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  1. Yeah, man! Happy birthday as always like from the rest of us, here! i know i'm a bit late though. but still Happy birthday!
  2. Happy birthday, man! Wishing you longevity and prosperity! @cfwprophet
  3. I agree with you @pinky and i know you mean when you say people can lose their cool. i know it too well.
  4. How many messages did you leave greg @GregoryRasputin? and where was this? on hackinformer's site? it looks like a playstation official blog. EDIT: I RETRACT MY FORMER STATEMENT ABOUT THE BLOG ... Anyway, I still think it's shifty / shitty of people to be constantly banning you and signing up on this site WHERE WE DON'T SEEM TO DO BANS... wth. Don't you guys agree? I am *NOT* however saying we should start.. because we are better than that for the most part. most of us avid / active posters just here on this forum. and for those that kinda still can't see it, meh..
  5. I only meant that @Freakler got credits for writing the article . it is rather pathetic. look what irks me is that there are equally just many people that profit off of websites AS @Hackinformer! but he's going about it the wrong way.. whatever happened to google adsense and pay per click? i though thought he probably would have made a lot of money that way. does he not get ad revenue from his site? also.. why is he selling the exploit? i thought he was a reporter. not a manager for others' works. that stresses boundaries. ones that shouldn't have been crossed UNLESS they were in the same boat as hackinformer, ffs. still shouldn't be crossed.
  6. Then WHY THE FUCK IS HACKINFORMER Selling these things? i know it's supposed to be for 3.60 but you would think he'd have the decency, not to go full blown retard and SELL OTHERS' Projects! He actually has no justifiable reason. so just puts at the end of his article about it. and i quote it perfectly "So in the end, we decided that it shouldn’t be of us to decide. So please comment below and if the majority decides against this we are of course going to stop this service immediately. We are a trustworthy news site and just want the best for everyone. If this was one step too far in your eyes we apologize. Thanks for reading" Though i do beleive that was Freakler. XD Not the man in charge. I mean, if you're going to make money off of others ideas / creations / inventions / scene work and you are known in that same scene; be heavily prepared for some backlash. seriously. EDIT: i guess no one really does care about the psvita.. today it's all about hackinformer.
  7. @zapptheman stated it perfectly. but who wants this project to be kept private anyway? it doesn't sound like that's really a necessity at this point as I have talked in length about it to @cfwprophet as well. who also made a good point about why it should not be kept private.. i mean why should it be? Ohh That MrV1rus dude put this on the shoutbox on PSXHAX i guess he reported her to microsoft! they are making a making a case against her now. lol EDIT: why in the world did i not put a disclaimer here? i thought i did. DISCLAIMER: THIS WASN'T MY DOING.. IT WAS VultrAID's over at PSXHAX.. if someone saw another disclaimer here and it was erased please tell me. i don't remember anymore. you're honesty would be much appreciated.
  8. @cfwprophet you keep saying you have something ready.. i even talked to you about it in length on twitter. dm's and what not. what's the eta on that btw as of now? last time i checked it was pretty soon. and yes you are right that boss of the site. he was protecting her. but she got banned by me today. and the other account she made. i made sure he banned it. because i mysteriously could not access that account in order to ban it.. she didn't share details of the account named happy feather?? (HER BACKUP ACCOUNT) I call fallacy! it was a standard account. is that a privacy option on xenforo that i am unaware of?? so yeah... he protected her.. also what's the deal on your project? coming soon to ps4 and other devices near you?
  9. i wrote this as i am sure you saw on page 15 of that rant thread. i know some people would agree, for sure! and i don't mean anyone in particular either.
  10. and get a load of this you think it's an empty threat? also she sais you are mr v1rus wth.. @GregoryRasputin
  11. completely a scam... i know. was just there when you confronted her.well i read the shoutbox anyway. SHE CLAIMS SHE NEEDS THE MONEY FOR BILLS YET SHE HAS THE MONEY FOR AN ATTORNEY? That just doesn't add up.. and plus when you add in the "FACTS" (special air quotes) that she's selling this stuff on ebay.. ffs. as a service wth.. and also ugh.. @Lucif3r @cfwprophet don't you guys get f*cking tired of hearing about this transgender liar? i have to admit.. it's only $19.00 for a Dev account on microsoft.. or so i hear. from a very reliable source @GregoryRasputin. which is cheap.even for the spoiled rich kids who take advantage of the nooby and gullible. and yet she claims to have gotten it for free. i really cannot believe her. and the worst part is... people beleive her on reddit.com wtf.
  12. I'll ask him about it @fcukpsn @Jack12g i have him on skype he should be online. i'll check for ya. EDIT: actually it's 3:00 am for him. but he'll see my message.
  13. SHE HOT HACKED!! Skype JACKED! Computer compromized all accounts jacked. OH and you'll love this. SHE NEVER SIGNED ANY NDA'S!! (NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS) the bitch kept bragging abou tbreaking contracts in order to tell us stuff but there was never any contract.. ffs EDIT: SHE'S BANNED!! Hahahhaha!!
  14. yeah @SonyUSA I've been wondering about where he is as well it's almost april 1st for me way over here on this side of the planet. EDIT: a day has almost passed.
  15. i think she's full of shit.. not even having an nda tbh. She also has a SUPER INFLATED EGO. ohh. and this really gets me!!! it's been a joke from the first day. EDIT: guys now she's saying in pm's with me and PSXHAX as well as mizoziol that she wants to be completely deleted from the site but that would require deleting her posts..
  16. I KNOW!! this is what happenned: @cfwprophet but really didn't sink right with me. it just felt like he got banned for nothing also with mcmrc1 i think sh eonly banned him because he telling things she didn't want him to saying certainthings on the shoutbox. so she banned him. I'm like "THAT ISN'T RIGHT!" and everyone knows she's a big fat joke. my whole thing is i don't have a problem if she has a an NDA with sony and / or microsoft but shge inflates her ego. and she maeks it seem like we are to blame for her misfortune. and bans a user when they are right.
  17. i really hated banning that guy, and i'm back. so i unbanned him a few hours later.. after i banned him. i also lifted her multiple bans on mcmrc1
  18. i have to go to the grocery store.. i'll be back to chat LATER!
  19. Okay.. @Zer0xFF If you think i am an idiot. so be it. the only reason i said what i said that day.. is because someone i truely trusted that i always beleived, i beleive was even tricked (yes this person is a dev) and he told me she had some bug on the HV now i realize that that is complete and utter BULLSHIT that he fell for.. Ands dthis is why i wrote what you wquoted from the shoutbox. i also unbanned those two from last nigtht. because it didn't feel righ tlast night.. it truck an angry core with me actually. that she's going on a banning rampage and deleting other's posts as well thus diminishing their's roles from SAy.. "Senior Memeber" to "Member" the person who told me of such an exploit that i beleived i only beleived because i know he's a dev and i've known the guy for YEARS!
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