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  1. Speed with better optimization with longer games 14
  2. at this point in time, it's great to have options(cached.phone.your Web server) it's just great.
  3. merry Xmas to all (its been wonderful being here apart of this community) ☺️ ?
  4. omg, I loved this series growing up, right next to donkey Kong.
  5. idk,, I like the plug in and play idea.. but being realistic, Option a) if I had my gba still (the gba/gb carts) are 70$ and up (last Friday ) pokemon yellow was 86 and change. so to buy (or order ebay etc) then having to buy the device's (controller/ consolizer/carts) that's just out the question (atleast 150$ easy spent) vs... option b (not even gonna list consoles) most phones/ if wanted a controller/hdmi adapter(tops 50$ or 80$) at least in my state ca (optimization varies per adapter )
  6. Not gonna buy something that could brick my device from me moving files around. Hekate does not look stable. And the autorcm is scary if you run out of batt.....idk what's good and that layerEdf thing is a joke....
  7. I've only some pieces of tutorials I don't think I wanna try the Fsm jig (looks dangerous) but with everything being limited (I really wanted dolphin) I think I'ma wait and just play Bayonetta 2
  8. just picked it up for 23 ( and I was so oooo wrong lol) it is 4.01 I'm just not sure what can be done as of yet.
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