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  1. Merry Christmas From PlayStationHaX

    Merry Christmas & best wishes everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.
  2. I'm back

    Thanks guys, I'm glad to be here again. I hope I can get my hands in on some stuff but I'm having fun & learning some new tricks so no matter what I'm happy to be back.
  3. I'm back

    Things happened & I ended up having to a sudden extended break from the scene. I've missed you guys & have been wanting to get back into things. I've decided to stop putting it off, I love the ps3 community & I'm ready to get back to it. I pretty much just wanted to say hello, catch up with everyone & see what I can find to get into.
  4. Team FreeKs Vitamin Leaked - #HENkaku #HENkakuFail

    I wish people would realize leaking someones work isn't helpful & just ends up pissing everyone off.
  5. Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin

    Happy late birthday
  6. Happy Birthday Solstice

    Hope you have/had a great b-day!
  7. You're gonna need to do a lot of studying & make sure you totally understand what you're doing before you start. First I'd start reading everything here http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/OtherOS%2B%2B & it'd be a good idea to then read everything here http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Linux as well. I'm not sure about running those programs tho. The only time I used Linux on my ps3 was when it was still needed for cex2dex. Others can probably be more helpful but that should get you started on your journey.
  8. [music of the day]

  9. Community Project

    Nice work! I hope to get some stuff up soon. If you have any projects you'd like me to start on just let me know.
  10. You've probably already seen this but just in case you haven't here is some info & a few things to try. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/978610
  11. To Everyone Here

    I'm glad to see this get worked out. It's upsetting to see a small misunderstanding turn into hard feelings. That being said I'd like to ask everyone to please talk to each other about problems, so many things could have & can been worked out if we just talk things over one on one in a civil manner.
  12. To Everyone Here

    I guess I talk to xDPx enough that it never crossed my mind that he would even try to do something so crooked. We've all had to deal with so many bad people over the years that it's made us expect the worst out of everyone.
  13. I hope you didn't think I was saying anything bad about you or what you've posted here, that was not in any way my intent. I didn't know that people had a working idps generator & were using it to steal then sell random peoples idps. If that's happening I have to agree that it need to be stopped. I do still despise the idea of getting a bunch of innocent peoples consoles banned.
  14. If TheDarkProgrammers bruteforcer is what him & I had talked about this is pretty much the same idea(trying to decrypt the archive2.dat). I don't think any good people would want to have any part in releasing a working program that does what you're thinking of.
  15. What could have happened?

    For the most part I think things are just getting started. Until one of the guys starts a thread fell free to PM any or all of us. I know I'm always happy to hear ideas & suggestions & I'm pretty sure the other guys all feel the same.

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