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  1. Strange. Size of your backup seems to be good ? Can you send me your content folder so that I could look at why it does not work?
  2. Remove the dev_flash2 folder. ps3xport seems to be malfunctioning with dev_flash2 folder.
  3. Do you use the last version (v0.2) ? Do you have a dev_flash2 folder or only a dev_hdd0 ?
  4. The "copy-protected content" is useful to prevent the restoration of content to another PS3. If you have edat files, it is better to use them into a "copy-protected content".
  5. I know may be why. Can you try with this version : https://www.mediafire.com/?0xq6t5331a2mx31 Thank you
  6. Do you use the last version (v0.2) ? Your Device Id file has 16 bytes ?
  7. Yes. You just need to replace the ps3xport.exe file and add the cygwin1.dll file.
  8. I would rather have suggestions to improve my application rather than debating a useless subject
  9. The TheDarkprogramer work is good. I just wanted to show you the icon of his program. It's the same So an icon is not really important to make a good program. That's all If it makes you happy, the next version will have a different icon
  10. What is most important to you? A beautiful icon or a functional application? In this case, the developer of PeXploit is bad too... For the file splitting, replace the ps3xport version with this : https://www.mediafire.com/?ofmvbllnmd9xt18 It's a compiled version of https://github.com/DetrikSyS/ps3xport/commit/db3b64de0509f545bea56ebb32a7dc0f0ceb7b47
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