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  1. Demonstration how to play to Alien Isolation playing a mouse-cat-game on hard level difficult and beat the Alien and the most advanced AI in a game! Only on the PS4'a'Cheater droid Apk. Url to the short film: https://dai.ly/x84wpef Psw: ps4acheater Note: In the normal game maybe is possible do the same in novice level difficult if you are a very good player... but, I don't think so... BTW: The game is AMAZING, play in the dark, alone, with a home-cinema, the atmosphere and the audio is perfect synchronize like in a horror movie... Even with the cheats active the scare sensation is no gone! Not recommended to play in this way if you have heart problems!!!
  2. New DX/Watch Version 2.02.. New Features Version 2.02:  New Historic CPU Registers Log mode (need to enable this option first on settings)  New option to save CPU Registers in a CSV format file any-time  New option to save Memory Map Sections in a CSV format file any-time  Fixed an occasional bug related to the incorrect activation/deactivation of cheats from the Trainer menu  Update Faqs/How to related to the new option Historic CPU Registers Log  Other minor improvements
  3. New Version PS4aCheater v4.2.xxx Final Release Summer Edition 2021 Exclusive hand Droid-Poker five of a king: Far Cry 5 Gold Edition GTA V (all versions from 1.27 to 1.34) Days Gone (with side effects explained) Cyberpunk 2077 and more! Total Games: 406 / Total CUSAS: 767 Enjoy it!
  4. Hello, I would like to introduce you the new Disassembler/Assembler for Playstation 4 DX/Watch 2.02 Release. Main Features: Below you can find the main features compared with other similar tools. - As Disassembler:  Windows 10 Calculator support (copy/paste actions)  Activate Break-Point from the disassemble code window  Add bookmarks from the disassemble code window  Assembler Here from the disassemble code window - As Assembler  3 assembler modes supported: Freestyle, Amend and CodeCave  Verify and complete ASM instruction size  Load and Save your ASM code  Create a new trainer file from scratch  Add a new cheat to an existing trainer file - As Trainer Manager  Load and Save your trainer- cheats in a shn supported file  Change/Update any descriptives of the trainer, ex.: Description, Author, etc..  Delete any cheat from the selected node  Activate/Deactivate any cheat from your loaded trainer  Jump from any cheat-node to his corresponding address code New Features Version 2.01:  Memory view re-made from scratch  Automatic Bookmarks load/save from/to file by game  Navigational functionality for Bookmarks/Breakpoint with scroll annotations indicator  Move/order Cheats Node on the tree trainer manager  Full Keyboard Short-cuts for the most important actions  Fixed a lot of bugs and code optimization from the previous version  Update to the last payload (PS4Debug.bin Ctn v1.0.13 ) to support debugging PS4 on FW 07.xx  Debugging with Single-Step Into (experimental) New Features Version 2.02:  New Historic CPU Registers Log mode (need to enable this option first on settings)  New option to save CPU Registers in a CSV format file any-time  New option to save Memory Map Sections in a CSV format file any-time  Fixed an occasional bug related to the incorrect activation/deactivation of cheats from the Trainer menu  Update Faqs/How to related to the new option Historic CPU Registers Log  Other minor improvements Url to download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/04a3tf Psw file: xZenithy Alternative Url: https://1fichier.com/?tvmp63yqjdncgq9vaf8o Probably the best disassembler for PS4...
  5. Don't worry, other people did the test... And today we have a new release, PS4aCheater v4.1.xxx Final Release May 2021, which is probably the best version at all, with automatic pause/resume in cheat injection, to avoid the the crash of the game as could happen on the previous releases and exclusive cheats for some games...
  6. New Version PS4aCheater v4.1.xxx Final Release April 2021 !!! This version is a State of the art with PS4 Universal FW and Rest Mode support!!!
  7. Don, can you explain a bit more? Do you have got any error in the apk? Which is the CUSA and version that you have of this game? Are you tried the expert mode? And which cheat no works exactly?
  8. For some people said that the fw 6.72 is no stable and others said that is very stable... So I think that before update directly to 7.02 I'll try for a while with the 6.72, but ok, up to you. The problem with 7.02 is that you need between 2 minutes to 5 o more to start the hen, and every time cause the rest mode no works yet. Maybe in the future, if the rest mode works, the update to 7.02 will be the best option. I don't know anything about create pkg files, so I cannot help with this. But why I know is that pkg only works with the same fake pkg except (well, you can do all marriage process too..) and you can no choose what do you want to activate or nor... Are you considering by example use your mods in app like mine? It does the same patching in memory in realtime, and no needed to do all task of marriage and others advantages like enable disable the mod in realtime...
  9. Happy to have people that maybe want to help me to test my apk. Well, right now I have published version 4 (version 3 only works with FW 5, and version 4 works with 6.72 and 7.02) Beta 2 that have been tested by some people for now. Beta 2 don't have any issues and probably next month I will make the first release for the final version 4. Below the link if you want download and tested: https://www.sendspace.com/file/dz1rji My apk works only on Android from 5 to 10 and with 2 different payloads, WebRTE and PS4Debug with the collection or 330 games a more of 500 cheats. if you need some help to understand how is works or if you have any issue you can ask me here. Btw, which firmware version do you have?
