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  1. Guys! Check out PS3H*X! Someone slapped a bunch of dick picks on the front page!! Also I Think it was kingsman that did it!! TODAY IS 2/16/2016 just for reference! go check it out. it;s almost as if they got hacked. it seems it's just hilarious.
  2. Very Nice!! @zecoxao VERY NICE! So This is just a port correct? nothing special about it besides it being a port to a pkg directly?? And congratz to the people possible for making it possible!
  3. damn... it seems this guy really had an impact. and I never even talked to him.. poor guy. i can't believe.
  4. i don't think it EVER DOES! holy hell since when do game companies that actually create and sell retail games for a profit. in shops around the globe. This is completely legal guys AT Volition! I man. pardon my grammar error .. but still since when do they wind up releasing a "Canceled" game for free as homebrew?? it's a bit strange.. i think. lol don't think it means anything though. just a bit weird to be honest.
  5. note: this got pushed back AGAIN to April 26th. maybe someone should update the calender... :/
  6. oh no. i'm not from rebug. XD sorry for the confusion. rebug righ tnow consists of 5 members. but i don't know who all of them are. i know that @Abkarino is defiantely one of them. you can ask him. Cheers! i just like the logo here im gonna change it.
  7. Do you programm? Can you find out if he is a PSHax.it user? I said already im almost positive he doesn't have an account here.. What's the emergency for anyhow? Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  8. Well i personally know a friend of mine that could be called a dev but.. i'm not sure if he's got an account here.. anyway: the point is he owns a macbook!
  9. Thanks a ton for warning me.. i have also taken the precaution to change the passes of my account's on other sites that share the password i used here before!
  10. so what's this about it having to do wiith vapour? @mark_programmer
  11. Omfg... that's amazing How.. did you even find that...?
  12. ohh. i needed to refresh the page! All is good Deadpool vs Boba Fett. Epic Rap Battles of History - Bonus Battle! - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g708PmJAbuI&list=PL96675BDF95286773&index=1 NEW EPIC RAP BATTLE OF HISTORY!!! Getting PopCorn!
  13. you know he's right... also why am I not allowed to give you rep? @cfwprophet EDIT: was talking about you.. cfwprophet @thezander got in the way.
  14. That's great to hear man. because this is like THE forum where i feel most accepted at! I want to be on this forum with nothing holding me back you know. Also i think everyone here is super friendly except maybe a few but it's the best forum for everyone's mix of personalities. its just that good @GregoryRasputin did a good job. you all did. ALL ADMINS.
  15. Thanks @BobbyBlunt As i am actually one of the few people here who doesn't celebrate Christmas. I am Jewish. Happy holidays to anyone who celebrates the Jewish Calendar As well. and before @GregoryRasputin ask's me.. (nope i'm NOT Zionist I DO believe that everyone should be able to do what they want with their lives including living where they want to and such and such soo yea! I also hope it doesn't look like i am kissing ass, Omg. XD cause that's exactly what i tried to avoid doing here. Lmao also i guess part of that personality of mine stems from being american.
  16. Helllo @MOST Hated Welcome once again to the forum! and Merry Christmas! XD vamf-navidad-wallpaper-hot-ecchi.png (1600×1213) https://vamf.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/vamf-navidad-wallpaper-hot-ecchi.png
  17. Ahahaha my only confusion was that you said "gays" lol. Arigato.
  18. What the hell.. where did that come from?
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