to the "leak"... and apparently qwikrazor had "leaked" something of TN's before the kernel exploits were leaked by TN. If qwik had really done that, then he should have been aware of the possible consequences. I think everyone at this point are just a bunch of batsh*t insane little children. Back when there were respectable devs in the scene, you would have respect for other developers (that may be holding onto similar kernel exploits) and not make a move that would enrage a leaking troll into possibly leaking othe
  2. I'll post what I posted on wololo.net/talk in a similar thread: Well, I suppose this was expected at some point. If you stuff malware in your code... what would stop you from leaking kernel exploits as well? (In case you haven't seen... the two ksploits "by" Total Noob): http://pastebin.com/Sdz0XPRg http://pastebin.com/VHQG3hyd ) Anyway, I'm not much of a whiner, so... lemme just get to the point and give the *RIGHT* people credits for this vulnerability. First of all, let me clear something up: These "two" kernel exploits are really just one kernel exploit. The vulnerability actuall
  3. Thanks man busy with school right now but I'll definitely get the rest of the tutorial done within the next couple weeks.
  4. PSP and PSP Emulator Kernel Vulnerabilities - An Overview Chapter 1 – Introduction This is chapter #1 out of a (2 or 3..? not sure yet) “chapter” tutorial. Firstly, I'd like to give a big thanks to fate6 from wololo.net/talk forums. It has been a while now since he did this (considering I’ve postponed this tutorial for a loooong time) but he dumped a TON of PSP firmwares for my inspection in order to assist in the documentation of various kernel vulnerabilities and to formulate a concise timeline regarding when each vuln was introduced in the firmware and when it was patched, etc. I d
  5. Perfect. Expect it mid next week. Just a heads up to people though that it will cover kernel vulnerabilities in the PSP emulator (not native vita) but you can still apply the theory behind it to other architectures.
  6. lol I know right. Either way, I think I may revise it a little and post it eventually on these forums (probably mid-next week). It's actually pretty detailed... By the way, what would be a good place to post it around here if/when decide to publish it?
  7. Honestly, I've never really enjoyed scene 'drama'. I mean it was kinda fun at the beginning... but I've been around since 2007ish and its boring by now Nowadays I just try to stay neutral on stuff... which is why I get a little bent out of shape when people try to defend others too much... but I guess it then just seems like I'm taking sides xD (Full circle I guess). Anyway I was just trying to clear things up for some people who may have never received the full story about things. Sorry it seemed like I was trying to discourage the 'underground' scene. Wasn't my intention... in fact
  8. I'm not even going to try and debate anymore because hardcore fanboys will always reject negative stuff about their 'god' (just like TotalNoob's followers now)... so this is useless. Anyway, this topic wasn't about DAX to begin with so I'll just give it a rest so this thread doesn't get derailed. But a piece of advice for everyone -- I would suggest never blindly defending another developer about a particular situation or situation(s) unless you are actually 1.) The actual developer or 2.) Personally involved with the developer and literally did everything with them. And by personally in
  9. This. I still find it funny when people come out of the woodwork to defend DAX. I still remember when DAX discovered that someone (Miriam) had possession of a kernel exploit for 5.00 and was all butthurt that someone else had one like him. He used his popularity against Miriam and created a blog post claiming that Miriam had taken the kernel exploit from HIM. Of course... everyone believed him. He was a real teddy-bear of a guy too.
  10. Even in DAX's case... you could have seen it coming (the mass brick). If ps3news had posted all his stuff in the past... didn't he think they'd do it again? Either way, I obviously agree that the two situations are extremely different - and Total Noob /directly/ targeted someone, which is worse. However, I wouldn't even attempt to defend Dark Alex on some stuff cuz he could be an unethical tornado at times too >_>
  11. LOL... I never even saw this. Yeah, it was clearly a dick move by The Zett. But still, you always gutta be 'classier' than the other guy. Like some others have mentioned here... if I ever had decided to do something, I would have probably just called someone out in a teasing way in the credits or such. Malicious code is not the way to go...
  12. lol iknorite. I don't really care tho -- I don't use his stuff, and besides, my PSN info has nothing to do with 'n00b81' ;P I'm just venting frustration - no one would have believed this 'inside info' before this happened anyway.
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