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  1. TheDarkprogramer

    Sony Tested These Games On The PlayStation Classic

    Yes already possibe Root access granted already and load via usb has already been done
  2. TheDarkprogramer

    PS4 Error Code Viewer V1

    Here's a simple tool to view error codes on the ps4 https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS4_Error_Code_Viewer/releases/tag/V1.0
  3. TheDarkprogramer

    PSPHD W.I.P project For PS4

    Yeah sure i can link one a bit later doesnt luanch games i tested until i do more research on the eboot
  4. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    I actually did a test on netflix with someone the other day and you get an error on both the remote play device and the ps4 ill do an upload as soon as im done with adding the vita side of it
  5. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    Sure what you have in mind added 1 minute later Uhm unfortunately click once doesnt work that way i can update the standalone exe for github every now and then If thats what you want ill add that in
  6. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    c# and visual studios 2013
  7. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    And Here is a tutorial for you guys [Creating a new SFO From Scratch] Once the application has started you will see this screen To Create a new SFO (Currently in version mainly PS4 SFO(s) are working i have not tested PS3/PSVita) Simply click on the Page Icon with a plus in it This will open up a small dialog that will ask you which version do you want to build for Click on the PS4 Logo From here it will create a template sfo for you to work with All the info here you can modify and change as you see fit Quite important to note that the Content ID and Title ID need to be in the ps4's correct format (see devwiki) To add new items to the sfo do the following think of the flag you want to add and go to the dev wiki and find out some more info about it http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Param.sfo#Parameters_Descriptions in this case we want to add EMU_VERSION which is mostly for emulation so we click on the "add new item" button see the next screen Here we fill in the info from the wiki As we can see all the info is already supplied for us a value of 258 ,max length(4) ,normal length (4) and a format(unit32) Simply fill in the info to the screen as follows and click add this will add it to the sfo and from here you can save the sfo to anywhere you like (overwriting the original is not always a good idea but that can also be done) I will add some more tutorials if need be but i think this will be enough for now
  8. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    Here is some images and a new release upon the last one Added the ability to create new pkgs from scratch and add custom items to the sfo table as well Enjoy
  9. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    you want some nudes xD ill add some pics later currently working on some stuff
  10. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] PARAM.SFO Editor V1.2

    HI Guys Here is a big update to my PARAM.SFO editor for the scene https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/V1.2-SFO No more need for SONY tools to save your modified SFO Also now supports click once give it a go and let me know if you have any problems have fun xDPx
  11. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] [Update] PS2 Classics V1.0.0.11

    hey bud that doesn't seem right ill hit you in pm so we can investigate this
  12. TheDarkprogramer

    Anybody want to help me with my PS4 NOR Validator?

    Ill ask the shop for a few dumps xD Ill let you know via mail when i have something
  13. TheDarkprogramer

    [Release] [Update] PS2 Classics V1.0.0.11

    Uhm if you have the base installed it should have updated automatically if not here is the base https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/PS2.1.0 added 0 minutes later As always happy to help
  14. TheDarkprogramer

    PS4 pro on sale and all exploitable

    Lol time to sell my liver
  15. TheDarkprogramer

    PS4 pro on sale and all exploitable

    how much for the 1.76 xD