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  1. MeatSafeMurderer

    Welcome MezooowMm

    Welcome @MezooowMm
  2. MeatSafeMurderer

    Henkaku Enso now available

    To my knowledge it has all been pretty much plain sailing and I personally haven't encountered any issues at all. They did do very extensive testing.
  3. MeatSafeMurderer

    Two words about DS4 PCU

    Holy necro-post Batman! But yes...that would indeed appear to be the correct part.
  4. MeatSafeMurderer

    #PS4 Game-Sharing Modchip Info Revealed

    That would indeed be correct. Don't worry, I can't understand it either...may need to be retranslated.
  5. MeatSafeMurderer

    #PS4 Game-Sharing Modchip Info Revealed

    Pure gold xD Kind of a shame that certain parts of the scene seem to focus on making what essentially amounts to glorified piracy possible.
  6. MeatSafeMurderer

    Zelda Breath of the Wild [Spoiler Free OP]

    I've heard both good and bad things about BOTW. I've not played it myself yet though, waiting until emulation is near perfect before I pick up a copy...though at the rate Cemu's progressing that could easily be tomorrow.
  7. MeatSafeMurderer

    Killing Floor Free On Humble Store

    Nabbed, danke
  8. MeatSafeMurderer

    Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    That doesn't give you a download. It's literally just a feedback form. Nothing more.
  9. MeatSafeMurderer

    Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    The beta sign up is still very much closed. What yifanlu said is that if you do install the leaked build feedback would be appreciated. You still won't get any newer builds until 29/07/17 and according to yifanlu the leaked build is old as it is and has a number of issues.
  10. MeatSafeMurderer

    Beta HENkaku Enso leaked, DO NOT INSTALL!

    Well...it's a little late now. The sign up closed before the first builds even started going out. That being said people still shouldn't really install it. If for no other reason...it's a beta for a reason.
  11. MeatSafeMurderer

    Welcome ckbjsdfkhjsifbpow

    Well I for one welcome ckbjsdfkhjsifbpow to our humble community. I hope ckbjsdfkhjsifbpow enjoys their stay
  12. MeatSafeMurderer

    [Quiz] Anne Frank

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  13. MeatSafeMurderer

    Welcome DooMarine113

    Ahoy there
  14. MeatSafeMurderer

    [Quiz] Grigori Rasputin

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 44/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  15. MeatSafeMurderer

    Happy Birthday Bigbones87

    Happy birthday dude