  10. Hi everyone! Looking for people that want to help me to test the NEW version 4 of PS4aCheater with support for PS4 with firmware 6.72 and 7.02. Please, if you have a PS4 with any of these firmware and want to help me, let me know it and will give you the Beta version for test. Thank you,
  11. New version 3.1.376 with the start-up bug fixed... Confirmed by different users that now works. In Android 10 can happen yet because the residual files.. If it happen to you request help here and I will explain how install this in Android 10.
  12. Ohhh, I see...This message is normal. Happen when the apk is updated over the old version. But maybe the process update fail in some point when it try to update from version 2 to the new version 3. The solution is very easy, uninstall version 2 and install the new version 3. I am going to update the first post with these info. Thank you Gregory for let me know.
  13. NEW PUBLIC version December 2020 RELEASE 3.1.374 Number of the Games 323 - CUSAS 593 Only for Android!!!
  14. New Version 3.0.359 / October Release. Games 177 - CUSAS 282 Only private releases for now on. Request by email and said where you read it.
  15. I'm very happy to announce my new major release 2.0 for PS4aCheater, the most complete, easy and functional Cheater apk for PS4!!! ALL the public and exclusive cheats within the apk! Enjoy it! ?
  16. That happen because you need to put your PS4 IP in the app in a full well-format. Example, your PS4 IP is, then in my app you have to put:
  17. New New Version 1.1.280. New cheat games, more of 130 games and 170 CUSAS total. Updates some cheats and other minor changes (check the change log)... Enjoy it ?
  18. Thanks, No at this moment, maybe in the future. Anyway, I need to know which CUSA is your version because sometimes no all cheats works with the same game / update version. If you can tell me the CUSA / version update I can check. Already I have a list of games to update with new cheats.
  19. Hello everyone! *** NEW Version 4 Final RELEASE 4.2.450 **** PS4aCheater v4.2.xxx Final Release Summer Edition 2021 => Games: 407 - CUSAS: 770 1º Update to PS4Debug to v. 1.0.13 for Unified/Universal mode and Rest Mode Support with automatic pause/resume in the cheat injection. Works with Android 5.1 and onward and compatible with any PC with Android Emulator (ex.: Nox) The most complete and exclusive collection of cheats on the Wild!!! URL to Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/isw561 MD5 Checksum: e33e55a4d0993486a2b02cc8c419be58 Alternative Url: https://1fichier.com/?87xf501heo6l5d1ou8jm Update Instructions: Install over the previous version. (Don't need to uninstall previous version). Known Issues (on Android 8 to 11): - Due the power saving mode and optimize memory option, at some time later, the connection with the PS4 is lost and the apk will not work and it will crash. Solution: Delete the apk from memory and restart again the application. - Sometime the 'Find' button doesn't work as expected with some brand of mobile and the game is not found... Solution: Close the apk, disable the data connection on your mobile, and start again the apk and maintain disable data connecttion while the apk is connected on your Wifi with your PS4. - Sometimes the 'Find' button found the game but is showing the first game and not the corresponding match game. Solution: Go back to main menu, scroll down a bit the games, a press again the 'Find' button. Now the correct game will be showed. IMPORTANT NOTES: 1º This APK only works for PS4 FW 5.x-7.xx 2º In case that you update from version 1, 2 or version 3 the update maybe can fail. Solution: Uninstall your old version from the mobile/tablet and install the new version. 3º You can use the loaders that come with the apk (by launching the BIN LOADER on your PS4) or you can use your custom exploit host menu (sefthost or online) to load the PS4 Cheater loader or WebRTE v1 (only version 1, version 2 NO works). 4º Android version supported: 5 to 10. 5º Is not mandatory download the covers, but then the layout is a bit ugly...Up to you... With 2 operation modes (PS4Debug ExpertMode and the rookie WebRTE) and the terrific numbers of the 365 games and 662 CUSAS!!! I would like to present my little tool for load a lot of cheats for your preferred games from your android mobile: Very easy to use: Very easy to use: --- ONLINE MODE: 1º Download and install from the above url. 2º Configure your IP in your mobile and your PS4. 3º Start the Online Hen (optional) 4º Start the Bin loader or Original exploit. 5º Send the payload from the APK. 6º Load the game in the PS4 and look up in the apk to activate the Cheater. 7º That's all, enjoy it! The apk is multilingual (English/Brazilian/Spanish) and totally work off-line without internet. --- OFFLINE MODE: This is a little more tricky to be safe because we don't want internet connection. Steps: 1º Start the PS4 and wait 1-2 minutes (up to you) with local network connected 2º Start your Hen 2.x 3º Go to View Connection Status and check that the PS4 is connected to your Wifi and check the IP address that have been assigned by your rooter/modem. 4º Start the app in the mobile and in the menu, go to configuration and put the PS4 IP from the previous point. 5º Start the Bin Loader on PS4. 6º When the exploit show the message "Send Payload BIN to port 90XX" then, in the app, use the corresponding option to send the payload. 7º Wait until the app said the message "Payload sent..." 8º Close the guide or browser and start the game that you want to apply the cheat. 9º Advance in the game to start it until you see the number of lives, the energy bar, etc in the screen before apply any cheats. 10º Pause the game, select your game and version in the app (the same game that you have started in the PS4, of course) and do the 'Bind' (tap the Bind button in the apk). 11º Hold on until the menu cheats is showed in the app and then select the cheat that you want to have. 12º Continue the game and enjoy of the magic! The apk is multilingual (English/Brazilian/Spanish) and totally work off-line without internet. Will be happy to help you if you has any question. Regards, xZenithy
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