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  1. yeah. best thread! wanna vote guys?? tally your votes! Come on this is a democracy! right...??
  2. wow i read that article... or i skimmed it.. i at least looked at the oh so stupid pictures. THE ACTUAL IDEA... THAT HE NEEDS TO NOW BACKUP HIS OWN FIRST ORIGINAL ARGUMENT IS DISGUSTING. it's like trying to say here i have article that you don't care about (or possibly want to only rant about how idiotic it truly is), "Now here's another one! Oh you what's that you don't want to read the other one..?? Wait. what? O.o?? You never read the first one?? you onlywanted to read part of the first one skim the rest and not thee second one at all.. and you guys don't even give a shit?! Well, fuck.." that's exactly what i think forbes would say. meh not really but it's funny to think they would. lol. anyway it is funny to think that would think in that regard. LOL
  3. wow... that is exactly something that Homer Simpson would say! XD
  4. OI! Who are you to tell me what I approve of and what not! Know your place peasant!! Also, while they were technically just targeting the PS4, they also targeted Nintendo's Super Mario Maker........... ohwait, i forgot, dats a PS4 game... Was joking bro! lol at the peasant remark though Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  5. nice job @mysis too bad it doesn't work with debug pkg's. i guess i'll just use pkgview for that purpose? hey is there a reason you made this when we already can extract / decrypt all pkg files. i know it only works with retail's though. strange you decided to do this, at i think it is.. was it a side project??
  6. The sarcasm is strong within you young padawan.. you'll make an excellent sarcasmaclysmic Jedi, yet! Darth @Lucif3r APPROVES!! seriously though if you read this thing it makes your I.Q. drop! the thing about mario.. UGH... AND WHY ARE THEY TARGETING JUST PS4?? WTH..
  7. I understand your point. @Lucif3r but the internet does exist to filter out THE NONSENSE of the T.V. crap!! >.< this just defines the internet as more CRAP. anyway that's one reason it exists. the other reason i can think of right now.. and the main one is communication. but goooolllly this is a new level of low and false information. lol all i can do is sort of laugh at it. and say that it was International Business Times! or i can also say god they are idiots and get angry.. God.. they are though..
  8. yeah... that's what i was trying to say!! by these WRITERS ARE GODDAMN IDIOTS!! They'll believe anything.. OR AT LEAST TRY TO MAKE THEIR OLD TIMER READERS BELIEVE ANYTHING Next thing you know the "Jailbroken PSP" will be capable of setting houses on ABLAZE......BULLSHIT!! I swear to GOD (and maybe to F*CK) these articles are getting dumber and dumber as days pass.
  9. so...much.... FAIL....................................!!!! the writer seems willing to find ANY EXCUSE to say PS4 or PlayStaion or a fucking video game console is evil.. great. another idiot that works at Forbes. reading the original neogaf article now it seems like they are laughing at the writer. and why shouldn't they?? XD he's obviously a moron. i bet this will show up on ReviewTechUSA's YouTube Channel LOL!! god that writer's an idiot..
  10. Wow. O.o That really made me laugh. XD EDIT: it's okay both of you i don't blame anyone it's just one day out of the year. don't really feel any older. Maybe i do feel like i got some presents but that's another story! XD
  11. And to be fair what happened in Paris is is probably in all likely hood another cover up for something else! it was an absolute tragedy and i am here to mourn for them same as you.. i just think it's horrible that something like that goes on. it's terrible. over 100 counting dead and over 100 couting taken hostage and it's still rising.. goddamn.. This is why i don't believe a goddamn thing the mass media tells me on shows like they show on FOX NEWS.. blehhh!! it's all strung up lies just like they did with the "boston-dare-I-say-bombers" it was even a setup. a prime example like for those that believe the moon landing was faked or 9/11 was bush. I do believe we are hidden from the truth of almost everything there is to know is this universe by others on this planet and maybe the next (and the next). hidden from by those like CERN / DAARPA / HAARP / CIA / NSA / FBI / ILLUMINATI. it's all a big fat lie and a trap. and it's sad too because i don't think any of those "PEOPLE" actually have anough of a hgeart to care about those real people that died in Paris for an example. just look at how bastardized the topic gets on FOX like i pointed out earlier....
  12. Happy birthday @LadyDana hope your day is more pleasant than mine is going. meh.. i did wake up rather late so i can't complain too much Have a nice day guys.
  13. You know. my birthday was on the 10th of November. but no one wished me a happy birthday on this forum ANYWAYS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Wolfie708
  14. I think he wants to know how to sign the .ELF back to a .SELF ..... fail.
  15. been waiting for this game!! quite a while now!!! it looks so baddass!! and the music! HELL YEAH!! comes out on my 22nd birthday!
  16. @DebugBrain Glad to have you back!
  17. so what happened with @DebugBrain ??
  18. Thank-you..I have a friend who follows this stuff he lives in Belgium and sometimes he gets scared. :/ i can see why.
  19. Dragonball Absalon - Dragonball Absalon Episode 4 Well here ya go. i thought i'd show you it was here. Also, @BobbyBlunt and all others who love Dragon Ball! Dragonball Absalon - Dragonball Absalon Episode 4
  20. I have to agree with @xxmcvapourxx about the controls of an XBone actually. i could not even use my original XBOX (original) lol for the same reason.
  21. i seriously need to get a good fighting game on my PS4 BESIDES Injustice: God's Among us. because that shit came out for free on PS+ long ago. an another note @BobbyBlunt has some good taste in fighting games. but what other games do you like though? i know you're title says you are a fighting game junkie but that's all i know that you like. lol the one i want so far is either DB XenoVerse or Mortal Kombat X!
  22. but then.. why would that gamesradar article show up all out of the blue then? you know. the one that says we will get PSN ID Name changes and Possibly PS1/2 Backwards Compatibility? Could be true.. maybe. just we don't know it yet. just sayin'.
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