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  1. I'm trying my best t okeep the peace and i get called an idiot, thanks. Also @DotExE01 I wouldl ike to thank you for your sincere words. she is and will always be a hoax. i only want to keep the peace between members.
  2. Hey, i don't ordinarrilly link forums between other forums.. but.. What a fukin disgrace (People Scammed For Downgarde Device) | PSXHAX - PSXHACKS http://www.psxhax.com/threads/what-a-fukin-disgrace-people-scammed-for-downgarde-device.320/ i wanted you guys to see this. page two is the mos timportant page btw, where another moderator jumps in and says she should be removed from mod team. I also think she's on a fake account called "plankton"
  4. It was "Give me your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle..." - Terminator II: Judgement Day dude arnold kicked ass in that movie.. but let's not veer off topic shall we...
  5. No this is my PC bro!! it's just a very sleek interface for the browser. EDIT: Let's talk on irc
  6. Widows. Why? and it's 10 EDIT: if you thought that was my full screen then, Maxthon Cloud Browser | Fast & Secure Browsers | Download Maxthon Web Browser Free It's a browser.
  7. PlayStation Network URI List You'll need to zoom in to the page. 250% to see the links. here's a picture so you guys don't get scared to click it. xD You'll need to zoom in to see it properly This page was also given to me because it was publicly posted on a forum PSXH*X.
  8. i only believe in the @bigboss hack right now in fact.... i think this person is trying to steal his hack.. and claim it to be theirs.. come on. two hacks. at the same time. that surface. just like this. one of which is clearly a fake.i just told her this.. lol. "Then show us some proof, please. the people of this forum are getting rather impatient, with what they believe are lies, and if nothing is released we might as well call you a fraud . as you can tell by the previous post.. doesn't it seem odd that this is happening by the same time as bigboss's hack. come on
  9. a fair point. but this topic is titled "Status for End Users" okay you want to ask @GregoryRasputin or a mod to delete my post? be my guest. EDIT: i got rid of what it said okay. i wouldn't want the publicity. in the first place. my F*ck i take responsibility.
  10. interesting. regardless if the pic is real or not. it looks like something new.
  11. that doesn't stop people from posting, though. What is @bigboss releasing on his birthday?
  12. MEGA https://mega.nz/#!4kp2zI7B!ggWG_C-vgW44ViE6Te8B_aBEhCvnswaXDkOTeRI12BM is this True? i know that the person who is saying about the exploit is an EX-SCEA Dev. could be. anyone want to take a crack at it?
  13. The Stream ended two hours ago! I found it! SWEET! Uploadvr on Periscope: "PlayStationVR live stream" https://www.periscope.tv/w/1BRJjaXVRDVGw EDIT: i just noticed.. i thought that the video was a picture.. Omfg i didn't realize you guys found the stream.. xD
  14. so he's not giving the exploit.. but, rather, the means to it. typical. I guess if it was me i'd do the same thing. would save my @$$ if i went about it that way. but it's not me it's CTurt
  15. God that stuart, though. what really is his issue with us? putting hundreds and even thousands of lives in jeopardy; leaking legal documents and other things like passwords and hashes to passwords among ip's ranging from those of gov't workers to company workers and just us simpler more freelance folk (some of us) wth. can he not see what he is doing a bad thing?
  16. GitHub - fail0verflow/ps4-linux: Linux kernel fork with PS4 support (work in progress) https://github.com/fail0verflow/ps4-linux AND GitHub - fail0verflow/ps4-kexec: Implementation of the kexec system call for PS4 https://github.com/fail0verflow/ps4-kexec PS4 kexec implementation This repo implements a kexec()-style system call for the PS4 Orbis kernel (FreeBSD derivative). This is designed to boot a Linux kernel directly from FreeBSD. This is not an exploit. It is useless without some mechanism of injecting code into the PS4 OS kernel.
  17. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/03/01/new-release-date-for-uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end/ #MAY10th!! #WTF!!
  18. now let's see if we can get to that specific day on the calendar without them pushing it back again!!
  19. Welcome! enjoy your stay! Happy browsing.
  20. Sorry... it's just it found it strange. and pretty fucking funny that the guy in charge of the site is putting dicks picks of all things on his site. Like why? i really do apologize though.
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