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  1. For my birthday this year, the Wife and Kids bought me a 3D Printer DIY Kit and for the past few months, I have been building and dialling it in when time permits. My eldest Son is a massive Overwatch fan and asked me if I could print him a Genji Dragon Blade so I thought why not? After nearly a week of printing and using all the sample packs of PLA I had lying around, here it is (IIRC, length is around 48"/4ft) (also, ignore the mess! haha): Just have to glue the handle to the rest of the blade and then start the post prep sanding, filling & painting to try and get it to look like this:
  2. Pick up your P45 and fuck off. You're fired.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 28 seconds
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 62/100 My Time 104 seconds
  5. If anything is broke, blame Brexit. Every fucker does nowadays, lol.
  6. Wow, 2 years? That's quite an achievement when no fucker likes you!
  7. Late 90's and I paid around £250 for it (with a RAM upgrade and a 8x CD-Rom). Performance wise, just the same as sticking a cart in and playing. No issues whatsoever. Sometimes you had to do a byteswap before a game/rom would work (via the BIOS) but other than that, child's play. Not sure if I binned it or still have it, would need to check the attic/loft as I threw a lot of my old console stuff out years ago.
  8. Reminds me of my old Doctor 64 (although that was strictly an "unofficial" add-on lol). That had built in composite sockets in order to view V-CD's and/or the contents of an inserted CD etc. Hope he finds out what is on that and it's not blank!
  9. To be honest, I can see France, Greece, Spain and quite possibly Germany as well having referendums soon as more people appear to be against the EU in those countries. Most of them have upcoming elections (either this year or next year (except Greece)) so I wouldn't be surprised if they follow suit and hold a referendum to leave. Greece are already on the edge following their recent crisis. Possibly why Juncker wants us out quickly so he can bring in new restrictions against leaving!
  10. It's happened, get over it. Life goes on. Let Scotland be independent, make Ireland whole again and (if they want to be independent) Wales too. The truth is, we do not know what happens next. Whether we implode or not remains to be seen. The bad thing is that Boris Johnson may be in charge and if that happens, then we are well and truly fucked.
  11. Happy Birthday Fella Have a good one.
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