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  1. So I'm trying to get back into the PS3 scene and as some of you can probably tell its been a while. I'm concerned and hoping to find out if someone knows what happened to Rogero/CFW? It was the last CFW I used very stable and never had an issues with it. His site is down and development has ceased. If anyone can provide some information it would be appreciated. If not its completely fine I just ask of this; I would just like to know what CFW is everyone is using now? Preferably something stable working. I don't care about logging into PSN. I just want to be up-to-date to CFW standards (whatever that may be). My hardware: PS3 Model: CECH-2001A (I can always revert back to 3.55 OFW)
  2. PS3 Model: CECH-2001A So I've been using Rogero's CFW for a while and since he's stop working on it I'd like to know what's next. I see a lot about "Darknet" CFW going around any thoughts?
  3. Thanks and I do like racing both on the road and racing games
  4. And people thought this was only gonna be possible on the Xperia Z3
  5. Hey everyone happy to be a founding member, I like forums thats why I'm here maybe I can bring some more meaning to being a member here. Cya around.
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