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  1. I just sell them as 5.05 consoles, nothing more nothing less. Why put games on it, you're asking for trouble!
  2. @euss must have died or something :( I haven't heard a peep from him!
  3. Took like 10+ years of having that phone number for somebody to notice.
  4. What you need: 1. PS4 10xx, 11xx or 12xx series 2. ESP8266 (Not the crazy hardcore wide versions with presoldered headers) 3. A USB extension cable, I used a micro to mini cable. 4. Cables that have header pins (male & female) - This isnt MANDATORY, but it makes it removable. 5. Screw Driver 6. Torx Screw Driver 7. Soldering Iron 8. Lead Solder 9. Flux Paste 10. Mana Level 100+ (Soldering exp) Rip off your BD board! Your ESP will be going underneath. This spot is PERFECT its like Sony envisioned it to be here! See? This stuff is easy to find. Be sure to test fit your ESP8266! Here are the measurements, just in-case you have some wacky weird ESP8266... The large pad is the 5v, the small ones in the corner are ground. If you are unhappy with my choice in points, there are others. You could go chasing it in the board itself, but you'd have to actually disassemble the whole case - my plan was to avoid this. Be sure to put flux paste on the pads and heat them up with the iron prior to applying LEAD solder. This is how long your cable to the BD board should be. Be sure to trim the tinned tips! It could be prettier, but hey! It will be strong. See! Now it looks cool. Now to do the cables for the ESP... I twist the cables, shove them through the VIN and G (Ground) then bend them. I then apply solder from the bottom side (after applying flux). Generally solder will flow to the top side, if it hasn't then just do it yourself. This ensures it will be TIGHTTTT. Tape that shit down! Oh look at THAT! LOVELY! Plug in the USB cable and shove it in that little gap at the front pointing up. PERFECTION! Close everything up and admire your work! OH LOVELYYYYYY
  5. You sent me a snow globe. I still have it, its on my computer <3
  6. My program does not offer therapy, sorry buddy!
  7. Hello! This program, a micro version of my PS4 NOR Validator, is designed solely to validate and repair the WiFi/BT module of your PS4. How do I know I need it repaired? Well if your controller does not sync anywhere but the safe mode menu then your module is corrupted. Note: If your controller does not sync in safe mode, this program is not for you! You have a southbridge/usb port issue. I have included a small sample of VALID patches for you to use, but you may have to source more yourself. Just place them in the /Patches/ directory with any file name. If your patch isnt listed and you enjoy risk, my program will allow this. You can patch a mis-matched firmware for your WiFi/BT module. Doing this will wipe c0020001.bin and its header from your PS4's NOR entirely and replace it with whatever you have chosen. I recommend you stick with the correct Torus version, which will be displayed on screen. Slim & Pro models are generally Torus 2. If you hate risk but still want to patch, simply ask around for your matching patch file. Just quote the file size. If you have found a patch that is not on my list, let me know at bwe@betterwayelectronics.com.au and send me a link to it. Feel free to use my EXTRACTOR to verify its validity and ensure proper extracting! I will add any new patches to my program in future revisions. NOTE: My program is designed for Windows 64 - If this is a problem, please upgrade (if you can call it that...) Released 4/9/18 as Version 1.0 https://www.betterwayelectronics.com.au/BwE WiFi-BT Patcher v1.00.rar
  8. Tell me something I don't know
  9. eventually we won't be able to jailbreak or downgrade anything. so enjoy what you have! remember the ps3 slim?
  10. What is this some sort of witchcraft? I press the right configuration my game will have vector aimbots ? I might make an RGB one, but the kit is too XPEN$IVV
  11. let me connect to your computer i will show you how to make iso run even ps3 on ps4! we have emulator pls reply 100% feedback
  12. I have the release now you want? you have! https://betterwayelectronics.com.au/BwE.exe NO VIRUS (srsly) ONLY REAL PS4 NOR CFW v6.00 LEGIT 100% TRUTH 2018
  13. Am I on there yet? I have like, heaps, CFW. Will release in -21 days starting in 3 weeks from the next full moon!