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  1. Been busy with life.. i did notice that the forum did not work a while ago and i stopped logging in . Also , i have a " password disorder " , i seem to forget passwords for my accounts . Does the forum still work in Tapatalk ?
  2. Is it possible to implement the main page theme ( ColorNews by ThemeGrill ) into the forum ? Looks very clean and readable
  3. Installing the xpad plugin might improve DS4 support
  4. 10$ is still cheaper than a capture card or a monitor with HDMI input . It is a good alternative for those with laptops / windows tablets . People who have a desktop+monitor could use a HDMI to VGA adapter for about the same price .
  5. Bumping as i read the HDCP : Off option does not work on a converted DEX it needs to be a real DEX ? Can anyone confirm so i save myself the trouble of converting ?
  6. Does 4.75.3 Rex have the option to set HDCP to off ? Can i install it over 4.76 lite ?
  7. When installed on Cobra cfw the name changes to mmCM . Is is still stealth then ?
  8. Make a backup and see if it matches with what you wrote . I have a 2504 that did this to me , too
  9. Dante's Inferno..with a girl ,sure it will sell . Does she have big boobs ?
  10. I think vapour has andrenaline pumping right now because of his work. The question from B7U3C50SS sounded a bit noobish and not what was expected from a first reply to such a dev talk . Then the whole thing degenerated . Let's end the flame
  11. Oh , didn't remember there was a converter , i thought you could install directly . Are converters nowhere to be found ? At least for 4.70 ... Can you play a game disk without entering the pin code ?
  12. Tried to install 4.66 kiosk over 4.66 cex and i'm getting error 8002F2E4 . I remeber kiosk could be installed directly over cex .. What are the passwords for 4.66 and 4.70 kiosk , can i change them with another pin of my choosing ?
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