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  1. :D Happy birthday! :D

  2. Nice, i have a B+ but the 2 become interesting with this news another OS for the Pi !
  3. I start the first season few day ago, and its very interesting, i have a big road, six season to watch ^^ shit when the holiday begin ? ! Nobody watch the new season of Banshee?
  4. Happy birthday homie, have a good day and enjoy it ! i wish you share this awesome cake
  5. No don't know aint see the news here but im sure Greg will do it soon (its maybe better if you send him a pm)
  6. oh really... by the way the youtube app on vita sucks just a few video compatible (all my playlist are not supported lol) @thezander lol you kill me
  7. Very simple and working good, nothing can be most simple , keep going this is a good job !
  8. Sorry im very very late shame on me :/ thank you, i have never luck but this years begin pretty well in all domain ^^ Thanks again careful, dont sleep in my home at night, the beast inside me, always wake up late night
  9. Hahaha funny, this game is very crazy. Yea you, right Lucif3r, people not do the part between game and true life (just some asshole take bad idea from this scene... But that is other things)
  10. I never see this before, must be rare to find one in sale nah?
  11. Its fashion now, microtransaction, season pass an others... I love Elder Scroll but i dont feel good the online style :/ but if the online system game is a good build maybe should buy this after all... Bethesda must be give some info on the new Fallout too, still nothing about him
  12. For more activity the forum need more news, from official sources or hack, tutorial or comunity manager (well its not easy to animated a forum) ... I know its hard to find people who want to be redactor on website but i think with more articles activity rise up. I hope something good for here, good ambiance, great members, awesome team staff and generous (and funny ^^) dev, all is here just need a little push up
  13. Its maybe for synchronize but i don't know if its a good idea to connect the ps3 in psn. Wait maybe some one can help you better than me, i don't use pexploit(just one time for try help you^^) all i said is just supposition...
  14. You can't press O for pass this? Its just the update notification ?
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