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  1. only 1 like/dislike a day? this sh*t is going down the drain.......
  2. Here we go again...damn....this scene is boring, it's not even funny anymore. Good i don't give a sh*t about this crap anymore.... PS: Remember kids, it's only for the devs...the lame excuse u know koffie?
  3. Hey everybody, I have for sale, 1x Progskeet 1.0 // TSOP56 ZIF connector attached ( done by scott ) for solderless downgrades. It includes some cables, the fat one etc..except a clip for clipless downgrades. The connector is soldered nicely as only a pro can do ^^ Cheers once again for a trusted service Baileyscream Also, Injectus Programmer is included I only ship to Europe, and asking 75 euro for the bunch, 1 sale only! [ Paypal or Banktransfer] Shipping costs incl! I can't make any photo's, due to having an old Samsung and it doesn't incl a camera Ofcourse u can trust this retard, that everything is in working order This post is approved by @GregoryRasputin Thx for looking, and PM me for a good deal Gr, haz3
  4. Hey Gregory, how ur doing ;)


    Hey small question, can i putt something for sale here? i don't see any section, or did u remove it?! it could be that i'm silly, no harm done ;)


    Progskeet for sale, and since on my end nobody knows wtf it is.....i like to sell it here for people that use it.


    Thx anyway and keep up the good work

    1. GregoryRasputin


      Go ahead, not sure how much longer the website will be up or around for.

      Just make sure where ever you post it that you mention that i said it was ok.

    2. PurpleTops


      oh :( times are changing i guess,keep it up while u can, else...u will be missed if it goes down. I'll put it in the PS3 section later on, thx for that :)


      see u around :)

  5. Ah, i remember zeco helping me with that on the stupid linux, he did a good job back then Thx for releasing stuff.
  6. I once had one, a mix that is Welcome aboard, njoy ur stay...
  7. The full res (sexy) pics our sexy zeco also shared are left out here, no PM's pls...it's only for me
  8. nvm, doesn't work (anymore?)............
  9. @baileyscream Could u be so kind and test something for me in a hurry? I assume u have Showtime aka Movian installed, can u try and install the webmedia plugin for me, to see that it installs fine and not error out with a javascript error. Thx in advance.... PS: The Showtime url bar is not allowing long http links it seems, so that didn't work
  10. Hey Scott U mean dropping the livestream in the bar? yeah that might work...damn my pc is slow thx for reply.
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