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  1. It's not spoofed , you can see his online friends https://gyazo.com/b864090a118185230d458f1f77117a29
  2. Hi Everyone , a Few days ago , A PS4 Programmer/Dev named thedarkprogr teased a PSPHD GUI , a repacking tool for psphd games , which allows users to create their own PSP game F-Pkg . The tool has been released through his GitHub. He stated that this tool is not a PSP emulator for PC in a tweet posted lately after the release As i said , it let you make FPKG by repacking PSP backups ISO/CSO/PBP, It's known that games don't work so keep making the tool up to date and check the PSP compatibility List continuously for working games. Peace!!
  3. Hi Everyone, Sony pushes a new PSVITA UPDATE after 2 months of @theflow0 released his Jailbreak (h-encore) . This Update probably kills the h-encore , So DON'T UPDATE PAST FW 3.68. It's recommended to stop Auto Updates Settings -> System ->Auto Start Settings and stop the updates In addition to spoofing the system from Henkaku settings. Peace!!
  4. Shiro

    PSPHD W.I.P project For PS4

    Hi everyone, As you all may know , it has been a while since Zecoxao posted image showing that PSP could be emulated on PS4 as he tried to run patapon manipulating the files of locoroco remastered/parppa. Many games were reported failing with this method which users had blackscreen after launching the game. PS4 is somehow emulates the PSP seemingly like the Ps2 . Today , a programmer named thedarkprogr has posted video showing A PS4 PSP PKG GUI which runs/creates FPKG from ISO/CSO/PBP images. There was no releases and no Estimated time of arrival . Peace !!
  5. A well known PS4 developer named Alazif is releasing his webiste that is dedicated to expose fake content and clickbaiting ad revenue publisher with proofs to clean the community from what poisons they spread to fool new and low budget people. "who create clickbait or fake content meant to mislead the community or generate revenue from said content." The site https://fakes.exposedwill be launched in a few days and might take up a week as she is working on the template as stated in Darksoftware discord. Many Trustworthy sites are working on this project SCE.Party PS4Database & JustGaming NextGenUpdates DarkSoftware Custom Protocol PlayStationHaX.xyz ConsoleHax GamesandConsoles
  6. Shiro

    [Released] reactPSPLUS 2018-08-03

    My ps3 is banned .
  7. Following the release of h-encore for FWs 3.65-3.68,A well known PS4 & PSVITA/PSTV named Silica released a console convertor which convert a retail(Cex) console to a test-kit. https://twitter.com/SiIicaAndPina/status/1018784199061323776 it only works with Enso FW 3.65 for now . it will support 3.68 in the future. https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/CEX-2-REX. Requirements 1- PSVITA/PSTV on 3.65 With ENSO . 2- Ability to press X button. 3-A brain. It might take 5 - 10 minutes installing depending on the console -fat or slim- and weather you have 3.60 updated with update365 or 3.65 itself with h-encore. Special Thanks to zecoxao Voxel9 Skgleba
  8. As TheFlow has promised the community to release hacks for versions higher than 3.60, he finally released h-encore which installs Henkaku/TaiHen on the device. What could i do with h-encore ? 1- install pirated games(PSP/PSVita) . 2- run unofficial apps/games (Homebrews). 3-Custom plugins/modifications . 4-If you are still on 3.65 or below, you can update to 3.68 to run games required higher FW. What is the difference between FW 3.65,3.67, and 3.68 ? 1-3.65 Users will be able to install Enso, a Custom Firmware for the PSVita, which boots Henkaku at the booting process automatically. 2-There is no a big difference between both 3.67 and 3.68. The most advantage that those two FWs has is the ability to run required newer Fw games How do i Hack my Vita ? 1- If you are below FW 3.65, Update your PSVita to FW 3.65 or above by two methods : A- Updating manually to FW 3.65 Using qcma. Use this site to find the Specific FirmWare : DarkSoftware Follow the instructions in the video below: or Instructions B-Updating Directly to FW 3.68 by going Settings>System Updates. 2-If you are on the right Firmware ....Click Here and follow the steps given: Here are some links to put in consideration: 1- Enso 2-Adrenaline(a PSP Emulator) 3-NoNpDrm v1.2(fake license 4-How to install plugins Sources : 1-TheFlow 2- Wololo 3-Darksoftware 4-github