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  1. Кастомный аккумулятор на 1600 Ма для Dualshock 4 Нам понадобится: - 3 аккмулятора от Dualshock 3 - паяльник - ровные руки И так, начнём) Я собрал из аккумуляторов от Dualshock 3 емкостью по 570 мА каждый Для начала нужно акуратно вскрыть, я использовал канцелярский ножик После чего на двух аккумуляторов отпаиваем провода которыми подсоединяются к плате контроллера. Далее проводами длиной около 2-3 см спаиваем параллельно все три аккумулятора между собой и изолируем контакты, после чего скрепляем их в месте, во избежания К.З (короткого замыкания) на самом нижнем аккумуляторе я оставил часть пластикового корпуса которым будет касаться платы контроллера. При установке в Dualshock 4 нужно вынуть пластиковый корпус (держатель) в который вставляется родной аккумулятор Dualshock 4 В итоге наш контроллер с таким аккумулятором будет работать в 1,6 раза дольше, если при обычной батареи 5-7 часов то при такой 8-11 часов. З.Ы. Я собрал из ого что было
  2. Very valuable advice, thanks a lot, I will study carefully and proceed to solve the problem
  3. Hi guys, yesterday my controller ceased to disobey, namely movement in front of not smooth (in spurts), after I took apart my controller, I found that the element on the board CN2 (condenser) is damaged, Google did not give me information about this element (it capacity), ask for help to solve this problem, I need to know what the capacitor capacitance. Thanks in advance for all the answers.
  4. The best site I hope the fact that it will only improve. 31
  5. Hello, I want to thank everyone who participated in the development of this plugin, thanks for your the hard work, it would be something that would be good plugin wrote in 480P video. Thanks again to all who take involved.
  6. And I think that they are just lazy, that would create a beautiful game for PS3 efforts are needed, it is easier to create a next-gen ... Maybe it's a conspiracy for the new generation of consoles that would buy them again ... However that everything else that's my opinion.
  7. It is a pity that it does not come out on PS3, well have to buy a PS4
  8. Tried to hold and press, nothing happens.
  9. When pressing R3 nothing happens, but at the same time saved the log and screenshots
  10. After I updated on the darknet 4.66 v1.02 console no longer hang, but still does not make screenshots and video did not write and did not have the log file. After I created a folder / dev_hdd0 / game / PRXLOADER / USRDIR / I got a log and began to save a screenshot in XMB but still not working , video by clicking P3 nothing happens
  11. HI MYSIS!! please tell me, this plugin will work on firmware cobra from Joonie 4.65 in the future? Since I have is this firmware and console freezes after the first 20-30 seconds of work. Thank U
  12. Hi guys, wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me. And so it all started 3 months ago, I had this console, which produce an error when updating the firmware 8002f1f9, I handed in for repair as soon as I got it. After several trials with transplant donor charge WI-FI / BL, all attempts were unsuccessful because they were similar to the board which was opposed only one letter, they were from Russia, China, and I'm already thinking about buying a working motherboard and by the way I found her, but waited for solving the problem in the service center. Once the console has stayed at the service center 2 months I asked them how to deal with repairs are made, I was ready to take her back and have already agreed to purchase a working motherboard. But the guys gave me hope, and said they found the same motherboard in Germany, told to wait 14 days and I agreed. After 30 days of waiting, I took the console, it happened today !!! I started to downgrade, the console was 4.53, after I made the dump I wrote it, I immediately set 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.01 [COBRA EDITION] by Joonie. I hope the story of my second console will help someone. To all of the above, I might add that that console was non-operative memory cards which replaced
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