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  1. yea lol Just hoped on irc and you not there on your own server hahahaha only nebula bot and one user
  2. Happy New Year to all Hey man Happy New Year to you too!!! Perhaps this is the year you join into discord lol
  3. Ehm sorry I can't lol As much I would have liked to help @GregoryRasputin...Dont have pc equipment lol My PC monitor died and also my pentium 4 pc can't do much...and is slow by low hdd space... There are many peoples that can help on internet for free and have hardware to do so. Not like I did good music or graphical stuff...but can't even those. My current financial situation is in ruins if any asks "why dont you buy a new pc" or such lol So an indefinite postponement on any free project or requests. PS: wrote that with phone :P
  4. Scene developer @zecoxao has updated PS4 Hen to version 1.8, this is his own personal mod which redirects userlogs to kernel and also adds support for Spawn SELFS on /data/self: This HEN is to be used in conjunction with @flatz recent Remote PKG release, here are some tweets: if you want an explanation in Spanish, you can check this video: You can access PS4Hen 1.8 by visiting this link on your PS4: http://zecoxao.github.io/ You can follow zecoxao on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/notzecoxao
  5. Guys just chill and it's not a big deal From what I understand it was moved to Off-topic for the previous section to look clean and that's it @Lucif3rno need for such strict attitude/enforcement when are no rules (just commonsense) and ruin a members/moderators comeback... @rednekcowboywelcome back Anyone is welcome to contribute
  6. Developer @Zer0xFF has released a tool that will rebuild your database and at the same time repopulate that database with any fpkg you had on it prior to the rebuild, which makes it superior to Sony's built in database rebuilder: You can grab the tool here: https://github.com/Zer0xFF/PS4_db_rebuilder Follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Zer0xFF Or call him a bitch on Discord here: https://discord.gg/2B2uhw6
  7. Happy Eid ! Well at me also is called Bajram specifically this one is Kurban Bajram. Places like Turkey and places that was in influence on past from Ottoman Empire: Kosovo,Albania,Bosnia etc etc Though for online greeting had to use and learn Eid Though first time I see "Bajrum"
  8. I think you could have done a bit more detailed explanation and with more photos lol
  9. OMG missed totally ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY @TizzyT!!!!!! I wish you many other years of happiness, code-ing, more work. more moneys , more gf's etc I wish you all the best things of this world ! PS: I miss your chat :S
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