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    Qwertyuiopz is teasing us guys!


    nas - Proxima - flatz - CTurt - Red-EyeX32 - SKFU - fail0verflow - bigboss - Zer0xFF - kR105 - fx0day - Specter - Fire30 - m0rph3us1987 - lezek20 - ds4user - maxtron - harlequin - Wildcard - zecoxao - zil0g80 - j0lama   




    Shouldn't we add qwerty to this list also..? @GregoryRasputin @BobbyBlunt @Lucif3r @zecoxao and whoever i am forgetting that is a super admin.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, STLcardsWS said:


    Almost answered the questions i wanted answered (maybe next year lol)



    well if you have more questions or some that still remain, please let me know.  :) and tell me what hey are.

  3. 7 hours ago, STLcardsWS said:


    Almost  year later and i get a reply :) 


    You have been part of the issues over at psxhax as well, lets be honest here. While PSXHAX (admin) needs most of the blame fro the site issues (as he makes the decisions), as he is the one who promotes these fakes with new status (dev/staff) and edits the news and decides to keep it up there even if he truly believes its not legit. but yourself was the one who promoted PSHUSH news (scam donation) to an audience suggesting it to be the next thing at the time, the " water to the seed"  if you will and you made it grown. . . With no proof and many scene veterans and sites knew it was a fake right off the bat ESPECIALLY with a donation link and no Proof. Very bad judgement, which the worse part, i do not think you even think you did anything wrong to even learn from those mistakes. We know the site PSXHAX did not learn anything,  as we seen the same thing in scams to follow and as recent as the 4.50 stuff.





    First and foremost: 


    I haven't been aware of your reply, until yesterday. I only went back to this forum because I was completely sick of the bs going on on PSXHAX. Then I might also mention I got a reply in my inbox (email) for this thread which I was in fact following. 


    Thanks for understanding my predicament. 

  4. 3 hours ago, GregoryRasputin said:

    Why are you even here, are you so damn pathetic that you cherish all the hate?

    Seriously why are you not getting mental health help, you really need it.


    Greg, some people.. just love attention it's all i can say.. that person is no exception. I F*king hate  attention of too much of a kind and think it's unreasonable to give too much to any certain person. doesn't matter if they are famous or did something bad / great.. or they were Einstein. seriously though. im coming back over here If i'm going to start posting again. cause i've wasted FARR too much time trying to impress PSXHAX and failing at least i know i won't have to try over here. i'll just need to keep up solid work. and not be a faker. which I'm good at, both of.





     wow.. shitty indie dev. emo duck rip-off of flappy bird. @gtawwekid There's something wrong with your head, you dolt!!! if you think I'm gonna shit my pants over this.


    @cfwprophet This person is making claims to want to spy on me.  and that I'm being watched by her. I'm also curious to know if anyone else has been told off by her so far..

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  5. On 4/3/2016 at 5:15 PM, STLcardsWS said:


    May i ask why you are on staff over there? You like my post, so you must agree with some of my points.


    @STLcardsWS Yes i agree with some of your points but not all. Granted i don't know all of the points from every side of the story. If I were to actually KNOW EVERYTHING FOR REAL.. I could make a real decision. Yes.. I WAS STAFF! Every other staff member was removed from staff role PSXHAX is redoing staff soon. but it will most likely be people only from the old site he has claimed. I don't know if this is inclusive of me, or not.

  6. The only one i know of that has a direct line with TRSi is the owner of PSXHAX surprisingly as that may sound. he has a team members email. guy in charge i think. his personal one. he claimed so on the shoutbox. when he said so. everyone started to bug him about it pestering him for answers. Or rather to go fetch them from TRSi members. but we all know that won't happen. To b ehonest  i don't know what this is about. but i have a few predb site links to keep ahead of the times. :D



    Hope i helped you guys in some way(s)!

  7. you never know for sure until there's a public release and people will know what's what then. @eXtreme i mean you never know, they could'a just tried hiding how they did said exploit but doesn't explain a few other things. also why it cuts more than one time.




    Everyone's calling bs on that even me. sorry i don't believe it. @cfwprophetand i both agreed it was nothing more than a commercial for the publicity of their convention. the whole thing stinks to high heaven of commerce and promotion for the event. and it is either just a parody commercia for the actual event, or something else. However there are articles about the event in Chinese if that's  your thing. or google translate is your jam. that works too.


    i found one. here http://www.hksilicon.com/articles/1204621 read over it and tell me what you guy's think of this whole thing.. if you think its' even a thing. if you wanna In the mean time.. i'm going say the following: 

    This video has at least 3 cuts in it that people have been able to count. I'm calling BS!
    Only trust:
    nas - Proxima - flatz - CTurt - Red-EyeX32 - SKFU - fail0verflow - bigboss - Zer0xFF - kR105 - fx0day - Specter - Fire30 - cfwprophet - m0rph3us1987 - lezek20
    If i get proven wrong and i'd  love to, believe me. i would. here's to just hoping that demo was was authentic in the long run. but i just don't know. i'd like it if the dude in charge of PSXHAX would fact check with some people first before posting anything tis big from now on.
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  9. Re-Release: PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI By CF3B5


    Right, so Guys I recently made a thread on another forum RE-RELEASING

    an old tool (pretty ancient tool actually) was designed for the Wii, the PSP, and the PS3

    It's a proxy. I managed to gather all of the files including the Extended Edition, and both of the .NET frameworks ;) 


    And it works on PS4on 3.55, right now. at this very moment. I don't know how helpful this is with the skfu proxy tool out and floating about. but i'm trying to be helpful by

    re-releasing what is probably one of the best tools out there

    And it still works. Everything is in one rar file because the installer doesn't do anything anymore.  from what t i remember, it just tells you to go get a .NET framework which isn't on Microsoft's page anymore but

     included it and a batch file to download it and the updated one.

    I hope i'm not offending or pissing anyone off by doing this. it would be the last thing on my wish list.


    I also included the YetAnotherBypass (YAB) batches and executable though i'm lacking the src. Nice, huh? :D











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    Not only are people buying into this crap, but he's not even trying hard to troll them into believe it.. It's so damn obvious. "BAKED-IN"? Come on we always knew that PlayStation  WAS SPELLED WITH A CAPITAL "S" for Station. it's a hoax.and the guy who tweets  about it says he just wants to hear those the guys' reactions to it! i guess he wanted to setthe scene on fire before the launch of the SLIM / 4K. Meh.

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