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  1. The hash part of the link needs to be in lowercase or else if you try to load it in browser, it says file not found
  2. It can, but I don't have any way to get gadgets and modules other than 1.80 If any dev happens to have them from from other pre 2.00 and a dump of sceAppUtil I could port it
  3. As mentioned, here's the few lines of code that goes into the payload. http://pastebin.com/XNeALEbC
  4. Explanation + release: http://hackinformer.com/2015/04/10/release-webkit-%E2%98%85package-installer-launcher/ I will also be releasing the code for this on the VitaDevWiki soon.
  5. The site is dead, I didn't have time to run it properly.For the homebrews and things that was hosted there, you can find them here: http://bit.ly/1rvG6xQ
  6. I have ARK on 3.35 but yea, not surprising and nothing new
  7. Why would you want an unfinished firmware? lol
  8. But you're also throwing everything out the window. You wont ever be trusted again. I'd much rather maintain a honest name and have the trust of scene members than go username hopping every time something's not going the way I'd like
  9. Why the hell would you leak a firmware 2 days before release?! https://gbatemp.net/threads/rebug-4-65-2.375471/ EDIT: Why the hell would you leak something at all?!
  10. When was the Vita released in the US? iirc it was Feb 2012 if so, I am eligible but did not get an email :/
  11. I suggest eBay, but if needed I have a good used one that was used once to unbrick another PS3.
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