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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been away for a while and not been around the community much at all. I was even having a hard time being on discord as much as I would like. 2017 has been a horrible year for me. As the saying goes "when it rains it pours" but I am starting to get to a point in my life where I can start being around again. As toxic as this community can be I have nothing but for love for the people here, and I missed many of you. The plan is to start hitting the content creation hard. Tutorials, game reviews, gaming news etc. Anything I can do to help this place o
  2. I posted about rebug and the steps I took to get back to rebug 4.81.2 from 4.82 and now that has even been improved. Now you can run the exploit, and once it has ran succesfully you can use this to update straight to rebug. The syscon version has been changed to allow easy installation without the steps I listed above https://twitter.com/OfficialThibobo/status/934140012450467840 http://www.mediafire.com/file/yt5ph1ujrhkp3ct/Rebug+4.81.2+REX+4.82Syscon+Thibobo.PUP Rebug is the most feature rich of all the available MFWs Thibobo just made it easier for you guy
  3. this is sony we are talking about. Look at the vita.... pretty much dead, but they will make sure to update it to stop anyone from having any kind of fun. I give it a week... tops
  4. People have been asking me about rebug. Current rebug is fw 4.81. This tutorial will take you from 4.82 OFW to 4.82 CFW. If you want rebug you will have to follow a few steps to downgrade since you cant install a lower FW without some work. It is all done via software and isn't hard to do. once on 4.82 you will want to install the toggle qa package and run it. You can verify that it worked properly by highlighting network settings, and pressing L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, and down on the dpad at the same time. If QA is toggled successfully doing this should give you new options on the XMB.
  5. I had some problems with the ps3 crashing as soon as I got the success message. It didn't turn off it just froze. I think this had to do with my controller being plugged in at the same time as the USB stick. Nothing to it..... I have a 4.82 CFW installing now on a slim. Thank you team ps3xploit. It has been a long time since I have had a CFW PS3. Someone literally just gave me this ps3 a week ago.
  6. It appears that PS3xploit has released a method to install CFW from OFW 4.82. This has been rumored for a while and appears to have become a reality. Words from the source: "Important -- AVOIDING A BRICK Verify flsh.hex file on a flash drive and in the far right USB slot! 4.82 flsh.hex MD5: 8E156C99101BF36EC3EDB832982AE46D DO NOT USE ON CFW (Custom Firmware) (Only Supports OFW) DO NOT USE ON PS3 Models 3xxx/4xxx (aka SuperSlims / Late Slim models) you will brick those console. PLEASE READ FIRST: It's essential not to flood the browser mem
  7. The exploits will stay private until someone can figure out how to DRM it and put it into pointless hardware that isn't needed at all. Sadly the console modding scenes have become about money
  8. I hope this leads to something for 3000 and superslim models
  9. I plan on doing an update to my guides sometime this week as I have not covered enso, setting up external storage as a memory card, or noNPdrm
  10. 4k sure, but most of those games appeared to be running ver slowly. I know for a fact Tekken 6 was running like ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  11. You could use MLTactivator to activate. It does tie your system to another PSN account. Just wait it out as Adrenaline without the need for a base game or activation is coming Funny thing about PSN and henkaku... they blocked us from activating, they blocked us from downloading stuff from the store, but we can still play online multiplayer games.... Kind of dumb that they revoked store access considering even people with Henkaku do still buy stuff Enso is good. I like it a lot. Once you get it setup so that your SD card is mounted as UX0: on boot you are good. Now need
  12. This is a homebrew I missed. I wish I had known about this sooner. It will be nice to have some PSP and PS1 game bubbles right on the live area
  13. beat me to it. As soon as I saw it I was thinking "@Lucif3r would be interested in this"
  14. If you had haxchi installed and then updated you are fine. All Nintendon't did was block the web kit exploit. They closed the entry point, but didnt bother fixing anything else. I am on 5.5.2 (the assholes ignored my settings and updated it anyway) with working CBHC still. Everything works as it did before
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