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  1. TheDarkprogramer

    HOW TO | Create PS2 PKG Files for PS4 (PS2 Classics)

    I will definitely
  2. TheDarkprogramer

    HOW TO | Create PS2 PKG Files for PS4 (PS2 Classics)

    hey bud nice video, just a few updates . latest version should be v1.0.0.6 from this topic the nice thing about this one is you don't need to resize anything it does it for you and it has some other really nice perks such as a boot loader auto replace NP Title with PS2 Title and things like that give it a go if you like i do love the new boot loader . also another thing to note is the password has changed for pkg's to all zeros as well (the old one is used for my homebrew when i ever finish it ) and i love your video keep up the content as always keep on rocking
  3. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    Hey bud here is the compatibiliyy list always check it out to see if its worth your time to use the tool http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List but i see jak and dexter is an official ps2 classics all i can think of is that the rip you made is having some issues
  4. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

  5. TheDarkprogramer

    [Update] PS2 Classics GUI v1.0.0.6

    i actually have no idea tbh http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/PS2_Classics_Emulator_Compatibility_List#T if you look here there is a list of all classics been tested and what runs what doesn't run and what gives errors
  6. TheDarkprogramer

    Happy Birthday TheDarkprogramer

    Thank you so much my friend !
  7. Hey guys as promised on twitter here is V1.0 I have added Mutliple iso support and the icom replace works as well as converts the size and 24bit color Please make sure to read the readme https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/PS2.1.0 Enjoy EDIT: Hi Guys i have updated my application added some small bug fixes and added better support for multi iso's enjoy the new settings and boot logo Application will auto update when you start the application
  8. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    i am currently working on adding multiple iso's as var as i understand you will need them as iso1iso2 not much of a way around it glad you got yours working as soon as the config change is checked in ill make a release here
  9. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    you can always upload your pkg somewhere and i can try it for you in about 8 hours ?
  10. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    ill see i used one i patched myself (just for the knowledge of knowing where ) just adding the patch will be fun added 1 minute later i ran about 4 packages Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity , Jimmy Neutron , and dark cloud 1 and 2 for my testing and they work like a charm
  11. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    im running 4.55 without any issues if that helps at all i would still like to add this support for other users in the future
  12. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    Your probabbly using a version of the tools that has the dll already patched it shouldn't take more than 2 mins to patch this just need to finish the new stuff before i release sn update
  13. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    tbh i believe they should work on 4.05 what game where you using for your tests ? also i cant be 100% correct in saying they work cause i run a 4.55 rig for my testing added 1 minute later ignore me im being silly i know why this is happening -.- is there a spesific reason your staying on 4.05 ? asking cause i can change this its in the DLL file supplied we need to modify this for the correct version to work at this current stage its set for 4.50 ill see if i can change this to 4.05
  14. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    If you want to change the background and icon images right click on the current image please note that orbis does requite certian formats which ill post later for you here in an edit So you can do that ... i currently use the same method that flatz gave us with some patches that was required ro skip some check the cmd trough at us I am currently working on the mutliple iso feuture as we speak also i will alow you to customize the load also gonna try give you a way to save and load projects so if you wamt ro change something you simply load a saved copy then ill add some more feutures as we along as we need it Still fiddling with the uala file replacment as well Thanks for the feedback you will see an update here in this thread as an edit and on my twitter EDIT: Here is the resolutions required by the ps4 icon = 512x512 24 bitdepth pic0 & pic1 1920x1080 24 bitdepth
  15. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PS2 Classics Gui v0.1 & V0.2

    @tangotnt the issue is fixed give it a go