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  1. Hi and sorry for my late reply. I didn't see this until today when Greg mentioned me on Twitter. As always, my stance is the following: - I'm totally open to participate in such a contest with you folks, a bunch of trusted people getting together for this is always great! - I would only act as a sponsor*. I think I can provide $150 for now. Might be able to provide more but not sure at the moment. - Unlike @STLcardsWS and @WirusI think now is an ok time to have a contest. If not now, then when? People's interest will go down very fast as soon as the PS5 is out. The first contest is never the best, but we need to start somewhere, and in my experience there is always a handful of good entries in the first contest, that end up being great homebrew for a long time in the life of the console. Conversely, if we do nothing, the scene could possibly die right now. Didn't the folks behind the SDK say they would organize a contest themselves??? I'd be open to sponsor that if it's on the table. * What I mean here is that I do not have the time to help enforcing rules, or judging, or anything like that. I know it's lame, and I know this led to conflict in the past, but such is the reality of my life nowadays. I will of course promote the contest on my blog, talk about new entries, etc...
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