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  1. This method teaches you to convert your Retail PlayStation 3 to a full DEX, allowing you to install and use official DEX firmwares. Only a select number of people have used this method before, it was never really released for the public. Because Sony doesn’t really seem to care for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 scene at the moment we decided to document this method in a detailed guide. This shows a scene is never really dead Full guide is documented here! https://www.consolehax.com/guides-ps3-dex/
  2. UPDATE: reflowed the console again but still same problem, i think it's a lost case, i'll leave it as it is, now i'll have to decide if i'll burn or smash it xD
  3. @3absiso i now remaried a fully new drive, still same problem, so i can now say 100% sure it isn't the drive it's fault EDIT: i will be reflowing the mobo once again tommorrow and see what it does, i'm pretty sure it isn't the drive as the same problem keeps coming back to different drives
  4. i changed the mechanism & the daughterboard, i'm sure the lens is fine as i played on it right before it wouldn't eject the disc, if it is the mobo is it fixable?
  5. Hello guys, i'm having trouble with a ps3 bd drive that suddently stopped working, the lens still reads discs but the drive just won't load any discs maybe some hardware experts like @Puffdragon could help me out? tweets above is what i already tried, but no luck so far. I will be reinstalling my cfw but i don't think that'll change anything though. any suggestions? please leave a comment! thanks!
  6. Today Specterdev published a writeup about how the 5.05 Kernel Exploit/Jailbreak for PS4 was realised that was found by Qwertyoruiop. The WriteUp is full of technical information how everything was done & patched by sony on 5.05-5.07<5.XX https://github.com/Cryptogenic/Exploit-Writeups/blob/master/FreeBSD/PS4 5.05 BPF Double Free Kernel Exploit Writeup.md
  7. The long awaited 5.05 kernel exploit for ps4 dropped, this will open a new world for the ps4 in form of homebrew! Thanks to any developer involved!
  8. Mira Companion Is An Android application to control MiraCFW for PS4. This is still a W.I.P. and Contributors are highly needed at the moment, so if you can help, you can fork the project here on github. I hope to see this for ios, so iphone users can use this too.
  9. Happy birthday @GregoryRasputin Enjoy your day!
  10. i will tag every winner, so they get notified. @hahahi123 Number 1 @crazy_p Number 3 @ocam Number 6 @HulkWogan Number 8 @Thibobo Number 11 @KiritoXLO Number 15 Congrats guys!
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