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    [Update] Non Retail PS4 Root Dump Released

    great to see progress! merry christsmas everyone
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    New baby time!!

  3. Willemse21

    loadiine - the first backup loader for WiiU

    great news
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    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin

    Happy birthday Greg cheers
  5. Willemse21

    Happy Birthday Cfwprophet!

    Happy birthday
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    Panda Antivirus update destroys your windows

    but what is the best anti virus program?
  7. Willemse21

    What are you watching at the moment?

    Blacklist! very nice show
  8. This has not been a good few weeks for Microsoft given Lizard Squad and their obsession for taking Xbox Live offline and to their dismay it appears we may have what will become the first major leak for the Xbox One that should ignite a modding scene comparable to what the Xbox 360 enjoyed. The hacking group H4LT contacted us regarding their leak of the official Xbox One Software Development Kit software via their twitter account as well as other news outlets. Through their twitter they have supplied multiple screenshots and mirrors for the public to partake of. It appears that their leak of this software is part of a multi-release intended to unite a community for modding that would usually become fractured from secrecy and pride. Only time will tell if this release is truly able to change the attitude of those normally associated with console modding in the past. download: source:http://www.thetechgame.com/News/sid=7761/xbox-one-software-development-kit-leaked-on-twitter-with-documentation.html
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    Happy New Year From PlayStationHaX

    Happy New Year
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    oke sorry for that
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    Sony Servers Breached Last Year

    sony is fucked
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    PS3 Developer KaKaRoTo Needs Your Help

    roll the dice
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    forum donation with ideal?

    hi there i want to donate but is it possible with ideal?
  14. Willemse21

    forum donation with ideal?

    is there no other way ???sms??
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    Wii U Friends List

    is there also a list for ps4? my id is:willemse2100
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    Do you own a tablet, if so, what have you got.

    ipad 3 and google chromcast
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    Happy Birthday @General_Insanity

    happy birthday @General_Insanity