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  1. Thank you, yeah i should probably add screens :P Oh!, thanks :)
  2. Updated See OP or sources for a changelog
  3. App.db Tool Original dev: luck Sources: here Download: here Features Export and import your LiveArea layout Wipe database without loosing your LiveArea Refresh database Menu Export and wipe: Export your current LA layout and let the system create a new app.db Export [no wipe]: Export your current LA layout Import: Apply your backed up LA settings to the system app.db Rebuild: Trigger a database
  4. This is a fork of vita-savmgr. Sources : here Download : here Changes: About encrypted saves: they are untouched and you can restore them as is, ie no need to start the game. About region change option: Most games use the same save "structure" for any region, but not all. Region change is 100% safe and reversible, unless i/o errors occur If the save does not work, the game uses a slightly different save structure (or your entered ID is wrong). About orphan saves: Saves of games that are no
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