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  1. @Barelynotlegal : You check the codes you need ONLY when you have the "Items" or "Guns" in your inventory. NOT BEFORE. Exemple : If you not have "Surin", don't use "Surin's Codes".....That it Enjoy dear friend!
  2. Hi everybody! Codes for The Last Of Us - CUSA00552 v1.00 Hacked By ME [JgDuff] : 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA00552|VER:01.00|FM:505 simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1A8D808_2_BD808+1048+148+0+71C|data|2 bytes|6|0|Inf. Ammo Handgun - Colt| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1A4C768_2_7C768+118+10+0+71C|data|2 bytes|6|0|Inf. Ammo Handgun - Colt [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+268+1180+330|data|4 bytes|655294464|0|Inf. Junk Tool| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@1A8E6D8_2_BE6D8+1180+330|data|4 bytes|655294464|0|Inf. Junk Tool [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1CA4AE8_2_2D4AE8+13E0+60+1180+334|data|2 bytes|999|0|Inf. Upgrade Points| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1CA4AE8_2_2D4AE8+13E0+198+1180+334|data|2 bytes|999|0|Inf. Upgrade Points [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+130+1180+2FC|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Medkit| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FC2380_2_5F2380+100+268+1180+2FC|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Medkit [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+130+1180+300|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Surin| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+268+1180+300|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Surin [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+130+1180+2FE|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Cocktail Molotov| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+938+1180+2FE|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Cocktail Molotov [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+268+3A8+30|data|4 bytes|140|0|Inf. Health| simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+1008+3A8+30|data|4 bytes|140|0|Inf. Health [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1AAD058_2_DD058+0+71C|data|2 bytes|4|0|Inf. Ammo Shotgun - Sniper| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1BE4E10_2_214E10+138+58+0+71C|data|2 bytes|4|0|Inf. Ammo Shotgun - Sniper [Alt]| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FBF128_2_5EF128+100+130+1180+304|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Bomb| simple pointer|pointer|2 bytes|@1FC2380_2_5F2380+100+268+1180+304|data|2 bytes|99|0|Inf. Bomb [Alt]| EDIT : If you have problem with code, press "Start/Options" and press "Start/Options" again and all work! EDIT 2 : I search a guy can help me for creating "MOD Payload" for Loooot of games i cheated! Thank you in advance to this person
  3. @Redneckcowboy : For health not have number : You need to search a number exemple : 90 But don't search "Exact Value" but "Bigger then" (For the first search) After, just "Decrease" or "Increase" after you receive shot or you take medkit. That it! I hope I understood your question ! Im french Québecois. Take care dear friend!
  4. @Redneckcowboy : You need to search a "pointer" in theses two locations and that it I look for it soon, i love this game too !
  5. The location change for me. Can't use any cheat but thanks, i know its difficult with this method of "Pointer". I found it for "The Evil Within 2 - CUSA06166 - Cheats v1.00" "Resident Evil VII Gold Edition - CUSA09473 - Cheats v1.01" "God Of War - CUSA07410 - Cheats v1.00" (God of War is very easy to cheated) "Doom - CUSA02092 -Cheats v1.01" "Assassins Creed Origins - CUSA05625 - Cheats v1.41" (I not finish it) And its veeeery long and +or- reliable depending of title. Otherwise, if you want to verifying a pointer if is right or not, just start a new game and retest all your codes. With a new game and not a saved game, the pointer change if he has to change. If is the same after that, the pointer is right! Again, thanks for all dear Barelynotlegal and have a good day!
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