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  1. Hey I have a shit load of old ps3 jailbreak usbs, they all run either amtel chips (similar if not the exact same as a teensy) or have an asic3 chip. Now, most (but not all) have a single button and even an sd card reader... How the fuck can I reprogram these things to do something interesting? The ones where I am confident of their model I can easily re-flash them with the tools amtel provide, but then ultimately I have no idea what to do -- maybe arduino stuff? I feel like burning these little USBS .... give me a reason not to!
  2. I have lots of crap in my house, I could just grab a random anything and post it to you! It could be a smily face emoji keychain, an old PS3 jailbreak dongle, jewelry, trinkets, 7" vinyl record, a poster, a pen -- anything! All you have to do is umm..... Buy me a coffee on my thing? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BwE (this way I can afford to post the damn thing, I doubt the winner is going to live down the road...) I don't know, I will just choose some random or something? I am super bored and I wouldn't mind some money for lunch --- L
  3. Cool stuff! I am not sure about the name though! haha Does it have a cheat for divinity original sin?
  4. Hey I am on version 1.3.8 now! Enjoyyyyy! https://betterwayelectronics.com.au/downloads/BwE_PS4_NOR_Validator.rar I discovered weird results where an almost identical section in CID will be placed in UNK but only in slim consoles -- why slim? Ahh this is getting frustrating to validate! The issue is, I have written everything already - validated byte by byte. Then suddenly I get a new dump from a customer/user of my program and they have an error. Turns out the error is an entirely new block of data that only HIS flippin console has. I then get another dump
  5. @OldBrain I do not have that motherboard on me at the moment, sorry! Only a SAB-001, which is framed. Haha!
  6. lmao this looks TERRIBLE! but its better than what I can make...
  7. Hey! Come on guys, where's the harsh critique of my source code?!
  8. bwe at betterwayelectronics.com.au
  9. @Sylvain bonjour, envoyez-moi une copie de chaque NOR avec lequel vous rencontrez des problèmes. N'oubliez pas que certains problèmes sont en effet réparables! Veuillez étiqueter le NOR pour que je sache à quoi je traite. Est-ce que ça démarre? Cela produit-il une erreur? Qu'est-ce qu'un firmware, etc. N'oubliez pas de m'envoyer un email, je n'étais apparemment pas abonné à ce fil! Enfin, assurez-vous de disposer de la dernière version de mon programme. Qui est 1.3.5
  10. YES. I AM THE EXPERT! Anyways, those warnings are totally normal and expected even. For some mystical reason some PS4's simply have gaps in that section. I don't know why so I classify it as a warning rather than OK. 99.9% of PS4's that have that warning are OK. But HEY! It fits the criteria of - something is missing - so a warning is a good response! TLDR; your PS4 is fine, you can upload a copy of the NOR to anonfile.com or mega etc and send me an email - or PM
  11. What up gangsters, now its v1.3.5 But you should know this given my AUTOMATIC VERSION CHECKER! Version: 1.3.5 (30/1/19) Added CoreOS Reference Points (Additional CoreOS Per-Console Validation). File MD5: EFFC0962BDC304ABF059380B362CBD30 So it turns out there are actual static/dynamic fixed areas within the CoreOS - after which it becomes truly random. I am sure there is more I can find in the NOR. I think the next update will have better validation within the repetition spectrum.
  12. Burek, bro. The best thing ever to eat with yogurt.
  13. I just think if you own it, you should be able to do any damn thing you want with it, albeit offline. But I do get the whole distributing private Sony keys etc as being a bit much.
  14. Aw thanks @OldBrain Yeah @GregoryRasputin there are still plenty of noobs. That's the issue. Too many people just want CFW 6.66 for their Fortnite stickered PS4. But at the end of the day it doesn't really matter either way.
  15. I don't even use Discord. I prefer IRC. But even then I don't use that either lol. I'm content with forums (of which I post on max 4?) and utilizing my website. At the end of the day I don't mind if people don't know about or don't use my programs. I enjoyed the puzzle/challenge of making them and doing the dorky artwork more than anything @3absiso and other repairers have my respect though. They don't leech new scene releases. They just want to earn some cashhhh. Like myself
  16. Lol you're a bit too excited man. My brand new Hisense TV can't even detect DLNA servers and soft crashes with an ARC DAC. I keep my gaming to game consoles.
  17. Nah. No social media for me. I'm too old for that shit.
  18. Updated to 1.3.3. Which is quite an important one. Enjoy!
  19. Well Sony does make an affordable 4K HDR bluray player ($350 AUD), it would be pretty funny to do more than watch movies on it!
  20. Bro! All of my programs are compiled for x86. Plus this program is open source! No excuses this time! Ive been eating this all week haha
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