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  1. TBH i think someone living in the country and knows what daily life is life knows a bit more then you Gregory. You repeat headlines not facts.. Here is a black guys opinion who lives in USA, guy get excited but makes many good points.
  2. LoL The PS4 has never had a public exploit that was released on a current firmware: - That is the #1 issue on the PS4 scene. That issue trickles down to cause the issue of lack of development. ITS NOT A LACK OF INTEREST. ITS A LACK Of OBTAINBILITY OF A PLATFORM If the PS4 scene was dead you and others would not whining about it. Means there interest enough to go on a forum and bitch about it
  3. to late theory is wrong: --- Recent Example: Was PS3HEN to late for PS3 SuperSlim user's? --- True or False? Will the Scene likely be bigger when a current firmware exploit is released on the PS4, then it is currently ? --- Does PS5 have impact on PS4 Homebrew? The big picture No (now we can inject this 4 or 5 or more years ).. Is the PS5 going to magically get better development before the PS4 does?
  4. I disagree with interest will go down when PS5 is released. That does not explain why the PS2 currently has a more active / larger development base then the PS4 currently or why the / ps3 / vita are all still larger and more active then the PS4 despite being older.. The new console has nothing to do with it . Maybe in about 3 years it could (if exploited). I think we all know if there was a PS4 exploit that emerged on a current firmware after the PS5 was released it would still be a big deal and also would have a large audience. Much bigger reach and interest then what it has bee
  5. IMO i think that a Contest is still to early to be a good contest IMO. There simply is not enough of a reach for the community to attract enough development to stratify a content IMO. I believe Lazy is the wrong assessment to use and is an incorrect statement. I think has nothing to do with laziness of someone and i think if we believe that is the issues we are looking for something that is not a proper fix or spark like a contest should do. Homebrew development is a hobby task, so when someone has time and a desire they do something, its not about if they are being lazy as they
  6. Very nice : Thanks for the share. Airstrike looks interesting in the 2nd video as well . Nice work
  7. My opinions and views: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/why-the-ps4-needs-a-current-firmware-exploit.21520/
  8. A great idea and intentions, but i see some problems i shared my thoughts on this here:
  9. The solutions to this issue of fakes is really simple. (at least limiting its impact) Developer's as a whole need to stop releasing on social media platform / platforms where also scammers can also do the same thing as them. A site like here or mine, scams do not last.. So it would make sense for developer's to change habits a bit. Not saying not use social media, but use a trusted source to post at to go along with it A fake would not do this... (or get away with it on a trusted scene site) ... Then tweet out the post of that site of your liking. By providing something credi
  10. its a good idea, but i already don't understand it and don't see the point... Site Rules "Fake" will be define as "Clickbait or fake content meant to mislead the community or generate revenue from said content" No words will be put in a site's mouth, they are free to abstain from voting yay/nay or participating at all A site's vote will be shown for each accused user's profile page Sites can change their vote at any time If a profile has no yays the profile will be removed Sites that appear to be complicit with promoting/shielding fa
  11. @GregoryRasputin Here is a bit of info/download and a bit of discussion about it (It Might be NES is the full name imbNES for short) http://www.psx-place.com/resources/it-might-be-nes.400/ http://www.psx-place.com/threads/it-might-be-nes.11117/ Edit: Official Link http://unhaut.x10host.com/imbnes/ Other PS1 Homebrew for anyone intrested http://www.psx-place.com/resources/categories/playstation-1-ps1.10/ edit 2: wrongly mentioned GR : )
  12. Should be noted that this release is intended for developer's and has missing elements that will be added in v1.1 and v1.2 ..
  13. Seems to be missing some names. Some Devs/Contributors (some are listed already)
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 45/100 My Time 93 seconds  
  15. SNES with NES PIC (opps) I like the releases,
  16. Alot of good research going on in this thread with configs to improve compatibility: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/research-ps2-emulator-configuration-on-ps4.16131/
  17. PSNinja? False sense of security IMO, just as it been outdated. The most effective way for PSN access (which is always a risk) has been the disabling of CFW syscals. Either of these three choices would be much better IMO -- webMAN MOD -- PSNpatch -- SEN Enabler
  18. No those models will still not be able to install a CFW (because they have metldr2), However this should be able to progress in a similair way that HENkaku did for the Vita. but for models that can install CFW/Downgrade but might be on an OFW higher then 3.55, a software downgrader will let those consoles to 3.55 for CFW install easily. but SuperSlim will have to wait but the outlook is bright. Bguerville gives a good rundown in the 2nd tab of the article (middle of the article you will see 3 tabs)
  19. http://www.psx-place.com/resources/ps3-tools-collection.594/ There is a false-postive on the collection, (due to the ContentID tool if i am not mistaken, which is used on a number of the tools). I used this collection personally for a long time and no issues personally. Aldo has always been a good person to me and can only say good things about my experiences with him. Always been very helpful. A link can get some browser's to flag a page. firefox was flagging some links to this collection but other pages with the link on the site would not (same link), So when i
  20. Wololo does alot of good, but he does have that business mentality and can't exclude MaxConole (garyOPA) in that mix as well, but yes i would agree that Wololo is the best out of the bunch and i do believe he does alot of good, but you can't deny he does some head scratching stuff. Nothing wrong with making money with your site having ads and even having that business approach. It takes alot of time and effort to run and operate a site as you well know and even those mentioned guys know. The problem is when the subject matter is manipulated for those reasons.. Its how tasteful it is but all
  21. Kind of a like how i called out Wololo's various questionable money making tactics as well. He blocked me on twitter also. They just do not want to see other sites rightfully calling them out. Looks bad for them.. They can't really defend themselves well as they know they are guilty of some wrong doings. I just see hackinformer / Wololo / psxhax as very similar forums, as they will goto great lengths to make a dime. They all 3 run their sites as profit first and the community is secondary. its funny to think that these guys who came from the community would have more ethics the
  22. Wololo does alot right but he does some wrong and usually it comes with promotion and promoting false terms and usually when sites do this: Are the ones who are seeking "max" revenue from a site. Which if you look at wololo: Ads plastered everywhere, in thread/post Amazon links spammed all over the place. So then for those to succeed and make the most you have then create misleading and catchy titles to grab attention, Your normally would not be grabbing. I do not agree or condone this practic. if wololo wants to be considered a reliable and clean site. He
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