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  1. @OldBrain someone up above asked for the 3.55 DEX FW for DEX TESTING KITS (This console) to be installed on to it. i wasn't sure if it was already installed on it or not so i found it (at least i think i did) and re-uploaded it to mega. that's why i posted it.
  2. I umm found the 3.55 OFW DEX and meant for DEX units and mirrored it with https://mega.nz/#!YFURkYLR!C2-FFT6ui1jSH4A9KfXerQ7QFumZ0YwSGI3qAxaT7b0 found it over on PS3 H*X.NET --> Here ^^^ just so you know it's a good link I've left the source link. i never liked them.. At that site though.. >.< But if someone wants to check it first they can do that. and see if it's the legitimate real 3.55 DEX for testing units. Hash tool says this. MD5 6/12/2016 3:26:57 PM Path: C:\Users\*******\OneDrive\Documents\MEGA\MEGAsync Uploads\ 67864bfac3d3a028ba8e9ac291d7d902 NewDEXKamel.PUP 156.8 MB (164,393,512) --> 3.55 DEX MFW - Peek Poke added and support for retail PKGs (itskamel's MFW) TOTAL: 1 files - 156.8 MB (164,393,512 bytes) 1 of 1 items were found in the list of known hashes.
  3. still forbidden? What is exactly? I didn't quite understand that sentence quite well.. EDIT: might i also recommend using WinSCP it is much better!
  4. Wait.. why can't you just use multiMan to get write access to dev_flash? then dump with comgenie's awesome file manager or something like that. even do it all in mmOS file manager from within multi man? is their a problem? EDIT: also what's with the USB.. it's got a cable. ARE you using something like a special kind of usb to trigger a two way usb to dump onto the pc?
  5. So NBA 2K16 (PS4) And God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP/PS Vita) are the two good ones.
  6. I think we ALL know who will win!! Happy birthday fella'. @BobbyBlunt
  7. Happy birthday! @BobbyBlunt Here's a DBZ Cake for ya, Bro!
  8. Happy birthday, dude! @Dessel
  9. Happy Birthday! @NiceShot :D 

  10. And, I also think I know why Qwertyuiopz is buying that new iPhone @BANFREEDJ as i'm sure you know we just talked about! https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203035 http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/ps4-oss/webkit.html Read up. Everyone else.
  11. true enough. you see now why @CTurt Called qwertyuio a legend for making that post on twitter? (the one you just linked) i never bothered to link it though because you know.. i figured someone else would have done so. like you @BANFREEDJ yea i bet qwertyuio has a few other tricks up his sleeve, just not sharing.
  12. @eXtreme do you know how to properly implement the code in order to upgrade the PS4 Playground? if so it would be greatly apreciatied by many and stop some of the beggers as well.. XD we also hae a clock remember? because they could push out a new FW at any time.
  13. We have a Kexploit (AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT I THINK I KNOW) Just look @CTurt's recent tweets (the top tweet is the oldest) just don't bug me about it. because i know nothing. though i wish i did know... something.
  14. Hapy birthday @Chipwelt:D

    1. Chipwelt


      Thank you :)

      Thank you :)

  15. Happy Birthday!! MY DUDE!! Happy birhday Fella'.
  16. yeah.. what the hell guys.. that's really... just. Wow. Speachless.
  17. :D Happy birthday! :D

  18. User talk:Tyrant/PITA - PS4 Developer wiki http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/User_talk:Tyrant/PITA i'm not sure, but here is the rest of those tools. sorry didn't know where they came from originaly lter found out they were hosted on good ol' dev wiki. and there's more! EDIT: all tha twe can say for certain right now.. is that Qwerty might as well be wanting this for fame at this moment. like most people do in the beggining. and it probobly wasn't his find either.
  19. Just install them. you'll see what they do. theywere designed for a Dev kit. or something that can operate like one.
  20. Was down this morning.. thought that was you.. maybe for maintenence... it was just the forum however.. i should have said 'forum' not 'site'. sorry.
  21. GRAB 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! (SDK TOOLS) In case you want to make full use of future debug settings. :P ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEGA https://mega.nz/#!ZJhWwTSD!wC-eDgSb8NSrHU4dwLv8RM300ZHlN6N_Bfn2r77T0Ew MEGA https://mega.nz/#!tRR0zbjR!_MCiX2tIDHj60WW9y7ctOy4-Lux0rWyLmqc5HWyrrWg MEGA https://mega.nz/#!4BwhzTQD!Uga8bBkKsfydG3gMYE-_m3u882BnX4gZGIFU9OyvgnY MEGA https://mega.nz/#!FRQUDLDQ!duaxYjxzSBvxdXU_z8KRQ1O3Lf--gIEdnh9uC4RdLh0 BTW! Why does the site keep going down..? still...
  22. :D Happy birthday!! :D

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