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  1. Lmoa! Having that Egg nog, huh? or is whiskey for you? meh.. Have a good time! Happy times! happy times.. XD ^^
  2. Welcome! !! Welcome to our forum! Oh and, I am afraid i don't know who you mean @Mr.Dutch Care to enlighten me?
  3. agreed with both of you lol dude really you were watching porn on your pc? and people interrupted you to ask you for a god damn exploit file?? jeeze.. even i am not that unlucky. oh and why would you even mention that..? manners. lol have they all but died out? >.> AND... BACK TO TOPIC! EDIT: GOING TO BED!
  4. PS4 Hacker CTurt Stops Further PlayStation 4 Hacking Research | PSXHAX - PSXHACKS http://www.psxhax.com/threads/ps4-hacker-cturt-stops-further-playstation-4-hacking-research.102/ this one.
  5. Did any one else see the article about why he TRULY quit the scene of ps4 hacking there are as some leaked irc chat on the web if you guys want it I can post it here XD Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  6. Guys he just said he left the scene check his twitter.looks like he's really tired of annoying brats asking for shit. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  7. Dude this person is a bad-ass on the guitar! thank-you @DebugBrain!!
  8. Yes i know how. i'll link you something. also thanks so much for telling me i simply had a wrong url.. here's an attachment with all my ps4 unpacking tools that are already public by people that already compiled them. you should know who. Upnacking.7z
  9. checking CTurt's Twitter every few minutes.. man he knows how to get things done. additionally something is very wrong with psndl.net on my end.. http://psndl.net/contents.php
  10. Happy birthday!! i got you a Doughnut Cake lol.
  11. EDIT: I accidently made it look like a quote sorry for any misunderstandings that may cause.
  12. so i guess these go on the wiki then?
  13. You're right. it sounds a lot like PSXHAX.IT... lol i think he ripped you off. XD

    1. GregoryRasputin


      lol and if he reads my profile here, he will be able to see what you just said :P

    2. B7U3C50SS


      don't tell him Shhh :P

      is he a member, here, btw? O_o.

      yeah seriously don't.

  14. Thought mod Robert posted it. Lol am I wrong? Was it @abkirino Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah.. wasn't there a hack on this useless piece of crap by Mr. Gas or was something different? O_o
  16. I hope he lives a peaceful life. And has lots of fun. Happy birthday eli the thing in this world you as should cherish the most is life itself. If you don't do that then you can't be a parent but I think big bones has got what exactly what it takes! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  17. Congratz on the birth of a new baby child! Do you have a name picked out?? must be nice to be a father, eh? you get to teach him / her all about computer's now! that'll fun when he /she thinks he knows more than you,. and probably does. lol they are goingto know a lot of things this generation. Early congrats!
  18. was waiting for someone to make that joke all day!! XD
  19. what the hell.. HEY! You're doing it WRONG!! [face_desk!]
  20. also fail. i use pkgcontent_id.exe's context menu. it can be enabled by simply by running it as admin. then try to use the RESIGN EBOOT/SELF function on the elf. it'll work for the elf if your keys file is good also i have this function on my context menu. same shit applies. i only have that second command because i have two pkg content id's it gives me more commands. but takes up more space on the context menu the second one is actually in my tools collection release. that made aldo decide to quit i guess..?? i'm still hazy on that. -.-
  21. I'm still having trouble digesting the fact that some wack-off at Forbes decided to write an article saying the PlayStation 4 could be used as a Terrorist tool. Okay. i mean it's just enraging. -.-...
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