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  1. wow konami ( what a new low) for just a demo,
  2. tangotnt

    PS4 Error Code Viewer V1

    waay faster than wiki, thanks dp
  3. Not gonna buy something that could brick my device from me moving files around. Hekate does not look stable. And the autorcm is scary if you run out of batt.....idk what's good and that layerEdf thing is a joke....
  4. I've only some pieces of tutorials I don't think I wanna try the Fsm jig (looks dangerous) but with everything being limited (I really wanted dolphin) I think I'ma wait and just play Bayonetta 2
  5. just picked it up for 23 ( and I was so oooo wrong lol) it is 4.01 I'm just not sure what can be done as of yet.
  6. tangotnt

    GOD OF WAR cheats 5.05 CUSA07408

    Ty, now I gotta figure out how to input.
  7. when I pick it up I'll post screens
  8. tangotnt

    [Update] PS2 Classics GUI v1.0.0.10

    4.05 support?
  9. I bought it with that fw luckily.
  10. time to go pick up my switch..1.4.1 I think...
  11. tangotnt

    PS2Reality Mediaplayer Now Running On PS4

    I did that. and waited while I waited I found sms elf and realitymediaplayerpro 1.50 but turning these into pkg(I have no clue)
  12. tangotnt

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    that's cool just wanted to know if ready 2 rumble worked.
  13. tangotnt

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    can you verify if thet he pkg worked for you?
  14. tangotnt

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    no worries but it's really not needed ty though no worries you don't have to change nothing. I appreciate your time and effort(I stayed 4.05 because I didn't which exploit was more stable so. I just stayed @ 4.05 ) and I just got fake ps4 tools v1.3