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  1. I think you could have done a bit more detailed explanation and with more photos lol
  2. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday BobbyBlunt

    Happy Birthday BobbyBlunt !
  3. StarMelter

    A Guide By @Zer0xFF On How To Reactivate PS Plus Games

    Thanks for info/payload and very useful
  4. StarMelter

    Three Ways To Run The 5.05 Kernel Exploit

    Plz 5.50 jailbrek ETA WEN ???
  5. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday Harryoke

    Happy Birthday !!!
  6. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday @Mathieulh

    Happy Birthday Mathieulh
  7. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday TizzyT

    OMG missed totally ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY @TizzyT!!!!!! I wish you many other years of happiness, code-ing, more work. more moneys , more gf's etc I wish you all the best things of this world ! PS: I miss your chat :S
  8. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday TheDarkprogramer

    Happy Birthday ! Have a goood one
  9. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday pink1

    Happy Birthday !
  10. StarMelter

    Happy Birthday @flat_z

    Happy Birthday @flatz and thanks for all your contributions on the scene! May you live other 100 years + more hacking stuff(exploiting, reverse-engineering etc):D Have a good one and alot vodkas :D
  11. StarMelter

    [Quiz]Super Mario Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 27/100 My Time 181 seconds  
  12. StarMelter

    The Winner Of The Fifa 18 Game Is...

    Congrats to the winner WAIT A MINUTE .... IS THAT TYRANT OF CASABONITA???
  13. StarMelter

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Patricks day to you too !!! May a bit Irish Luck smile upon us all for this day
  14. StarMelter

    Win A Copy Of Fifa 18 For PS4

    FC BARCELONA !!! There is tons of other pics I wanna post but would be too much .... Anyway just entered to say what my favorite team is hahhaha not for the price 4
  15. StarMelter

    [Update] And The Winners Of The #SD2Vita Adaptors Are...

    LOL no, I don't even have a vita I entered there as 16 number in an edit fun-abuse hoping greg wouldn't notice but he busted my ass quick with a smile Losers then to blame everything on StarMelter... hell no lol Congrats to all the winners