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  1. PS3Xploit (MINIWEB/BROWSER) PS3Xploit HAN POWERED BY miniweb PS3 HAN TOOLS actidps_dumper dbgpkg_enabler actrif_copier han_enabler han_installer The program interface is displayed 1- IP address 2- host name 3- user name 4 -host and port for ps3 download https://ne-game-w.blogspot.com/
  2. PS3 SERVER POWERED BY miniweb easy to use setup and install custom server You can customize your web pages as much as you want. Change your page by page number within the program A small interface will show you the details and your IP address, as well as your HOST for PS3 details : 1- IP address 2- host name 3- user name 4 -host and port for ps3 download https://github.com/HIASQ/PS3-SERVER
  3. Thank you. I hope to present something useful to all of you.
  4. PS4-Host-ESP8266-5.05-5.07 v0.02 no cache PS4-Host-ESP8266-Firmware-V0.02-for ((5.05-5.07)) no cache { payloads list includes} HEN 1.8 - 1.7 - 1.6 MIRA+HEN BackUp App2Usb FTP Dumper VR VR + HEN 1.8 DISCDump 50X Disable -Enable ((ReactPS+)) Disable- Enable ((Updates)) Cache no cache in this version 0.02. PS4 WiFi Settings (EASY) Network: PS4 Password: 11111111 (8x1) Connect to the Internet" Test internet connection and run payloads as usually (browser). use NodeMCU-PyFlasher 3.0 to Upload firmware in file.bin format download https://github.com/HIASQ/PS4-Host-ESP8266-5.05-5.07-
  5. PS4 Host ESP8266 Firmware for 5.05 HEN 1.8 download https://github.com/HIASQ/ESP8266-HEN18 website hen 1.8 online
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