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  1. Delighted to say I've fixed the bug, so it works fine 1st try now! ?
  2. Haha no prob, did the same thing myself when I first got my 1.76 box. I found 000webhost were handy to use for direct hosting, although size is limited. Plenty of options out there though!
  3. Nice tute! "Note: This feature will not be available after August 31, 2016" https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2881970?hl=en
  4. FWIW, I know Lucif3r was talking to you (sure, he even quoted you). I just mis-read it as "Lucif3r seeing your comment as being negative", which I was trying to decide for myself (was it just lost in translation, or were you attacking me?). I obviously know now it was just lost in translation, no hard feelings! Lets leave this as the last comment on that topic.. --- " The leaked badIRET is incomplete and not compile able " That's exactly what I was looking to hear, thanks. I've no problem trying to study and learn something I don't know much about. I've not much experience with C, but 2 of my brothers are fairly comfortable with it. So, might get it to compile eventually after a few more hours (depends how much is missing). Cheers!
  5. Haha yeah, Greg's right man. I don't go looking for drama at all. Lucif3rs "get a life" put a different spin on it for me. As I said in PM, sorry if I sounded like a dick.. Long day! I was banging my head against a wall with this for hours, so most of its stuck in my head already. I had only messed with main.c and env variables though.
  6. I know the examples are compiled thanks, I was asking about bad IRET. No, I'm not trying to fuck on you. I asked a relatively simple question, was told to go look at something I've been staring at for hours.. I've already done that! Essentially, I was looking to see if any changes to the source were required for bad IRET to compile. Or basically, what's missing, that prevents it compiling..
  7. Ah it's just, I spent hours digging over this last night and the day before. Then it's assumed I haven't even made an effort or looked at the SDK.. I've asked, because I've hit a roadblock and can't proceed any further. Maybe I read his reply wrong, but it seemed fairly harsh when just asking for help.
  8. Woah, what's with all the hostility? I was just looking for advice, showing the effort I made (I'm no developer, I build Linux servers all day) instead of asking someone to compile it for me. It ain't your SDK, it ain't your exploit.. Yes you noticed a bug and fixed it, then shared your VM. Doesn't entitle you to go assuming everyone below you is incompetent. And people wonder why there are so many leeches? This is what happens when I ask a solid question.. Best of luck.
  9. Yeah, I guessed! Hence why I'm on here asking questions! That echo was just printing the environment variable I mentioned, to confirm what I've set it to. Should this be different..? I thought only the Ubuntu VM was required to compile it, so I haven't setup Windows to compile yet. I have only tested compiling other samples in the PS4-SDK, to be sure something can be compiled. Wildcard's TcpDump and WifiLoader had been working fine for me so far. Yes, I noticed those includes, but thought I'd read pthread and libc were missing. Oh well, starting from scratch again.
  10. I'm having an issue getting this to compile, thought I'd check what I'm doing wrong.. I have the fixed SDK working (thanks cfwprpht!), but get this error : "make: *** [build/main.o] Error 1" when trying to run "make" in the badIRET-master folder (in the PS4-SDK/examples folder). I've also set the environment variable cfwprpht/CTurt mentioned: echo $PS4SDK /home/cfwprpht/PS4_Dev/PS4-SDK And I've copied the libc c+h as well as the pthread c+h from the PS4-SDK and pasted them into the source folder. I then added "#include libc.h #include pthread.h" to main.c but I still get this error. Any suggestions? Would like to adjust the IP to my own ( besides just wanting to try it for myself. I get to the stage of "executing" although it freezes shortly after and I get no output in TcpDump.exe (obviously, wrong IP).
  11. Thanks for the confirmation, missed where he confirmed 100% it doesn't work. I should have written "will it work at some point in the future or is this reliant on a full Vita".. Not sure if I should bother picking up a PSTV + PSM DA in the meantime. NOTE: A link to Wololo points out PSM needs 3.18, PS TV ships with 3.20. That's the answer I was looking for.
  12. I'm guessing this works on PS TV? Great work, at long last!
  13. Obviously, but they don't tin those pins on retail boards so there's more of chance it had been used. Still doesn't guarantee it of course, but the scuffing on the pins near it also suggests maybe it had been used.
  14. After spending so long gawking at the pics, I noticed something different from retail models.. Solder! Kinda obvious considering it's a proto, but cool to see it possibly being used. Retail MPX-001: Proto MPX-001:
  15. Very cool, would have jumped at getting one of these at the initial asking price! Never realised XeDK would be such a dick, telling people not to help research them.
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