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  1. TBH i think someone living in the country and knows what daily life is life knows a bit more then you Gregory. You repeat headlines not facts.. Here is a black guys opinion who lives in USA, guy get excited but makes many good points.
  2. LoL The PS4 has never had a public exploit that was released on a current firmware: - That is the #1 issue on the PS4 scene. That issue trickles down to cause the issue of lack of development. ITS NOT A LACK OF INTEREST. ITS A LACK Of OBTAINBILITY OF A PLATFORM If the PS4 scene was dead you and others would not whining about it. Means there interest enough to go on a forum and bitch about it
  3. to late theory is wrong: --- Recent Example: Was PS3HEN to late for PS3 SuperSlim user's? --- True or False? Will the Scene likely be bigger when a current firmware exploit is released on the PS4, then it is currently ? --- Does PS5 have impact on PS4 Homebrew? The big picture No (now we can inject this 4 or 5 or more years ).. Is the PS5 going to magically get better development before the PS4 does?
  4. I disagree with interest will go down when PS5 is released. That does not explain why the PS2 currently has a more active / larger development base then the PS4 currently or why the / ps3 / vita are all still larger and more active then the PS4 despite being older.. The new console has nothing to do with it . Maybe in about 3 years it could (if exploited). I think we all know if there was a PS4 exploit that emerged on a current firmware after the PS5 was released it would still be a big deal and also would have a large audience. Much bigger reach and interest then what it has been in the past and now,
  5. IMO i think that a Contest is still to early to be a good contest IMO. There simply is not enough of a reach for the community to attract enough development to stratify a content IMO. I believe Lazy is the wrong assessment to use and is an incorrect statement. I think has nothing to do with laziness of someone and i think if we believe that is the issues we are looking for something that is not a proper fix or spark like a contest should do. Homebrew development is a hobby task, so when someone has time and a desire they do something, its not about if they are being lazy as they are not obligated to perform or produce anything or in any timeframe, So i think that is the wrong attitude to have in suggesting its laziness we see less homebrew development. The PS4 scene is the way it is, for one single sole reason and that is because it has never been exploited on a current firmware ever. Which is going to choke the scene and development because the platform is not easily to obtained and you simply have alot less contributions coming. We have made steps, but just because we see some of these steps does not mean they magically have an impact. They take time and EVEN MORE time in a platform that has a limited reach and never has been a platform that has seen waves of new users like exploits on other platforms. Best time for a contest in my view to have the greatest impact is when a Current Firmware is hacked. Yes, Sony patches quickly (as they should) after but there is a TRUE PATH of a user if they desire to not update or not. When you have that choice you have opened up the community to many more hobby developer's.. If we are looking for Contest to be a solution or part of a solution, then i think we need to look at the real issues of the scene and see if the contest serves those needs and in my view they simply do not fix the current issue that are really the bottlenecks. A contest at anytime will be a spark not saying that but honesty i do not think it would be that needed spark but maybe a step towards that. I think in reality its too early. I mean we just got Open Orbis SDK and that is even in its early stages. Edit When obtaining a console could likely be about what a top prize would get, there is not much incentives in those regards for an outsider. " i can win $200 (just a random figure) but i have to spend $300 (not sure current prize/rate) for a 5.05 PS4." I am not saying its a bad idea, but not sure its a good idea in respects that is going to get results or change much of anything.
  6. Very nice : Thanks for the share. Airstrike looks interesting in the 2nd video as well . Nice work
  7. My opinions and views: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/why-the-ps4-needs-a-current-firmware-exploit.21520/
  8. A great idea and intentions, but i see some problems i shared my thoughts on this here:
  9. The solutions to this issue of fakes is really simple. (at least limiting its impact) Developer's as a whole need to stop releasing on social media platform / platforms where also scammers can also do the same thing as them. A site like here or mine, scams do not last.. So it would make sense for developer's to change habits a bit. Not saying not use social media, but use a trusted source to post at to go along with it A fake would not do this... (or get away with it on a trusted scene site) ... Then tweet out the post of that site of your liking. By providing something creditable with it, does something on social media that no scammer could do...... Then if we revert that mindset that trusted scene sites should be the first place to look for creditable info not a random tweet i think we could limit the impact alot. Obviously there will be new devs and there will be some devs that will release how they want but if more do it this way (like it was once done) it will truly have an impact on what fakes can do.. If your a developer who releases exclusively on twitter/social media, please consider choosing a trusted site and posting there first (no character restrictions) and from there tweet/share that link.Also, Keep in mind github can be faked and used by scammers as well, list those type of links in your post on a trusted platform..
  10. its a good idea, but i already don't understand it and don't see the point... Site Rules "Fake" will be define as "Clickbait or fake content meant to mislead the community or generate revenue from said content" No words will be put in a site's mouth, they are free to abstain from voting yay/nay or participating at all A site's vote will be shown for each accused user's profile page Sites can change their vote at any time If a profile has no yays the profile will be removed Sites that appear to be complicit with promoting/shielding fake content will be removed Evidence must be provided to bring forward an accusation. Invites to: If you represent any of the following sites and would like to participate/be removed from this list, contact me on Twitter @_AlAzif Elotrolado Logic Sunrise PSX-Place PSXHAX /r/PS4Homebrew GBATemp Wololo Think you should be on this list? Let us know Does the red TEXT above not fit one of the invites really well? So why invited..... .It kind of takes the steam out of this before it even gets off the ground. So essentially something like this would be shielding/providing credibility and giving them a vote (if i understand everything correctly) when it been proved throughout years they violate these rules.. rule 1 and 4 .. Hard to take our invite seriously when Other's and myself have warned over the years of the ploys they have toyed. If they are Invited and have been proven to be part of the problem and not the solution i don't understand the point what so ever. .. .
  11. @GregoryRasputin Here is a bit of info/download and a bit of discussion about it (It Might be NES is the full name imbNES for short) http://www.psx-place.com/resources/it-might-be-nes.400/ http://www.psx-place.com/threads/it-might-be-nes.11117/ Edit: Official Link http://unhaut.x10host.com/imbnes/ Other PS1 Homebrew for anyone intrested http://www.psx-place.com/resources/categories/playstation-1-ps1.10/ edit 2: wrongly mentioned GR : )
  12. Should be noted that this release is intended for developer's and has missing elements that will be added in v1.1 and v1.2 ..
  13. Seems to be missing some names. Some Devs/Contributors (some are listed already)
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 45/100 My Time 93 seconds
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