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  1. 23 is my favorite number, so i chose that number, thanks for the giveaway!
  2. That's nice, do you guys know if theres still people working on finding way to exploit the ps3 so we wouldn't need to downgrade back to 3.55? The ps3 scene seems dead to me, oh well it's already a ten year old console but it's still a great system, know the majority of the releases are cfw's I know it's pretty much impossible to do this but atleast something for those that are not 3k and 4k users would be great
  3. I was joking with you but yeah it was because of the adblock you couldn't see the photos right?
  4. Stop using adblock plus and suport the forum, super moderator...
  5. Oh thank you, i didn't know that theres was a" psnstuff+" i thought what you mean was that the download had the psn stuff software plus the database, sorry. Thanks Greg, i could find it but the problem was what i described in the quote i made to yutolio post.
  6. I can't use your program, first of you put saying that it is psnstuff+ database, excuse me but i don't see any psnstuff.exe in there, second i downloaded psn stuff 3.00 from another site and i put your database in there the result is that i get an error saying it could not load database, third i already did the showing hidden files option on windows and theres nothing there only the db and an file called psnstuff.suo.
  7. I was thinking and i thought a nice new feature to the aplication would be in some way, a list where it appears the dlc's psn's games we have already instaled on the hdd backup, i don't know if this would be possible but it would be cool for me atleast.
  8. Nevermind it's working very well now both on my windows 7 64bits and windows 8.1 64bits pc's, what i did was removing net framework 4.5.1, removed all the visual studios, and reinstaled net framework 4.5, after i did that i didn't try the program, i mean i did another step, since the error i was getting had something related to cmd.bat (while instaling the pkg) the error said it couldn't open it, so i decided to copy an cmd shortcut and changed the name for cmd.bat. I don't know what step made the trick, but if anyone had a problem like mine, please try this out.
  9. Im testing now on windws 8.1 64bit, my windows 7 have a problem with visual studio apps, framework apps etc
  10. I get an error saying can't open cmd.bat when the instaling pkg file stage begins.
  11. i was just giving my thougts, i could't care less about this stuff lol but i would be happy if the ps3 would be hacked in 2015 when i say hacked i mean all doors open for all the users like the ones with superslim consoles, unfortunetely we il never get the private keys again, unless north korea hacks the sony computer entertainmente servers and pcs LOOOOOL
  12. lol judging by the people saying that you can run psn games and dlc on ofw, i thought you could maybe install them via the pkg instaler and run them from there, since the other dude was saying that he did the backup then put the psn's games with the tool and they didn't showed up on the ps3, so i thought that maybe you could trick the ps3 to install the psn games on the kiosk firmware otherwise i don't know how they should appear on the ps3 i know im wrong im not a developer it was just what i was thinking. Of course that wasn't possible before, but with the new tools maybe it would be possible it was what i was thinking.
  13. i know dude but maybe with this release it could start be more useful?
  14. Happy New Year to you all, i hope 2015 to be a better year than 2014 for you all.
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