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    Hey Zer0! I see you signed up!
  2. Thank-you for this zecoxao i'm sure that's going to come in pretty handy. and cheers to Hykem for taking the time and effort to build the source code!
  3. really? i have never seen one going for a price anwhere! but i don't indulge myself in the ways of "The black market" and The Dark Net.. lol. but he still doesn't deserve the goddamn thing.
  4. i also.. saw this in my inbox.. and the news sites. several of them. actually pre-ordered it as well but hey.. I'll be getting that money back and right now it looks as if i could really use it! i'll go buy it on disc when it comes out same some space that way.
  5. Isn't it actually in violation with TOS And EULA with $ony that SGK/Hishamage has this console for god knows what reason. and he's showing to people in some way. i mean okay let's take a look at the console.. it does.. all these things.. and he probably has a user agreement with $ony: the people woh made it in some written and documented form, saying he cannot. DO THIS! because people aren't supposed to know. I Remember seeing this on ps4news.when it was just ps3news, and i thought what the hell.. that stupid kid has a developer ps4 and have none?! (have a ps4 now.) what's worse is that him having it will benefit no one. and he will help nobody with it. he's such a con artist and doesn't deserve it you know.
  6. Thank-you, my friend! I'm here to stay!
  7. Finally!! A way to install and no need for the idps.bin!! and from the looks of things it's only gonna get better!
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