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  1. Eid Mubarak to you all . First day of Eid was today here .
  2. 36 Celsius = moderate 40+ = hot . This is what I call hot. But how many hours is the fast there?
  3. Well Rogero probably does not have much free time nowadays and maybe has left the scene as Abkarino said in a post . And you can get a 4.70 cfw from Rebug . I am not sure if its the latest but hate to say this but the PS3 scene is more or less dead now.
  4. It has been a wonderful experience being part of this forum. Congrats to everyone . !
  5. Well I figured out that the PC port was done by Iron Galaxy studio and only 12 people worked on it . But it remains to be seen what Rocksteady will do to fix these issues.
  6. Fifa 15 had the same denuvo DRM and it doesn't seem to be have any performance issues also Dragon Age Inquisition . I agree with @Lucif3r the PS4 and Xbone are quite similar to the PC and have quite similar hardware the gpu and cpu are from AMD Xbone uses the same Win32 kernel also people with AMD hardware seem to suffer the most .
  7. So everyone's beloved Rocksteady showed its class by developing a even more horrible console port than Assassin's Creed Unity and Watch Dogs. I was already expecting this after seeing the requirements but someone said he cannot play it at 1400x1050 30+ fps even with a GTX 970 . Another one said : Terrible PC port, one of the worst in recent memory. It runs at 15 frames per second with i7 4.3GHz and dual GTX 780 4GB SLI. Do not buy this garbage. You can read these all wonderful reviews at Metacritic.
  8. Happy Birthday! Have loads of fun !
  9. I think the previous one was much better as it was much easier to spot the latest posts and navigation was much easier . This one seems to be more closely related to the older look we had some time ago but just with the dark theme.
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