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  1. I just want to change the wallpaper, and I guess I cant use his sign in for the psp store. But cartridges should still work right? Hes got this annoying tomb raider theme and I wanna use my own. I did get the adrenaline roms to work though. But pkgi stopped working. Which isnt that bad I didnt really like and vita games anyway. The only ones I wanted were the secret of mana remake, and the new spyro remake, which hasnt been ported to vita, yet...
  2. What do you mean, update my hack? i have no idea what pkg is. i dont own any physical carts
  3. Hello. Id like to load a few games. I have Henkaku 3.60, enso, vitashell, and all of the emulators with adrenaline. Id like to install the new secret of mana remake, phantasy star 1 for sms, finl fantasy 2 for snes, maybe shadow of the colossus for ps2, and maybe the new spyro if they ever port it to vita. I have file zilla, but the guy who sold it to me isnt helping me with tech support. His name and log in are stuck on the PS network and I cant log in without his birthdate. Dunno if I need that though. I have the roms for a few games in .sms. If someone wants to text me or add me to facebook
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