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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of homebrew community we can build around the new system & to see what having the new systems out does for the PS4 scene. 40
  2. Here is a small test build has support for Node.js serve added to try to help with server speeds if anyone would like to try it out. https://github.com/pink1stools/PS4_PKG_Linker/releases/tag/v1.0.1 Happy new years
  3. I haven't taken the time to make a release thread but I went ahead and posted v1.0 last night. Here is a copy of the release post. I've moved away from the installer for now & fixed a few things. From my test everything seems to be working so here is PS4 PKG Linker v1.0. Extract somewhere with no spaces in the path. Input you PS4's IP. Double click the directory box to select your folder with your pkg's. Start the server. Select a pkg to install or uninstall. https://mega.nz/#!oyRWRCjD!-wdHe_oBhtx17T10iDa-4y8qRGpVqg1cccviMTtEvzQ
  4. Using the Spider Man pkg was a mistake it has confused a lot of people. This wont let you play anything you can't already play. I had the Spider Man link and was using it in setting up the GUI. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up ?
  5. That thing is beautiful!! I'm gonna go ahead and tag @TheDarkprogramer to be sure he'll see this.
  6. It's a great feeling to be on this list but it's said that fakes and some flat out bad guys had to push it to the point we needed a list.
  7. I hope this will work as an example if anyone else liked the old text games and had one they wanted to port over. I think someone could make something really cool with a little time.
  8. This is a silly little game I've been porting to the ps3. It's nothing great but I thought I'd post it because it's so simple & this is what we had when I was a kid. If you just want the pkg it's in the release folder. https://github.com/pink1stools/Dungeon
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to see for the first test everything seems to be working & now we need to start working on making it nicer to use. I got lazy with the icon and just downloaded something. I'll mess around & see what I can come up with unless someone gets one first. I agree with all of the suggestions & will try to get those added. If anyone is interested the source is on my github it's a mess but I'm working on cleaning it up now. https://github.com/pink1stools/PSNStuff-BDU
  10. It's not as easy as I'd like to get it but it is doable by editing the db file in the game directory. The format is the same as the db from psndl with the cid & size added to the end. I'd like to add loading the db from usb & the ability to switch from more than 1 database. PS. If your link has a % or a \ you need to double it.
  11. You need a usb in the first slot for saving raps to the game should still download tho. @Lightra1n Thanks for the feedback. This won't activate the games you'll still need reactpsn for that. I'm going to post this to my github so hopefully I can get some help making it look & run better. @GregoryRasputin Thanks for taking an interest in this & getting the word out. I'm still leaning so thanks to everyone for being patient with me
  12. You guys are just what I needed to get me motivated to get this ready. I think it's ready but other than a few small pkgs I've not had much time for testing. I'll be surprised if you don't find a few bugs but if anyone would like to test it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/59j1lm5v1dic2iy/PSNStuff_BDU_1.00_[20180224].pkg One question does, anyone have any idea why when I use a reboot command it deletes the files? I'd like to remove the need to manually reboot the system to get the downloads to show.
  13. That would be great! I've had a hard time finding much information on making a gui.
  14. I love the idea of of having the database update it's self. I had to add the size to each link in the database so I'll have to test to see how long it would take to have the ps3 request the size for each link then add it to the database. I could make it just check the size when you select something to download. I don't like that idea at all tho.
  15. Thank you. It's been a lot of fun so I'm sure it'll be something I keep playing with. I hope to have a full build with almost all of the content from the psndl database working ready in the next few days.
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