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  1. Awesome, Man! thanks for sharing this. don't know where gamesradar gets their unofficial or otherwise "Official change-log" but this is awesome!! it also looks like they are skipping past 3.55 altogether Hahahaha!
  2. The title of this post couldn't be worse.. as well.
  3. on-line glitch patched.. >.< dammit.. i got here too late! anyway i doubt anyone would've been able to buy one for $30.00.
  4. Good point. I've been gone too long from this site.. sorry i was amiss i was learning some code languages but i'm still re-learning. stuff atm so i'm trying to be able to learn this stuff.. if I'm gone i apologize.
  5. Wow.. that fucking sucks @Lucif3r .. btw You are swedish? o.O didn't know that. Also i guess since @GregoryRasputin fixed the mod permissions everyone who was a developer who wasn't supposed to be a mod got put in the proper category which is why i cannot reply in the locked topics.. anymore. is that correct? http://img.prntscr.com/img?url=http://i.imgur.com/9V7Tlyv.png <-- proof if needed!
  6. Happy birthday, man! have a good one. hope you have a blast on your 25th birthday. drink plenty of beer and get hung over like !@#$ !!!
  7. the original topic has lot's more info on EurAsia but this will be fun to speculate about. I'm sure of it. and for people to work on. XD
  8. Okay so can we agree to get along now? life is about learning from the mistakes you maker and not MAKING anymore of those same mistakes. also it's about choices. just like it was vapour's choice to i guess.. it's also within my power to say that: it was probably his mistake to leak it just like it was a mistake for pauline to leak that same Rogero pup like like @BobbyBlunt stated. but enough fighting. we can turn this drama topic into something much better now. instead of it being a drama topic, why not make it about the contents of the leak like they did on some other sites..?? is it too much to ask for some peace in everyone's life all at the same time? sure maybe @xxmcvapourxx has made some poorer decisions and I'm certainly not going to hold a grudge against him for saying "You sir, do not even deserve to own a PS3", but i'd like to see everyone get in a fair shot of words. if not then change the subject, you know? and besides i think it's time that we stop playing blame that guy. or the whatever.. just because he made a poor decision. but the point is: Stop fighting. live on and learn, from your mistakes. and forget the bad things in life. (if you can) and don't dwell. Dwelling only makes you regret more. regret is a harsh way to live. you don't want that. Just live and don't try to play the blame game. and the dwelling game. agreed?
  9. Thank-you Bro! @cfwprophet it means a lot you keep clarifying. also did you or anyone else see if it's worth it to update the PS4 like firsthand, for people that have one? or if i even should do that? advices.. i am on 2.57 i will stay on running it only until know there is / isn't something going on. anyway i'm gonig to try and stay on 2.57 as long i can possibly do it for . i can live without almost everything bu the store. for a long time. all i care about atm is psplus. referring to exploits in all this.
  10. I hear you bud, i talked to CturtE about some of these things on Efnet.org, channel #ps4dev he eventually wound up thinking i was a spy. XD I haven't been on there in a while. he seems like a swell guy though. he works his tall to bone for the scene. lol i see why all the paranoia sometimes. other times i just don't tend to get it. at all. And, yeah if there's an exploit on the kenal it's likely to go all the way to the newest fw isn't that correct @cfwprophet ??
  11. i don't know it may be an issue oif not knowing how to exploit the thing.. or money. or both. that's about all i can think of.
  12. i actually tried looking for one on a few sites so far, for you (FW 1.76) after seeing this thread today. but no dice as of yet. i'll keep looking for you. if i find anything i'll pm you. @zecoxao
  13. this may be kind of a curveball here... but what if this is sort of another controller for the NX you can pick up for the main console and ALSO use as a portable edition of the console like a secondary controller for the main setup as well. also notice they never called it a console they exclusively refer to NX as a "NEXT-GEN GAMING PLATFORM" But what if this is true!
  14. That's very good of you! And welcome also Happy First thread! (i made a mistake and called the other thread you made on webman mod your first. but that's fixed now because i rote this out) So welcome to to our forum!!! have a happy stay! @iDelete
  15. Does it remind you guys of..like... George Orwell's Animal Farm or something having to do with communism? when you see this picture? sorry i know Japan is the MOST capitalist country in the world but what gives with this picture? @Lucif3r would it kill the guy to put on a smile??
  16. i guess it was someone's birthday again. XD
  17. Hahaha! wow.. you guys make me laugh but it's still true. XD
  18. you are right... sadly, well now i can at least look im up on wikipedia. xD
  19. it's intended for a lot of things... it could be.. but it's just anything that people need that haven't uploaded in a long ass time and links are dead.. would you like me to kick things off? with something like rsxploit? or metldrpwn? bootldr exploit? i have them all. also this isn't limited to ps3 exploits mind you.
  20. Okay so the title speaks for itself i hope. Post files that no one has a need to keep to themselves anymore... have fun. Only post files if you want to. =) so no bullying other users into posting files for you! xD Note: this is basically a thread for users to post files that no one else has anymore . but you can also use it to post your updates if those projects were releases here or re-released, Kay! let's GO!
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