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  1. Following on my previous tutorial " How to run the ps4 4.05 kernel exploit for the first time " I will now explain how to install and run our first ever ps4 homebrew pkg. & it's very simple. Step 1 Go and follow my previous tutorial. Run the kernel exploit from browser or the manual it doesn,t matter. Step 2 Now inject this payload just like we did with another payload in my previous tutorial. (This payload will enable the debug settings & will "enable" running homebrew) Step 3 Now put this .pkg file on the root of a fat32 formatted USB drive. And insert it into one of the usb ports on your PS4 Step 4 Now go to settings -> network & disable internet connection ( that because everytime you want to launch the homebrew app it'll automaticaly download the latest firmware version.) Then go to settings -> debug settings -> Game -> Package installer & click on the testapp.pkg to install. Step 5 Now go back to the PS4 UI & launch the homebrew application, just click "install later" when it asks you to install the latest fw version to use internet connection. Enjoy!!! Thanks to every developer involved!
  2. Happy Birthday @NeoSabin

    congrats! ^^
  3. Happy Birthday Abkarino

    happy birthday!!
  4. Tutorial: Running the 4.05 kernelexploit & injecting our first payload! (In this tutorial i'll show you how to localy host & run the kernelexploit without having to go through the manuals for 25times...) Requirements: Preparing your Playstation 4 console: Preparing your Computer: Step 1: Now go to your PS4 and Set up an internet connection by simply changing the primary DNS with your Computer's IP as your primary DNS. Secondary DNS should be blank ( & test your connection. Go to the user's guide and launch it You should now see something like this in your CMD screen: And something like this on your PS4 (depending what language you use.) : Step 2: On your PC, go to C:/Xampp/htdocs/and create the corresponding folders to have the same path Like just displayed on the PS4. (this path is different for everyone because of the language you are using.) For example mine is: C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl Now extract the Webkit + Kernel exploit to a normal folder and rename it to "ps4". Place the "ps4" folder into your folder so the path matches. For me the path now is C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl\ps4 Step 3: Now go back to your Playstation 4 and launch the user's manual again! If you followed everything you should now see a screen telling that the kernel exploit ran succesful! Step 4: Don't close the manual just yet! We will now send a payload to your Playstation 4 to enable the debug settings. Run Netcat GUI -> enter the IP of you ps4 -> change port from 9023 to 9020 -> select the debug_settings.bin file & click "inject payload". Now click the PS button on your controller to exit to the PS4 UI , now go into settings and scroll to the lower bottom you should now be prompted with the debug settings. Step 5 (extra): In this extra step we will now permanently enable the normal web browser so we don't have to do all this again everytime. Now go back to the user's manual you should now see this screen: Now we need to inject the enableWebBrowser405.bin payload just the same way like we injected debug settings payload. Once injected exit the user's manual by clicking the PS button on your controller & now you can access the normal web browser and use this to run the exploit in the future! (then just go to "your pc's ip"/document/nl/ps4) or other location where the ps4 folder is stored it doesn't matter anymore now. Have fun!!
  5. nice tuto! i'll probably make a tutorial how to redirect the manual directly to the exploit, chances of succes are alot higher then, saves alot of time!
  6. it was a pain in the ass to get it to run, but it works! Let the hax & homebrew come in!
  7. Happy Birthday 3141card

    happy birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday 3absiso

  9. Aldo's Tools Link

    Will we see you in the ps4 "scene"?
  10. The Ultimate PS3 Hacking F.A.Q For 2017 - #PS3Xploit

    Very nice & detailed FAQ!
  11. Reviews On The Forum

    it's a good idea, that way people can see that playstationhax.xyz is still active & when in a parallel universem something gets released for ps4 they'll know where to find the right info about it!
  12. What firmware is your PS4 running?

    5.00 on my main one, 3.11 on my "sitting there waiting for hax" one & 3.15 on a piece of shit one that still works but with no casing (might use it on my main one later on because it's the same model)
  13. Homebrew Coming To #PS4 Firmware 4.55

    maybe keeping my second ps4 on 3.11 wasn't a waste of time & money after seeing this
  14. Aldo's Tools Link

    welcome back !
  15. Win PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor And More - #HENkaku #Enso

    my favourite homebrew app is vitashell as it reminds me of multiman for ps3. 8
  16. Hey folks! I'm having trouble mounting Games from internal/external HDD , it is something that always worked perfect for me but it does not anymore for now. So, i'm on 4.81.2 Rebug D-rex (Cobra enabled), i'm using Multiman (mmCM) version 4.81.02 (the latest atm), i do not have a disk inside my BD-drive. More info: With the Webman integrated in the 4.81.02 rebug CFW i can mount all my games perfectly fine. With cobra mode DISabled i can mount my games perfectly with Multiman with BD-rom emulator. The problem is that i can not mount any game from internal or internal HDD with mmCM when cobra mode enabled & with no disk in the BD-drive(what should work fine) (this is something what always has worked for me.) Does this have something to do with multiman priorities etc? I don't know what to try else anymore, so that's why i'm asking it here. thanks in forward!
  17. I will update the article thanks! this was not known yet ^^
  18. For every activated PSvita/PStv owner Back Up your act.dat license & other activation files! Why? The answer is simple, because $ony blocked all hacked Vitas on 3.60 spoofing the latest firmware (3.65) from console activation. A quote from famous Vita hacker YifanLu. Tutorial on how to Back Up your act.dat License & other activation files. Connect your PSvita/PStv via FTP to your favourite FTP client on your computer & go to tm0:npdrm -> copy the act.dat file & store it somewhere safely. & go to vd0:registry -> copy the system.dreg & system.ireg file & store it somewhere safely. & go to ur0:user/00/np --> copy the myprofile.dat file & store it somewhere safely. (More info about act.dat : https://vitadevwiki.com/vita/Act.dat )
  19. Easiest way to update <3.60 PSvita/PStv to fw3.60 (I know this tutorial may exist already but as @ConsoleHax asked me to write a dutch version for his site, i took a little effort and translated it to english for playstiationhax.xyz & now that Ensō is released some people might want to update their system to 3.60) TUTORIAL: Step 1: Go to settings -> Network -> Wi-Fi-Settings -> "Your Wi-Fi" -> Advanced Settings. Step 2: Change the DNS settings from "Automatic" to "Manual". Step 3: Change the Primary DNS to "" , Secundairy DNS has to be blank. (Set proxyserver to "Do not use.") Step 4: Press "OK" & make sure everything is saved (doublecheck it.). Step 5: Go back to main Settings -> Systemupdate -> Update via Wi-Fi. -If you're already on 3.60 or above you'll get this message. -If you're below 3.60 you'll get this message. Step 6: If the message says "3.60 (変革 Compatible)" then click next & it'll start downloading & installing the 3.60 firmware. Sidenote: Even when 3.60 is installed on your system, you better keep the DNS settings, as this DNS blocks updates further than 3.60, this way you're sure your system will never auto-update past 3.60FW.
  20. [music of the day]

    most trippy videoclip ever
  21. Happy Birthday Bigbones87

    happy birthday bigbones!
  22. as fake news is really becoming a problem, let's all post photo's like these where fake news gets spread. ( i don't like trump, just like trump memes )
  23. Teensy adapter Board for NANDway

    that's the same thing, but if you purchase them seperately you'll have to solder them on yourself, no big deal.
  24. Happy Birthday flatz

    happy birthday! have a blast!

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