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  1. updated to V1.4 - added SXOS, ArgonNX and updated all apps... but mainly! i updated the GUI looks better than that bright red lol
  2. updated to V1.3 i missed a few files in 1.2 so if you got 1.2 please delete and update
  3. updated to V1.2 all apps updated you MUST use new fuse-primary.bin as payload for atmosphere 0.8.3
  4. it seems my app is now outdated lol atmosphere just updated to 0.8.3 with some huge updates... ill update app to 1.2 shortly... will still work just use my app then download 0.8.3 and replace files added 1 minute later check the serial number you might be ok... firmware doesnt matter it works on all up to 6.2.0 be careful 6.3 is due out soon also you cant play online after or you will get banned use the 90dns trick man up and do it lol added 2 minutes later here ya go TL;DR. Compare your serial here to know if your Switch is patched or not: Serials beginning with XAW1: XAW1007800X and below are safe to buy XAW1007900X and above not safe to buy, possibly patched XAW1012000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAW4: XAW4001100X and below are safe to buy XAW4001200X and above not not safe, possibly patched XAW4003000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAW7: XAW7001780X and below are safe to buy XAW7001790X and above not safe to buy, possibly patched XAW7003000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAJ1: XAJ1002000X and below are safe to buy XAJ1002100X and above not safe to buy, possibly patched XAJ1003000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAJ4: XAJ4004600X and below are safe to buy XAJ4004700X and above not safe to buy, possibly patched XAJ4006000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAJ7: XAJ7004000X and below are safe to buy XAJ7004100X and above not safe to buy, possibly patched XAJ7005000X and above definitely patched Serials beginning with XAW9: Refurbished Consoles directly from Nintendo, no informations, but very possible all patched.
  5. you must check the serial on the sticker mate some cannot be hacked... i just used a paper clip (pins 1 and 10 - the ones at each end) then goes into rcm mode, run my tool, put sd card in switch and then run the autorcm gui on pc and inject payload.... enjoy! just dont let it die or you have to use pc again... its like semi tethered on idevides
  6. Switch Mega Installer AIO By RiPPERD - UPDATED V1.4 So this is my first release for the Switch, It's basically a remake of my Wii Mega Installer. It contains all available apps for the switch, cfw files and hacks, the main used apps by switch users. This app is good for those new to switch hacking / those wanting to save time and also those who just want to add extra apps to their SD Card. First time hackers all the files you need for this are on here. Those who want to change firmware without conflicting files or formatting sd card. Those who formatted cards and want to customise their firmware. What this app does is installs all the needed/chosen files to your sd card. This includes: Atmosphere CFW, ReiNX CFW & Now SXOS! ArgonNX Added! Kosmos Kit LockPick (Dumping Keys) FTP for Switch Cheat Engine for Switch Homebrew App Store Homebrew Menu Media Player Checkpoint (Save Manger) Edizon (Save Manager) JK's Save Manager GoldLeaf (NSP Installer) Tinfoil (NSP Installer) ZeroTwoXCI (XCI Installer) NX Shell (File Manager) Theme Installer Briccmii Key Dumpers Emulators (Snes, GB, GBA, Arcade, ScummVM) RetroArch with ALL emulators Few i missed but your see them in the list. If you want your homebrew app/game added to the installer let me know and ill add it to next version. You can add your own files to the sd card after if required but this includes most available apps for the switch. If you are a Dev and you want your app added to the mega installer then drop me a PM and ill get it added to the list. I will add more info later... if you think ive missed anything let me know UPDATED V1.4 Added SXOS, ArgonNX + Updates & Updated all other apps (30/01/2019) DOWNLOAD 1.4 (Atmosphere 0.8.3 + ReiNX 2.0 + SXOS 2.5.2 + ArgonNX 0.3) https://www40.zippyshare.com/v/BcewZdHs/file.html YOU MUST NOW USE NEW FUSE-PRIMARY.BIN AS PAYLOAD FOR ATMOSPHERE 0.8.3 I have also added payloads to ROOT directory, Bootloader Folder and ArgonNX Folder for maximum compatibility (Provided on ROOT of SD Card/Installed Directory) 1.3 (Atmosphere 0.8.3 + ReiNX 2.0) https://www107.zippyshare.com/v/rftkj4xl/file.html YOU MUST NOW USE NEW FUSE-PRIMARY.BIN AS PAYLOAD FOR ATMOSPHERE 0.8.3 (Provided on ROOT of SD Card/Installed Directory) 1.1 (Atmosphere 0.8.2 + ReiNX 2.0) https://www100.zippyshare.com/v/WwscTlUN/file.html
  7. thanks for adding my tool to this but you used an older version of it i will be updating it soon just been so busy with work and trying sort things out for xmas, going to make it even more n00b friendly as some ppl are still not sure how it works... shame game modders haven't popped up now the tools are out there... theres a guy on another forum using it to make ripkit versions of games but hes not really ripping much out of them lol im also planning on releasing my mega mod for the game BULLY on ps4 i made it for pc then android and it was massive hit on android scene not sure if many will play on ps4 now though lol
  8. i use this myself and its easy to customise.... its had 2 updates since this version though... 1.5 is newest to date... you should update as its much better now
  9. To use this patch you will need to place the game pkg file into this folder and call it original.pkg
  10. added dead rising 2 custom patch with my old mega mod for ps3! its been revived to ps4! enjoy!
  11. UPDATE: the cheat pkg i made didnt work so i have made a custom patch for you all using my tool so you can all enjoy the back from the dead mod i made for ps3 lol Hello all as you know ive been working on my ripkit tool but while doing it i have thought about cheats and putting them into a game. well i have now made it even easier! this is the only game i have done this on and its only a remake of the ps3 version i made so may be slightly buggy but should be fine. CHEAT PKG: (Patch for Now) Dead Rising 2 UP0102-CUSA04313_00-DEADRISING002PS4-A0100-V0102 Mega Mod By RiPPERD Boosted Money Pickups All Slot Machines Now Pay Out $1M Weapons In Safehouse Weapons In Royal Flush Increased Attack Damage For Weapons Increased PP For Weapons PP Multiplied By 10 Unlimited Use of Weapons Increased Health From Pickups Increased Health For Survivors Descreased Health For Bosses Teleport From Bathroom of Safehouse Pocket Any Item No Vehicle Damage No Key Needed For Vehicles Exit From Safehouse Made Closer DOWNLOAD: https://www77.zippyshare.com/v/dMqvBWbX/file.html does anyone know how i can make it an update pkg to only update the modded files? my ripkit version of this game works perfectly but the cheat pkg file causes no start
  12. yeah i cant stand the RTE stuff its great when it works but its so tempermental. well if you have any modded eboots or know how i can add any codes you have to eboots etc then PM me and let me know and i will do the work... with credits to you obviously.
  13. sounds like a plan mate, have a look at my new tool redneck it basically makes a patch file to patch/rip games. so for cheats, language removal, modding files.. no limits really. the main aim for it was for ripkits originally but then i thought.... these bloody ps4 trainer apps that you run on a pc never work properly they always crash my game... back in ps3 days you could mod the eboot.bin files or other files and enable/make cheats... with my tool we can make the cheats thn make a simple patch file "patch.RiPPERD" and then end users can just patch their own games with cheats and they will actaully work correctly
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