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  1. extract the image with pkg viewer then use GenGP4.exe on that folder click generate, click save, send me that file
  2. no problem, still working on updates... GP4 files of your games would help speed things up so i know file structures of different games better
  3. so how can we do this via CMD? ill add this to my tool
  4. this is more than likely because you ran out of hard drive space... you need 3x the game size free really (im working on changing this
  5. the ripkit process is very different to the backport process mate see 1st post for instructions if you are trying to backport then its just 1 click... u must install PYTHON 2.7 and .NET both included the RT version in first post also if your on 32bit OS then you will need to take the files from backport\32bit folder and place them into backport folder
  6. pc spec doesnt matter the process just takes longer added 0 minutes later its just been fixed to work with full games todo list: work on game updates work as a patch pkg rather than entire game (only modded files)
  7. ive included the ones i know about so if any left in backport folder let me know the names of prx files etc
  8. updated to V2.1 huge update see OP for details and about the popup error
  9. thanks for your input, i think maybe the big game uses other prx files which it wont have patched please look inside the BackPort folder you will prob have left over prx files... send me a list of names ill add them to the tool
  10. please check this for me... open original pkg with a pkg viewer (check it works) then do the same with the new file again check it if this works? i think there is an error somewhere as i now end up with some files left in main directory not sure wtf is going on ill sort it out though
  11. this is german to me lol i get the bit about other prx files... i hope to eliminate this with colab version (waiting for reply to use some of his code) at the moment my tool WILL take all prx files from module folder but it will only change the files ive asked it to... i think n00bs version selects all prx from folder and does them... i will look through his code some more i had to go fix my car
  12. i read this and thought well if anyone knows if orbis can do this (search files) then let me know... then i thought actually there is a way this can be done!! the files just need to be moved to another folder and that folder gets repacked as an update pkg rather than game pkg... only containing the files were patched but the hard bit is knowing ALL the files needed for the PKG itself... coz if i make a pkg that just contains eboot.bin and some prx files it wont even open on the ps4
  13. well if your happy for me to do so... i have your source codes ill just use the bits mine is missing and ill put your name on it with mine now?
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