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  1. we dont need no idps generator! You can generate your own and they all work! Sony fuked up with new update
  2. there is no way to generate idps I am afraid :/ Just buy the ps4, a hack will soon come for it rumours say...
  3. we wont be needing an idps generator/bruteforcer no more! PS3 sony somehow broke the 802a224 system. You can make your own id and login on psn basically lol
  4. Hello everyone So recently a lot of things have happened in the ps4 scene. The chaitin tech guys announcing a jailbreak for 4.01 ! BUT RECENTLY TRSI stated the following in their NFO: EVERYONE wants to know about PS4/X1 - ALL I CAN SAY IS, ITS GETTING | | CLOSE / HOPEFULLY IT WILL STAY in the wild people.. The back surge | | of ps4 *** is going to be insane.. speaking of we through out that | | World of Final Fatasy ISO PS4 just to get the systems setup / kick | | the tires.. anyone have any insight news :-)?
  5. what you talking about ? There are literally sd cards that have 128 gb of space... Catridges can fit a lot more considering they are a bit bigger..
  6. So the ps3 has 8 spu core processers right ? So if you get it to work, would it mean that it would try 100 million SHA pers second :-)?
  7. Well to me, he atleast has contributed. :He has also shown programming skills-)... So you know the rest
  8. Fantastic job! You my friend deserve a "developer" badge. I have a channel and later on I will make a video and credit you and Zecoxao for a fantastic job!!
  9. Very interesting.. Nevertheless! Thank you very much for your hard work
  10. Yea Flatz sniffed sonys servers and looked at how the idps is being checked by the sony Servers. He then reverse engineered it, and now he knows how it is all done..:PPP
  11. If only we could read the 2 chassis bytes from the ps3 serial number or something like that. It woul make the whole proces easier and also a little bit faster. However no one seems to bother about idps and no body quite knows how it works and how it is generated. I have been reading on the psdevwiki and zecoxeo is sceptical about the chassis check..
  12. I know that. You mentioned earlier a .self file for the ps3 :)? How would the proces be there, and how would it function :)?
  13. Yea I can assure you it is really slow, it might take more than a day to bruteforce 8 bytes, imagine the 12 And the method you were talking about on ps3 ? What is its difference? What can ps3 do that pc cant :-)?
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