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  1. So.. what exactly are you testing and sharing? hat sorts of ideas? has anything good come out of it? besides the xmblock and other things on @eXtreme 's YouTube Channel?
  2. Welcome back man! @TheDarkprogramer
  3. Yeah.. but is there any kernel related stuff going on here? I'm so out of the loop. gosh.
  4. So may I ask to be included or looped in, to exactly what's going on?
  5. i really think this guy has god material though!! if it wasn't for copyright law i would say I wish this could be a real show.. but i know that wont happen. i just want to know why the voice actors are SOUNDING SO MUCH LIKE THE REAL ONES..... Why do vegeta's and gouk's voices in Absalon SOUND like the legit voices? ARE THEY? @BobbyBlunt
  6. me too!!! But i really want to why the episdoes went from 22 minutes.. down to 5-7 minutes in two parts.. strange. it was longer before. I still really love this show it knocks super out of the park. i really don't know if i like super at all... anymore @BobbyBlunt DBZ will always be close to my heart though. XD
  7. Dragonball Absalon - Dragonball Absalon Episode 5 Part 1 ------------------------------------------------------- Dragonball Absalon - Dragonball Absalon Episode 5 part II By Mellaveli @BobbyBlunt @xxmcvapourxx @GregoryRasputin @Lucif3r
  8. it's true.. and those things will either never change.. or it will take an abrupt change in society that leaps us all forward a couple decades at technologies pace for them to say, "WE CAN DO THIS! IT'S OKAY!" it's why i despise gov'ts.. :/ but enough about my rant. XD how is this related to HENkaku on PS4?
  9. Why has no one commented on this yet? it looks like the kind of thing that people ought to be talking about or taking action on. XD
  10. Yeah but can't this topic be used for discussion about changes in the fw and also progress on hacking 3.55 or actually nvm we have that status for end users thread I guess. Please excuse me for not linking it i am on Mobile using Tapatalk. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  11. Type: Regular Version: 3.55 Released: Jun 21, 2016 @ 4:52am EDT Size: 286.7 MB MD5: 48e1adf0e9a598930a984babb1f9547c Type: Recovery Version: 3.55 Released: Jun 21, 2016 @ 4:52am EDT Size: 838.4 MB MD5: aa2fa6b948373c6b670613d1bf794806 Main features in version 3.55 update This system software update improves the quality of the system performance. (that's all folks..) Grab you're download while it's hot ! xD http://ps4firmware.com/
  12. Happy Be-lated Birthday @AlexAltea Much like @thezander said! Hope you have another fantastic year around the globe!
  13. great.... oh and did everyone see that PS4 FW 4.0 is on the way? even better! Yeah... EDIT: they just released 3.55 of course and it needs to be hacked. XD it's 3.55 for god's sake. xD
  14. What about rebug toolbox? that can dump it. @OldBrain from what i've seen he has no issues launching / using homebrew packages.
  15. oh i didn't know that! thanks!! @OldBrain EDIT: I'm going to make lunch.. cya in a bit!
  16. Yeah man i was trying to find the 355 DEX OFW but ithink i went and found something different and useless by mistake. no problems though. @OldBrain
  17. well they categorized it as the real 3.55 OFW DEX if you go to the article i linked. so i did think it was real actually.
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